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Irony, thine name is nanny state

The WSJ has an article about how the NSA is monitoring communications and transactions of all kinds, by regular citizens, under the pretense that this massively unconstitutional action is being done, under the guise of providing for national security, to supposedly protect us from terrorism. Considering the only actions we know that any and all other federal agencies have taken based on information they gather have been of the partisan attack type, you will pardon me for not taking the statist fucks that want us to believe that the intel the NSA is gathering isn’t being abused. When congress feels it must ask Holder if this administration is spying on them, you know that what’s going on is bad. Anyway, back to the WSJ article, and a revelation that this intel gathering isn’t limited to phone calls, e-mails, social media, and blogs, but that it also includes…

WASHINGTON—The National Security Agency’s monitoring of Americans includes customer records from the three major phone networks as well as emails and Web searches, and the agency also has cataloged credit-card transactions, said people familiar with the agency’s activities.

The disclosure this week of an order by a secret U.S. court for Verizon Communications Inc.’s VZ +3.34% phone records set off the latest public discussion of the program. But people familiar with the NSA’s operations said the initiative also encompasses phone-call data from AT&T Inc. T +1.54% and Sprint Nextel Corp., S +1.91% records from Internet-service providers and purchase information from credit-card providers.

Credit cards? So they are tracking what people buy with their cards as well, huh? Yeah, I can go into a rant about how fucking insane this abuse of power is, but the first thing that popped into my mind is that if they can track everyone’s credit card transactions, they should put some effort into checking out past Obama campaign crdit card misuses. Of course I am just kidding! Don’t drone strike me, bro. No f-ing way these scumbags would find anything wrong with what they are doing anyway. After all, things are only “really wrong, bordering on evil” when it is the conservatives, religious people, and of course, the Tea Partiers that can be accused – practically always falsely, and without the usual bullshit restraint the left and the LSM pretend they feel obliged to practice until, as they constantly tell is when the perp is a leftard, the real facts are known – of doing it.

I ask again: what do you think the reaction from the left and the LSM would be if the flood of ever more scary and intrusive revelations of governmental abuse of power and shitting all over the constitution and our rights was happening under a republican administration? Do you really think that we would be seeing people in the media or in authority making excuses and trying to minimize the importance of addressing these criminal activities by the monsters that promised us the most transparent and ethical administration ever? Do you think that if things were reversed that republicans would be doing what the left is doing now – circling the wagons – or would they do the same that was done when Nixon was forced to resign for something that clearly seems to be a much smaller and less despicable abuse of power? Do you think a republican administration would be given the same latitude and leniency they are giving the members of the Chicago thug machine running the country into the ground?

The left may want to pretend otherwise, but the Obama presidency has made it abundantly clear to anyone that isn’t a fucking idiot that they, their ideology, and their disregard for the very laws they use to target those they see as political enemies, are despicable. Oh, I am under no illusion that the 47%, to use a classification Romney was pilloried for, will not care a bit as long as these fucks abusing the massive power of the Leviathan state keep the “free shit” coming and do not bother them too much. Shame, decency, and morals are dead on the left, so these crooks will not be bothered. The great American experiment is being murdered, and remember that they promised us they were going to change it up, and the left can’t be bothered by that. The nanny state is evil.