Every once in a while, innovation comes our way, courtesy of someoen that didn’t want to just do it the same old way:

Instead of vials of blood—one for every test needed—Theranos requires only a pinprick and a drop of blood. With that they can perform hundreds of tests, from standard cholesterol checks to sophisticated genetic analyses. The results are faster, more accurate, and far cheaper than conventional methods. The implications are mind-blowing. With

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Love Kills

Sometimes I think we do not give enough recognition to the monumentally stupid. Excellence (or lack thereof) to the point that it separates you from 99.9% of the population, this should be celebrated. An appreciation of the individual, even those needed to balance out the Bell Curve, E pluribus unum.

There is a website dedicated to those “individuals” that by their stupidity, terminate their own existence, sometimes in truly spectacular fashion, and in doing so … Read more

Remaking the Money

Jeff Schneider has a good post up about how our country, for all its talk of liberty, devotes too much attention and reverence to men of power. He’s specifically talking about memorials and coins, which are almost universally devoted to politicians with a few generals thrown in. Don Boudreaux riffed off this to come up with a list of people he would put on our coins and currency in place of the current list of … Read more

That cure for “Too big to fail”..

The 2000 plus pages monster produced by Dodd and Frank, the crooks that put together and vehemently defended the framework that left the entire mortgage lending and banking industry open to disaster, then pretended only they could fix it, has resulted in even more emphasis on the “Too big to fail” entities:

The charts below show that both the number of US small banks (which we define as banks with $10 billion or less

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Egyptian military cures AIDS!

No, seriously, I am not kidding, these bozos are making the claim that they have cured AIDS:

More than 36 million people worldwide have died from the AIDS virus across the globe, and another 35.3 million are currently living with the disease.

But they no longer have any reason to worry. The Egyptian Army has defeated the disease.

And Hepatitis-C.

Or so claimed Egyptian Gen. Dr. Ibrahim Abdel-Atti, chief of the medical branch. “We

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Que The Credits

Happy endings don’t just occur in Hollywood or at the drive in with Jennifer the cheerleader, if only all wars were this easy;

My first reaction was ,”Holy smokes, we are still at war, will there ever come a day when our military is not dodging bullets or running over IED’s?”.

Much effort was made here in avoiding engagement with “the child” around. Granted, they got a better view of him than I did, but … Read more

Man do they hate shit that works

The flyboys are at it again. Belt tightening time has come around, and while the ARMY is reducing their fighting force to save money, the flyboys are using this opportunity to get rid of stuff they feel is not cool enough for them. This is the umpteenth time that the fighter jocks are trying to kill the incredibly effective, but not so cool A-10, and again, they pretend it is to save money:… Read more

Harold Ramis Gone

Caddyshack, Vacation, Groundhog Day, Analyze This, Ghostbusters, Stripes … you’re basically talking about a huge chunk of the movies that made my generation laugh their asses off.

RIP.… Read more

Hope For This Generation

Given the gargantuan scale at which evidence is pilling up pointing to a doomed generation, I found something that should put a smile on your face, and maybe present a glimmer of hope that our future leaders might survive after all;

Now before the grouchy old “get off my lawn” man ream these kids for piling up all that student debt and putting themselves in that precarious position, notice that they (at least these kids … Read more

Morgan Out

In case you missed it, Piers Morgan’s CNN show, plagued by plunging ratings, is being cancelled. The NYT has a hilarious take on it which amount to Piers being too awesome for us to appreciate him. I’ve only seen his show through clips on various websites but he always crossed me as condescending and of the opinion that this country would be much better off if we just did things like they do back in … Read more

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