More Obamanomics “UNEXECTEDLY!” news

Obama must be going for a perfect score. Not only has his signature achievement put this country on a path where most employment will be part-time, if you can find jobs that is, straddled us all with more debt obligations, and in general grown the welfare state obligations those of us that produce have to pay for, but his tenure has also brought us a 3.2% decline in wages. Considering that the really well … Read more

In the real world unicorn farts fail…

Revelations that Obamacare is a catastrophic failure would have doomed it. Only government can produce a product this deficient, as part of an initiative that promises to wreak the same level of havoc on our healthcare system, and not only get away with it, but lie to us that it is all propaganda from its detractors. From the article:

(CBS News) WASHINGTON – For 31 days now, the Obama administration has been telling us that

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Friday Funny, but true

Obama's war on privacy

Obama’s war on privacy

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Another piece of the puzzle..

The other day I was talking to someone that was pointing out to me they were worried about this administration’s control over the military and considering the tyrannical and criminal nature of this administration, what it could mean for us all. I dismissed her concerns and told her that these fucks couldn’t command the loyalty of a hungry dog if they were wearing a hotdog suit, and that the military would never side with them … Read more

Hey Mr DJ: Real Horrorshow Edition

Yes, this post is an hour or so early. It’s Halloween! My favorite day of the year. Trick or Treating with the kids is done and now it’s time to drink some quality beer and enjoy some scary movies. I’m posting this a bit early for the sake of you night owls and vampires.

As happens every year, I will set out the jack o’ lanterns I painstakingly carved, hoping that some young soul from … Read more

I told you so…

And now, even the WaPo opinion section has to admit, that cash for clunkers was beyond imbecilic.

When the Obama administration first proposed its “cash for clunkers” plan in 2009, the reaction was generally favorable. Congress would spend $2.85 billion to encourage drivers to swap their old gas-guzzlers for newer, more fuel-efficient cars.

The program had something for everyone: It would lend a hand to the ailing U.S. auto industry. It would tamp down

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Slurping up the Googles

We take a break from our regularly scheduled nap to tell you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about with Edward Snowden’s newest revelation: that the NSA is tapping into Google and Yahoo data centers:

The National Security Agency has secretly broken into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google data centers around the world, according to documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and interviews with knowledgeable officials.

By tapping

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This is what “Social Justice” always ends up looking like

Everyone will be equally miserable and we will be celebrating failure. And that’s not by accident. Even if everyone was given the exact same opportunity I can guarantee you that the result would vary, and vary vastly, based on what each of us chose to do with that. Progtards simply don’t get, or don’t want to get that. To them the system is unjust unless we all cross the finish line at the same time, … Read more

New WH Policy on healthcare plans

Obamacare Plans

Obamacare Plans

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One for all, and all for one…

Shit like this is why I believe we need a constitutional amendment to make it the law for Congress and all of our public servants to be subjected to the same shitty socialist laws they force the general population to bow to. I have a feeling that if our congress-critters and the federal employees all had to subject themselves to the ACA debacle, that said law would never, ever had passed. Definitely not in that … Read more

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