The VA Scandal

I’m glad that we are finally getting some attention paid to the scandal at the Veterans Administration. Vox has a rundown:

Flawed policies at the US Department of Veteran Affairs might be hurting — and in some cases killing — American veterans.

The ongoing crisis began after allegations surfaced that poor scheduling practices in a Phoenix, Arizona, VA hospital might have led to the deaths of more than 40 veterans. The issue has drawn

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These People Make Me Sick

…………..on so many levels.

Take a gander at what some of our future leaders think;

“It would be so cool to have a woman/Albino/midget/paraplegic/illegal alien/double amputee/Native American/feminist/vegan/ferret lover/toothless Thai transgender hooker for president, yea us because we are so diverse.”

One of the biggest complaints I have with Foxnews is that they have turned into the Hillary Network, at least the opinion shows have. Hard news through out the day is usually fine but after … Read more

Educating Our Educators

This is going to be a multi issue rant; our education system, zero tolerance policies (zero tolerance anything is just stupid, period) our falling down on the job criminal justice system (indolence or duplicity, not sure here) and the extinction of the ability to weigh sound judgment in determining outcomes.

First off, I hate always dumping on the teaching industry and our education system in general, it is not the fault of the average teacher … Read more

The strategy is apparent

I can discuss the prevalent double standard about how the left and their cronies in the LSM handle news about scandalous behavior from their side or that of their opponents – and have no doubts that the left believes anyone not with them is the enemy – but that’s a waste of time. When it’s one of their enemies that is in potential trouble, they are swift to pass judgment, based on flimsy information, if … Read more

Cultist caught lying & manipulating science they don’t like – again

Earlier this week I read about how one of the more renown former proponents of the AGW-mageddon preached by the cultist was rail-roaded for no longer being a true believer, but didn’t write about it because it would be more of the same behavior you see the AGW cultists exhibit whenever someone leaves their plantation. However, as another revelation related to Lenart Bengtsson and research he and some colleagues that feel science should rule … Read more

A Microcosm of Education Fail

Newark has some of the worst schools in the nation despite spending absurd amounts of money on them. It’s a billion dollar school district that routinely gets ten-cent performance. Twenty years ago, the neglect and corruption was so bad that the state took over. But that has not improved things.

A few years ago, Christ Christie and Cory Booker, backed by $100 million from Mark Zuckerberg, pushed to overhaul the school system. The result, spelled … Read more

Surpirse, Surprise!

Ed Morrissey has an article over at The Financial Times that points out a fact the LSM and the WH have been hiding well so far, and that is, as the title of his article aptly says: Big Increases in Obamacare Premiums and Deductibles Coming in November. Why November of this year, you ask? Well, I give you three guesses and the first two don’t count. In case you need a clue, I think … Read more

About that IRS non-scandal Obama told us not to worry about

As if there was any doubt that the left’s desire to have the LSM help them kill this story’s news cycle and the WH’s constant denial that there was nothing wrong here wasn’t a dead giveaway that the IRS targeting of Tea Party organization was deliberate and planned, probably at the highest levels of our collectivist controlled government, we now find that with the release of the latest drab of information, we have confirmation that Read more

Can’t keep pretending all is well…

If you still hold the dubious and insane belief that economy impacting liberal policies – and let’s be frank, practically everything libs do has huge negative economic impact – should still be defended because in the end they mean well, ask Californians how they feel about it. As little as 3 decades ago, the collectivists were pointing at California, with all its giveaways and stupid green shit, as the model for the new world … Read more

Sounds Like Summer School For Him

I just don’t get it. All of my HS female teachers looked like John Goodman or Brian Denehey, the closest anyone came to stirring any libidinal juices was the principal’s secretary (no wonder he never left his office) yet hardly worth acting up over. But today, kids seem to score with their hot teachers all the time, I feel cheated;

Hey kids! You want great grades, right? Well, a high school student in rural Oklahoma

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