What is Aleppo?

I saw it live, astounding.

Very rarely do I get to see horrific foot in mouth feats like this live, especially on MSNBC. A particularly hot night got me up early this morning. Flipped on Morning Joe since I am rarely up when he is on. This is what I saw;

I wish I could find the whole thing, including the aftermath, the slackjawed commentators in the room that were all stunned. What was missing from this little clip was the follow up question about him cutting military spending, he said he would start at 20% and work higher from there, is this guy real?

The usual wrap on Libertarians is thus, just let me smoke my weed in peace and whatever problems are out there they can all be handled by just sharing your bong. Johnson just propagated that theory in spades.

I know some here are enamored with Johnson, and I guess considering the low bar set by the other 2 clowns, anyone should be considered as an alternative, but come on. Johnson has compared his views to 85% of what Sanders believes, nobody in their right mind would want Sanders as president, so why 85% of Sanders?

But back to the room. The few Johnson supporters in the room had flat out disqualified him on the spot and a blanket of gloom and despair appeared, I know exactly how they feel, what is sane person to do?

Mika chimed in with ,”Well, it is clear, the only choice is Hillary”. Scarborough added that he knows several Republicans that will leave the top slot blank and vote Republican down the rest of the ticket. He did add that the election is not today but a few months from now, so resumes can be rehabilitated, but the stink in the room was palpable.

I have not made a decision one way of the other. Yeah, I’ve heard all the angles. One thing is clear, all republicans that vote FOR Hillary need a good beating. And for all you Trump supporters out there, quit ragging on me to support the party and start ragging on Trump to get more presidential and start engaging his brain before he opens his mouth.

I Am So Tired Of Feeling Like Charlie Brown

Yep, that’s me, and about 150 million other folks here.

We all knew the other shoe would drop, that sooner of later the sheer avalanche of corruption would finally, finally catch up with the bronchitis candidate. The drip drip drip of new revelations, new instances of deceit, duplicity, prevarication, the cover ups, and the lying, all the time lying about everything. The people would not stand for it, Congress would not stand for it, and sooner or later Obama could not hide under his desk any longer, he would just have to let Lynch do her damn job……………or so we thought.

For me it all started when I heard Trey Gowdy would chair the Benghazi hearings. A smart guy like Gowdy, no way he was going to let her get away with it. Well, she did, and to this day and I still have that smug Hillary look of ,”what a colossal waste of time, you can’t touch me and you know it” burned in my brain.

Then the email scandal, yes, scandal. The FBI had her dead to rights, no way she was going to get away with breaking federal crimes. Setting up a bathroom server against State Dept. rules, with no State Dept. oversight strictly for the purpose of co mingling Foundation and State business, going totally off grid sort of speak. No way was she going to get away with that………..well, she did.

So now I am gun shy, and when I hear stuff like this, now I get more annoyed than hopeful because I know she will be protected, no matter what she does;

Trey Gowdy’s exchange with FBI Director James Comey about his get out of jail free pass to Hillary Clinton is one for the history books. In one fell swoop, Gowdy exposed Comey and Hillary. It appears Gowdy has larger judicial plans for Crooked Hillary.

Gowdy appeared to setting Hillary Clinton up for perjury charges. Hillary previously testified about her emails to the House Benghazi Committee. Specifically Hillary said under oath that she had not sent or received classified documents on her personal email server.

When under cross examination from Trey Gowdy, Comey admitted that Hillary lied. Since she was under oath, this sets her up for being charged with perjury.

Yes, she did it, we all know she did it. But here is the rub, her democrat toadies will never allow justice to be done. Congress alone can not mete out that justice, they need the Justice Department and a grand jury, in that order. All the evidence in the world is worthless if you can’t find someone to make an arrest and bring a case to trial. Obama, through his Attorney General, will shield Hillary.

So we are left with justice unfulfilled. Did somebody here mention a banana republic?

I wonder why… No I don’t: it is blatantly obvious

What am I talking about this revelation, which to me is old news. I lived through a large portion of the Cold War, and I can’t remember a time that things were worse than the last almost 8 years. China and Russia have gotten ballsy for the same reason North Korea and Iran have gotten ballsy: the idiots are in charge in the only country that kept the ambitions of dictators in check.

Now the US is practically a banana republic itself. One that has been undermined from within while its enemies where given special considerations. Nobody should be surprised another fucking democrat that was lauded as the world’s savior, but which had zero credentials or real ability to do anything but organize communities (read divisive shit to scare people that have been done nothing but wrong to still vote for his failed ideas), ended up leaving the world closer to a horrible apocalyptic war. Don’t take my word for it. And yet,…

Meh, not gonna go there. These idiots know the facts are against them but reality has never gotten in the way of leftists delusions. Learn Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian and even Farsi. It might be beneficial to anyone looking to survive, albeit in servitude, after Hillary finishes the job Obama started. Me, I am arming myself even more. I might as well go out in a blaze of glory when the shit hits the fan.

Fox Hunting

My oh my, how giddy has the MSM been lately over all this personnel shuffling sexual harassment dog shit pile over at Foxnews? They are tripping all over themselves, reveling in the schadenfreude . The news entity that has been kicking all their butts for 25 years has developed some cracks. No, your news coverage still sucks, still partisan and petty to the point of inducing vomit, still blatantly in the tank for Hillary (or Bernie), still running interference for the democratic party/raising money for the democratic party/shooting every news story thru the prism political expediency, still carrying water for the democratic party, but lets just take a moment to soak it all in. Too bad they are just as bad at news reporting as they are at economics. Taking money from the rich does not enhance the financial condition of the poor, and bringing the news leader down a few notches does not make your unwatchable news shows better, if only life was that easy.

Some bullet points;

Ailes is out (about time, what a creep).

Gretchen Carlson is now $20 million richer, nice work if you can get it.

Andrea Tantaros wants to wet her beak as well, Fox can afford it.

Gretta Van Sustern is out, backing the wrong horse and paying the price for it.

Bill Oreilly is laying low, being implicated (but not named personally in the suit)

Megyn Kelly is sitting pretty, financially. The riff between her and Oreilly is palatable.She is still miffed over the network not supporting her during the Trump attacks (bleeding in the eyes and ………..wherever, ickky). So now Foxnews must decide if they want to break the bank to keep her, or let her go over to CNN and erode their base even further.

I know it is de-rigueur to rip Foxnews, everybody does it.But here’s the deal, we owe Foxnews a lot. In the land of group speak they were the only alternative, the only place where you did not get your news filtered thru democrat cheerleaders, that was huge. And oh boy did the country need it, to the point of making Foxnews the highest rated (by a mile) news station in decades. Without Foxnews, Rush, and all the subsequent copycats (the right wing radio stations and right wing books annihilate the other side consistently) the public would be even less informed then they are now, if that’s possible.

So now some bloom is coming off the rose, to be expected. Their actual news shows (not commentary) is still top notch, but many of their commentators are getting long in the tooth. Some people I could see less of ( a lot less), Bill Oreilly, Eric Bohling, Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Austin Goolsbee. I didn’t mention Hannity because I never watch his show anyway.

There is a new kid on the block that I mention because they do good work and occasionally get my eyeballs, One America News. One show in particular, Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler, terrific. Here is a sample;

and if you have a few minutes, her speech at the last CPAC was great;

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and competition always benefits the consumer. The template is out there, even if Foxnews wains, others can step up and deliver.

Government, Fast and Slow

Here is what government does when it comes to holding itself accountable:

The Environmental Protection Agency never submitted a report due to Congress in 2014 that might have shed light on the environmental problems with mandating the use of ethanol in gasoline.

When the EPA’s Inspector General pointed out this week that the study was nearly two years overdue, the EPA said they’ll get around to finishing it—by 2024.

Congress created the ethanol mandate in 2005, requiring the blending of corn-based biofuels into gasoline and diesel. A 2007 law expanding the scope of the mandate required the EPA to submit reports to Congress every three years detailing the consequences of that policy on air and water quality. After completing one such report in 2011, the EPA says it ran out of money and didn’t have enough time to keep doing them.

There isn’t a lot of doubt that the ethanol mandate is bad policy. It doesn’t cut greenhouse gas emissions at all. It encourages mono-cropping and putting food into cars instead of starving people’s bellies, driving up the price of cereal crops. It increases smog. It damages the ozone layer. A strange coalition of radical greens, conservatives and libertarians have come to the realization that this is a disastrous policy.

But it’s popular with farmers and popular with ethanol makers and popular with both of our Presidential, ugh, candidates. So the EPA is going to sit on one of the most important environmental analyses they are doing.

By contrast, when it comes to restricting our freedom, the government can move with amazing haste:

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has filed a notice of intent (PDF) to place the southeast Asian plant called kratom to the most restrictive classification of the Controlled Substances Act. The plant, Mitragyna speciosa, and its two primary constituents, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, will be temporarily placed onto Schedule I on September 30, according to a filing by the DEA at 8:45 am Eastern time today. The full announcement is scheduled to be published in the Federal Register tomorrow, August 31.

Various forms of kratom and teas made from the plant’s leaves are sold in cafes and on the internet. Their primary effect is to provide a short-lived peaceful and calm feeling that is described as pleasant. Consistent with this effect being opioid-like, anecdotal reports indicate that some users have used kratom to successfully recover from physical and psychological dependence on prescription opioids and heroin. Comments on my last report on kratom have also indicated the successful use of teas made from the plant in managing chronic pain without the side effects and addictive potential of prescription opioids like oxycodone, hydrocodone and morphine.

Makes people feel good? Competes with multi-billion dollar drug revenue streams? BATTLE STATIONS!

The justification for banning this is that poison control centers reported about 600 cases of abuse of the drug … over five years. 600 overdoses is probably a good week with alcohol. The risk is so minimal that the North Carolina legislature recently rejected efforts to outlaw it. Making it Schedule I will not only make kratom illegal but hinder any research into it.

These two stories really illustrate how our government works. They move instantly to destroy our freedom based one a rumor. But they can’t be bothered to check their own behavior despite overwhelming scientific evidence.

The Cover-Up

Holy cow:

On Friday afternoon, the FBI released its 47-page report on the investigation into the private email server Hillary Clinton used while serving as secretary of state. (The FBI also released an 11-page document detailing its interview with Clinton in early July.)

Among the things revealed?

  • Clinton had 13 different mobile devices during her tenure as SoS. Most are not accounted for. Some were smashed.
  • Clinton never sought approval for using a private server and ignored warning from her own office about using unsecured devices.
  • Astoundingly, Clinton’s people began wiping her servers three weeks after the story broke in the NYT. This was a deliberate and calculated attempt to hide her e-mails.
  • Clinton didn’t realize that C markings atop e-mails indicated they were confidential.

Clinton also blamed her concussion for her inability to remember some things. This is after weeks of HOW DARE YOU! responses to questions about her health.

You can read the whole thing. Best take on it I’ve seen is from Ken White, who said the kindest interpretation is incompetence and arrogance. The least kind: obstruction of justice and lying to federal agents, which are criminal acts.

The thing that strikes me over and over again is that this was completely unnecessary. If Clinton had simply told the truth right off the bat, this scandal would have died a quiet death. There’s unlikely to be anything truly damning in those e-mails. But the Clintons lie — fluently, repeatedly and instinctively. And, somehow she got away with it. I can appreciate the dilemma that Comey found himself in: an indictment of Clinton would have been the political storm of the century, directly affecting the election. But … at some point … doesn’t the rule of law have to apply to Presidential candidates?

Bye Bye Corey

Good riddance to bad rubbish:

Angela Corey, a state attorney in northeast Florida who investigated the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and prosecuted Marissa Alexander for firing a warning shot during a domestic dispute, lost the Republican primary on Tuesday for 4th circuit judicial state attorney.

Melissa Nelson, a corporate lawyer and former prosecutor, claimed 64% of the vote over Corey’s 26% in the fourth circuit, which oversees Jacksonville, Fla. Nelson will face Kenny Leigh, a write-in candidate who runs a men’s only law firm, in the general election.

Corey, you may remember, initially did not prosecute George Zimmerman after he invoked Florida’s “stand your ground” law. She then changed her mind in the wake of political pressure but failed to get a conviction. She also came under fire for the Marissa Alexander case, where she refused to accept a “stand your ground” defense from a woman defending herself from an abusive boyfriend and got a judge to hand down a 20-year prison sentence (it was later reduced to three years).

That’s just the beginning. Corey has been one of the most aggressive prosecutors in the nation when it comes to charging juveniles as adults and seeking the death penalty in questionable cases. When criticized for her handling of cases, she’s had a tendency to lash out, famously threatening Alan Dershowitz when he criticized her charging of George Zimmerman.

Corey is just the latest prosecutor to go down in flames. Earlier this year, Chicago voters ousted Anita Alvarez for sitting on the Laquan McDonald case and Cleveland voters ditched Tim McGinity for his handling of the Tamir Rice case. This is unusual to say the least. Prosecutors rarely get unelected. But they’re now becoming the targets of unelection campaigns. Whatever one may think of these three prosecutors, I’m glad to see people paying more attention. It’s about time that “lock ‘em up, let God sort em out” stopped being an automatic ticket to power.

The establishment has decided to make sure they win the election

I was wondering why the democrats had suffered so many hacking attacks recently by people that actually should be their fellow travelers, and after this announcement, the picture is now clear. Maybe I am a conspiracy cook, but the way things are playing out right now is too much coincidence even for me to dismiss tampering. after all, we are dealing with the most corrupt and self serving bunch of people in my lifetime, and expecting them not to do what comes natural to them, is far more of a stretch to me than the other way around.

This administration has lied, cheated, abused their power, and in general ripped off the productive to enrich the few connected and cement their power, and they now are rigging the game to make sure one of them wins so they can keep at it. As Stalin pointed out: cast votes are not as important as whomever gets to count them. And what better way to make sure the credentialed elite establishment types can make sure to get the results they want without risking too much of a chance that the plebes find out they are being played. The law is for the little people after all, as both the Obama administration and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s constant criminal activities getting a pass, has made clear.

Thanks for the banana republic Obama and the democratic party in general!