No fucking way!

The fact that the IRS ONLY audited conservative 501(c)(4) HAS to be an unfortunate coincidence! After all Obama told us there was not a smidgen of corruption or a chance that the IRS, more likely than not under direction from D.C., attacking Obama and the left’s political enemies. Bet here we have yet another revelation that this was a concentrated effort to target only conservative entities.

Less than two weeks after President Obama insisted that

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Vanilla Weather Report

You East Coasters, you have my sympathies, although, who told you guys to live where the weather is shitty?

No cracks about white guys can’t dance.

We, on the west coast, another sunny day, although a little bit colder from our usual 70′s {yawn}.

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If you still doubt what government really thinks about your second amendment rights

Then take a look at this article where government entities again made 2nd amendment , America loving, types the terrorists. Can’t have Islamic terrorist blowing shit up, because that would hurt their sensibilities. After all, these fucking murderers are part of the religion of peace and they will fight back. Accusing people that actually believe in the constitution and that our government has basically destroyed our freedom and our nation, knowing full well that they … Read more

Raise Your Hand If You Are Surprised

The quietest member of SCOTUS caused some ruckus this week, not hard to do with the delicate sensibilities of the MSM;

Justice Clarence Thomas rarely speaks from the bench but his comments in less formal settings are often illuminating, often controversial — especially on race.
It is a topic that continues to engage the national debate, especially when it comes from the mind of the Supreme Court’s only African-American jurist.
Thomas spoke this week at

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Republican wins San Diego Mayoral race

Despite a massive campaign effort to turn out the vote, enormous amounts of funds being poured into the donkey candidate’s campaign coffers by public unions, and a concerted effort to smear the republican candidate in San Diego, he ended up winning. Granted, San Diego is borderline republican – as those things go in California – but the donkeys went all out on this one. From the article:

SAN DIEGO — Republican City Councilman Kevin

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Go Chew On Some Bark

Sticking with a theme that keeps on giving, as if annoying pets telling you to get insured wasn’t bad enough, bring on the hairy arm pitted commune chicks ;

Showering in rain barrel collected water, living off the land, and living in a tee pee with a girl named Sunshine, Colorado ain’t got dick on Oregon. But all is not well in collectivism land;

The story behind the massive failure of the Oregon health

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You have got your facts wrong buddy

Peter Hatcher at “The Sidney Morning Herald” has an editorial post titled Poll shock as Swiss vote to slam the door shut dealing with the recent vote in Switzerland to curtail immigration.

So it seemed unlikely the Swiss would vote to put new limits on their country’s immigration intake in the referendum held at the weekend. The opinion polls concurred – surveys showed most Swiss opposed the idea of putting a cap on annual immigration

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Covering Up Incompetence

A while back, I blogged about the Rahinah Ibrahim case. In short, a Stanford University Ph.D. student found herself barred from flying into the United States because she was on a no-fly list. She challenged this and tried to find out why she was on the list. The Feds refused to divulge this information and even added her daughter to the no-fly list to prevent her from testifying in the federal case. They said … Read more

Gimme my surf & turf or someone gets it!

When you gotta have your surf & turf, and you ain’t got no money, you got to do whatever it takes to work it out:

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A teenage girl and an older man are believed to have been kidnapped after a shoplifting incident turned into a carjacking at an Oakland Safeway Tuesday afternoon. The California Highway Patrol issued an Amber Alert following the carjacking and abduction.

The store manager said the

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Where is my ARC reactor at?

Anyone familiar with the Iron Man genre would know about the fabled ARC reactor powering his suit, and it looks like SOCOM working on ‘Iron Man’ suit, can benefit from it!

Old-fashioned battery power is proving to be the biggest challenge in the military’s push to develop an “Iron Man suit,” a futuristic full-body armor that aims to offer individual troops a revolutionary level of protection and capability on the battlefield.

Adm. William

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