Melting Snowflakes.

Oh, the drama. All the sky is falling predictions, a nation of Chicken Littles running around with their hair on fire, the sourpusses and worrywarts, what is a lefty to do;

The left is trying to come to grips with its utter rejection, and its response to Donald Trump will be to fall back on an endless series of freakoutrages – hyperbolic, unhinged, hack media-fueled spasms of faux moral panic every time he dares do anything.

Appoint someone to a job? Freak out – it’s an outrage!

Go to dinner? Freak out – it’s an outrage!

Actually keep promises made to the voters? Freak out – it’s an outrage!

Funny and sad all at the same time.

But it is worse than that. NBA teams refusing to stay at Trump owned hotels (where they have always stayed), the NBA pulling the allstar game out of North Carolina because the folks their just don’t cotton to male perverts being allowed access to girls rest rooms and showers, Paris designers wanting to Boycott Melania Trump (like she really needs your rags), the first foreign born first lady, wicked smart, speaks 5 languages.

Most of the possible appointees so far I know a bit about, but whenever a name pops up and the kneejerk erectus vomitus starts with the left, the level of their outrage in directly proportional to my approval of the pick, making them howl and bark at the moon, a welcome side effect for sure.

I guess they never read the story of the boy that cried wolf, or learned from the race baiters that screamed ,”Racist”, when ever the win blew. When everything is a catastrophe, or everything is racist, nobody listened to you, you have zero credibility, go bother some one else.

Could it be that they just need a dictionary to know what words actually mean? An all black cast of a dopey play lecturing someone about diversity, I know, right? BTW, how many labor laws did they violate with their blatantly discriminating casting call of “non whites only”, but some how it is “political” so we will all look the other way.

All this carping and gnashing of teeth over possible cabinet appointees, how memories can shorten when you will it so. Let’s take a stroll down Obama Lane; Tim Geithner, Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, Hilda Solis, Shaun Donovan, a virtual who’s who of incompetence and partisanship. But let’s all hyperventilate over Sessions or Flynn or Mattis.

I keep hoping that sanity will prevail, that after the requisite temper tantrums, a certain level of resolve and acceptance will take over, that the process is what it is, must be respected and honored.

For as ever long as this blog is viable, I will be critical (when warranted) of Trump and watch him like a hawk, but braying at shadows, won’t work, sorry.

Don’t Get Distracted

The current spat over Pence’s attendance to Hamilton is a perfect Trump distraction. In the last few days, two stories have broken that are more important.

First, Trump settled the Trump University lawsuits for $25 million. There’s no admission of guilt, which is standard for settlements.

Second, there are indications that Trump will not, in fact, put his assets in a blind trust but will enrich himself as much as possible from his presidency. Trump has said he will forgo a salary. But diplomats are lining up to get rooms at the Trump hotel. When foreigners donated money to Clinton’s Foundation to get an audience with her, we called it corruption. What do you call this?

(This is aside from some of his appointments, which have included some troubling names, to say the least.)

Let’s not get distracted by Trump’s twitter tantrums. There’s already a lot going on here. Some of it matters; some of it doesn’t. Let’s stay focused.

A Movement?

Nigel Farage gives a resounding thumbs up to nationalism at the expense of globalism;

Nigel mentioned Austria and Italy, here is one more domino ready to fall, viva la France;

Before Donald J. Trump’s presidential victory in the United States this week, Ms. Le Pen was considered a disruptive political force by the political elite and media but far from a true threat to become president herself when France votes next spring. Not anymore.
Since last Wednesday, French news outlets, along with Ms. Le Pen’s mainstream political rivals, have been repeating the same thing: It could happen here.

And Ms. Le Pen is not alone. From the Balkans to the Netherlands, politicians on the far right have greeted the election of Mr. Trump with unrestrained delight and as a radical reconfiguring of the political landscape — not just in the United States, but in Europe as well.

Yea, Fraxit.

With 70% of Americans believing that the country is on the wrong track, turns out this type of dissatisfaction is not exclusive to just the US. Disaffected voters can speak with one voice. And it’s even worse in Europe, where generally they pay more in taxes;


Assimilation is also a problem over there where large enclaves exist, devoid of language, culture, and customs indigenous to the home country.

Proximity, and squishy morality in the form of progressive leaders, willing to rob debilitate the average citizen in favor of some refugee who becomes an instant drain on public resources. Compassion only flows one way, and the open border leaders have none for it’s own citizens.

Reason number 627 for celebrating a Trump win, no open borders here and a reasonable policy for accepting and vetting refugees that wish to become Americans. Although Obama still has time to open the flood gates, reinforcing the European model of unfettered relocation and subsistence.

Another Leftest CEO Steps On His Dick

Matt Maloney now regrets ,”The ole’ ‘I was drunk excuse’, now why didn’t I think of that?”.

First we have a dopey CEO warning his workers to follow his lead politically or get out, now one goes totally off the rails and tweets that he is going to shoot Trump;

Former PacketSled CEO Matt Harrigan is blaming being drunk for posting a death threat against President-elect Donald Trump on Election Day last week.
Harriman has apologized for the post, and has temporarily moved his family. He has also faced an interview with the United States Secret Service.
“Nope, getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you mother*******. I’ll find you,” another post read. And yet another, “In no uncertain terms, f*** you America. Seriously. F*** off.”

Don’t drink and drive, don’t text while driving, now a new one, don’t tweet while drunk. Of course, being drunk is not a real good excuse, and hard to prove after the fact.

I guess we can just file this under the latest barrage of examples of ,”Why are leftest such bad/sore losers?”

Harrigan submitted his resignation to PacketSled on Tuesday and the company accepted it.

A high price to pay for one lapse in judgement, one moment of stupidity.

But a crime none the less. Should this dope go to jail? no. Just like that Playboy model who snapped the ill conceived photo in the locker room, a less harsh punishment is warranted. But I do want him charged, I want an official report made, a fine payed, and a public record established so that when he decides to get pissed again grabs for his phone, this time that little voice in his head will whisper ,”hey, douchewagon, put it down, haven’t you learned anything?”.

Riots, public demonstrations, vandalism, Trump voters getting physically attacked, organized calls to boycott Trump products, to demonstrate in front of Trump Hotels, and even this nonsense, some much needed perspective is in order. Maybe a few more lost elections will facilitate that.

And as for Harrigan, Dean Wormer has a few words for you;

Kinda Fun

I would bet most of our readers are smarter than the average bear (a Yogi reference) so it’s time to put that knowledge to the test. Although, I guess, this is more an exercise in face recognition, good enough. About 60 questions, easy enough, and I believe our foreign readers can play as well;

Here is the test;

I had to guess on 3 of them, but I still felt confident. Here is my results;

Any more than 3 misses and we send you to go live in Hollywood,I figure you’d be happier living among your own kind, and you can’t vote for the next 4 years.And no, you can’t use the product of the public school system as an excuse.

OK, that was actually a good move

Everyone here knows that I have very little love for Ryan these dahys, but when he does something right, I will give him his props. From the article:

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Wednesday persuaded Republicans to postpone votes on bringing back legislative earmarks until 2017 after reminding members of President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” of Washington.

House Republicans were set to hold a secret ballot on changes to their internal conference rules that would have allowed lawmakers to direct spending to projects in their districts under certain circumstances.

Based on what lawmakers were saying in the meeting, “it was likely that an earmark amendment would have passed,” according to a source in the room.
“Ultimately, the Speaker stepped in and urged that we not make this decision today,” the source said.

Behind former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Republicans banned earmarks after winning the House in 2010 and have stuck by that policy despite grumbling from both sides of the aisle.

I am glad Ryan put an end to this terrible, terrible idea, and very impressed he did it for the right reason. I am really, really angry that the republican establishment douche-bags thinks it is time to bring back pork barrel spending now that they are in the majority. WTF, have you not glommed that the fact so many people voted for Trump was precisely this sort of statist waste, you fucking idiots?

With the GOP now set to control both Congress and the White House next year, some Republicans are agitating for change.

Reps. John Culberson of Texas, Mike Rogers of Alabama and Tom Rooney of Florida filed an amendment to GOP rules that would ease the earmark ban by creating a new process for targeted spending.

A separate proposal by Rooney that focused more narrowly on Army Corps of Engineers projects appeared to have the votes to pass on Wednesday, several lawmakers said.

Not only no, but hell no. As was pointed out before: no matter how good the original intention of the idea – and I am not saying these people have good intentions at all, and suspect they are teeing this up this way precisely because they can get the votes from others that actually in this one case see this as a good move – it will end up abused.

Short cuts even for what some might believe to be good things, just leaves the door open for others that later come along, to do bad things, as a lot of liberals, driven psychotic because Trump inherited the government machine they just spent the last 8 years weaponizing to force thing their way, are now realizing.

Mo earmarking. Despite all the arguments that it is needed to make some thing move faster, this idiotic practice is all but guaranteed to devolve back into what it was: a machine to allow those that use that practice to collect campaign money by pushing for pork barrel spending at the tax payers expense.

Here is some advice Mr. Ryan: never let this shit come back under the “Drain the swamp” administration. if you do, I am going to assume you did that because you wanted to sabotage this move to defang the establishment.

The Trump Follies

I don’t know if you heard about this. But our nation is in horrifying crisis right now. Earlier this week, Donald Trump … and I can hardly believe I’m writing these words about a President-elect … last night, Trump ditched the media pool so he could enjoy a steak dinner.

Wait, what?! Seriously?

Look, I’m a big believer in transparency and they way Trump attacks the media makes me nervous. But .. this is really a non-story. Maybe if the press spent more time checking politicians’ claims and investigating their corruption and less time finding out how they wanted their steak cooked (Trump apparently likes his well-done. You know who else liked his steaks well done?), we’d have more trust of the media and a better government.

Ben Shapiro, who was driven out of Breitbart and been the target of vicious anti-semitism, has a great piece up deflating a bit of the hysteria currently surrounding the Trump campaign.

This week, the media have gone nuts over the appointment of Breitbart News’ Steve Bannon for White House Chief Strategist. I share their disapproval, but the allegations they’ve made about Bannon are unsupported by evidence. It’s not enough to say that Steve is a nasty human being (he is), that he’s interested in burning down Republican leadership for his own political gain (he is), that he wants to hollow out the traditional constitutional conservative movement in favor of a European-style far-right nationalist populism (he does), or that he pandered to the despicable alt-right at Breitbart News and mainstreamed them by doing so (he did). No, they have to claim that he’s Goebbels. They claim that he’s personally anti-Semitic and racist and a white nationalist and anti-Israel, without evidence.

This is ridiculous. And all it does is provoke defense from the right. For God’s sake, I’m now defending Steve Bannon! The media can’t stop their overreach, because everybody on the right is Hitler to the media, which means that Bannon must be Super-Duper-Hitler.

Considering the history here, this is admirable intellectual honesty from Shapiro. I share his dislike of Bannon and his having any role in a Presidential Administration. But do we need to pretend that the promotion of an Alt-Right asshole heralds a Fourth Reich? Is Bannon not bad enough just being what he is?

Even as a NeverTrumper, this all seems to be a bit hysterical. I made this comment yesterday on OTB:

I do think there is a problem with distinguishing between the very real dangers of a Trump Administration and the not-so-real dangers. Right now, we are being fed a broth of random floating fears (many of which could be applied to any Republican) rather than focusing on what specifically is dangerous about Trump.

Example: One of the things I’ve been hearing a lot over the last week is that marriage equality might be in danger. I understand the fear (to the extent that I can, being straight). But there are many things that have to happen in order for that to be in danger. The Courts are not going to want to revisit it any time soon (they revisit abortion, a much more contentious issue, maybe once a decade). The GOP has little interest in it anymore. So, yeah, I get it that people are nervous. But it’s really low on the list of things we should be worrying about right now. We need to focus on things like civil liberties, the budget deficit and the dangers to illegal immigrants, things that could become critical issues immediately.

This week, there have been numerous anti-Trump demonstrations on my campus. But they often seem to be protesting generic Republican stuff (abortion, immigration, spending cuts) rather than stuff that is specifically alarming about Trump (temperament, disregard for the Constitutional process, the Alt-Right).

Look, everyone needs to take a deep breath here. Donald Trump is going to be President for four years. Let’s not exhaust ourselves by obsessing over random names floated as potential cabinet members, steak dinners and hypothetical policies. If Trump does bad things — and I’ve never seen a President who didn’t — we need to fight him then, not burn up our energy now. Any fight for freedom — whether it’s lower government spending or civil liberties or marriage equality or whatever — is a marathon not a sprint.

Being worried is good. But being prepared is better. Look at what the ACLU is doing right now. They’re not suing Trump over vague rumors of policy. They’re husbanding their resources, raising funds, marshalling lawyers. That way, if Trump does something to violate civil liberties, they’ll be able to unleash a full arsenal of legal and political challenges. Look at Rand Paul. He’s open to working with Trump but has also made it clear that he will filibuster cabinet appointees he considers dangerous to liberty.

Look at the Tea Party. For all the criticism lobbed at them, they understood that opposing a President (and a Congress) is a long slog. They didn’t really get organized until specific policies like Obamacare came out. And, ultimately, this was why they were a powerful political force. They saved their energy for when it mattered. And while they didn’t stop Obamacare, they did help keep a public option out and did get the GOP to hold Obama in check.

Donald Trump has been President-elect for a grand total of eight days. Now is not the time to panic. There will be plenty of time for that later.

Look, I welcome anyone who is willing to oppose government power, no matter who is wielding it. I am willing to join hands with anyone of any political stripe who will support freedom. If there is a silver lining to this awful election, it’s that maybe our nation will become more vigilant, more aware of what’s going on, more supportive of checks and balances, more willing to descend on Washington when our government does something inimical to freedom. But mindless blasts of post-election panic are not the way to do that. Ken White, wrote this must-read the day after the election:

Donald Trump will be the President of the United States in January. I support and defend the United States of America. That means that, though I do not support Trump personally or based on policy, he is my President. He is the President delivered by the Constitution I love and want to defend. I wish him well — meaning that I wish for him the health and strength and resolve to meet the challenges he’ll face. I do not wish him success on many of his stated projects, but I hope that he will perform his Constitutional obligations effectively and to the benefit of the country. I will not be saying “not my President” but “for better or worse, my President.” Though I hope he will not succeed in many parts of his stated agenda, I do not wish failure on his Presidency, and I do not think that defeating him in the next election should be his opposition’s top priority. Our top priority should be opposing bad programs and policies he proposes, making the case for the rightness of our positions, and trying to use what consensus we can find to better govern America.

It’s a big, complex country. There are a lot of issues. You won’t be able to stand up for them all, nor should you try. I submit that every American appalled or outraged by President Trump’s election should pick an issue that is important to them, educate themselves thoroughly about it, and come together with fellow Americans to fight for that issue — to defend people in various circumstances who cannot defend themselves. The First Amendment remains my issue, and I will continue to ask for help defending it. More on that to come.

Look, I understand that a lot of people are nervous right now. A lot of Latinos wonder what’s going to happen with immigration policies. A lot of LGBT folk are worried about attacks on their freedom. Trump’s stances on law enforcement issues make a lot of black people nervous (and really should make everyone nervous).

But at some point, nervousness and hysteria have to give way to resolve. At some point, you have to focus your concern on specific issues and at specific times. I opposed Trump. And while I am willing to give him a chance, I suspect that he will propose policies I oppose vigorously. When he does, I will oppose them. Until then, it’s time to watch, wait and prepare.

Update: (More on the Trump hysteria from Slate Star Codex.)

Has This Ever Happened To You?

So, I take mom to a Warriors game.Bad enough that she has to wear that god awful sweater (if she could adopt Steph Curry, she would) but I tell her ,”mom it’s a long season, not the playoffs, so chill, OK?”. First she yells at the ref, calls him a honkin’ gonad, then, when I go get her a beer, this is whats playing on the jumbo tron;

I was wondering why, when I got back with her beer, everyone wanted to high five me.

Disclaimer; for you sourpusses, no, that was not my mom. We were actually 2 rows back :)

What could have changed?

It looks like after 8 years of ignoring such things as an indiscriminate campaign of drone strikes against all sorts of shady ass-clowns or otherwise, and a massive escalation of US military “kinetic” activity that has left the Middle East on fire and in shambles, by President Nobel Peace Prize of all people, that we suddenly have a return to the good ole days where the usual scumbags that are part of one or another cabal of organizations anyone inclined to believe in apocalyptic conspiracy theories involving the one world government antichrist movement, and others like me that see it for the collectivist devil it represents, would point to. In this case it is the criminal ICC suddenly deciding that US forces are again committing war crimes. note the distinction this time around though. It is no longer the top guy, but “US Forces” that are being accused.

Battlespace prep, people. Nothing but the crooked globalists covering their collective asses. Why not the cries to get Obama, huh? Fuck em.

Trump’s Ace In The Hole

While watching Megyn last night I saw a truly fascinating interview, take a look;

I had never hear of this guy, that will soon change.

The prevailing view is that the dems are the tech party, tech savvy computer users that grabbed the millennials and boosted Obama into the WH. I have written a few posts condemning the GOP and their antiquated devices in politicking. How great it is to see that they have entered the 21st century.

MARK ZUCKERBERG IS trying hard to convince voters that Facebook had no nefarious role in this election. But according to President-elect Donald Trump’s digital director Brad Parscale, the social media giant was massively influential—not because it was tipping the scales with fake news, but because it helped generate the bulk of the campaign’s $250 million in online fundraising.

“Our biggest incubator that allowed us to generate that money was Facebook,” says Parscale, who has been working for the campaign since before Trump officially announced his candidacy a year and a half ago. Over the course of the election cycle, Trump’s campaign funneled $90 million to Parscale’s San Antonio-based firm, most of which went toward digital advertising. And Parscale says more of that ad money went to Facebook than to any other platform.

“Facebook and Twitter were the reason we won this thing,” he says. “Twitter for Mr. Trump. And Facebook for fundraising.”

And we learn a little bit about Jared’s bona fides. I’m going to find out more about this guy, especially if he is part of the new WH.

Oh, and all that whining from Hillary that Comey torpedoed her chances (everyone’s fault but her own, so predictable), turn out to be just more Clinton hyperventilating.