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Democrats knew they were destroying it…

Looks like one of the architects of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emmanuel, a council to the WH, admitted during a Fox News interview that democrats forced the evil insurance korporashuns to accept their vision of what the future would look like, and thus, rigged the game in such a way that it basically meant an end to the individual insurance market through the ACA. That’s right: the donkeys made sure the insurance industry understood that the individual market had to go, because the democrats were going to make it impossible to keep.

So there you have it. The democrats that tell you they are the party of the little people collude with the evil profit makers to destroy a market that stands in the way of their end goal: destroy the healthcare market as we know it so the can institute single payer. The idiot korporashuns, driven by their short term greed or something, go along with the insane plan, somehow thinking they can survive the apocalypse the left has in mind for our healthcare system. Maybe they count on the fact that government being as inept as it is at practically everything it does, will allow them to stay in business.

Like I said: only a fucking idiot would believe Obamacare was about making healthcare more affordable, easier to get, or better in any way. The end goal was always to destroy the system we had now so they could have government take it all over. The sheep that thought they would be getting free healthcare, paid by someone else, are now discovering that they are going to foot the bill for this, and now they are mad. Fucking idiots. Some are paying with more than just the content of their wallets. And the thing is that they knew this shit was going off the rails.

Look, when you have a bunch of academic douche bags with no real life business experience of any kind – our president’s greatest achievement was some community organizing and his ability to read teleprompters during campaigns – and a head filled full of leftists dogmatic bullshit, one should not be surprised that they fail spectacularly, and then, have lie about it. Obamacare was doomed from the start because it was put together by people that live in la-la-land and actually despise the way the real world works. And the sad thing is that they did it knowing it would fail, because in the end, they want to implement a different system. One they can only get acceptance for if all else fails. Of course, only a complete moron would doubt that they will fail just as miserably at implementing the single payer system they want, if not fail on an even more spectacular scale, because nothing has changed, and they still have no clue how to make things work in the real world, as they did before.

I hope that the damage this fiasco does to the left is far bigger and longer lasting than the damage it is causing our healthcare system. At least that would be some real justice. The one thing that is certain is that Obama will forever have this disaster tied to his name. People are getting fucked over by Obamacare, and no amount of history rewrite by the left will fix that reality.

Hey Mr DJ: Revival Edition

BROTHERS AND SISTAS-AH! We have been fed an undercooked shit sandwich on ciabatta this week. As our nation slips further into the Great Devaluation, remember that this is the United States of America. We have overcome worse than the bumbling ineptitude of our current government.

At some point, we can undo the damage and restore Liberty, even if it takes the rest of our lives. The pro-freedom movement of conservatives and libertarians will examine its faults, sweep away what drags it down, and prove that it is the ONLY choice for guaranteeing prosperity. It doesn’t seem obvious today, but the only way we lose is if we quit.

Reaffirm what you know to be true and remember that nobody can take that away no matter how many how many executive orders the president makes.

The weekly Friday music threads were started around 5 years ago here on RTFLC by Manwhore. When we left, we took it with us and refined it. For those not familiar with the concept, we post music consistent with the theme (or whatever we feel like posting) until we get too bored/drunk to continue.

The embedded video is a playlist. As you post your links in the comments, I add them all to the playlist in the top post. Don’t get put off or intimidated by some people’s weird selections either. This is all about everybody, alright?

It’s time to revive something good. This week, let’s have any of the below:

1. Music that cheers you up (you’ve had all day Wednesday and Thursday to mope)
2. Patriotic music
3. Music from a better time, such as the Reagan years
4. Music of finding someone or something that was thought lost
5. Whatever you want that expresses how you’re doing. Perhaps someone still needs a bit of catharsis

Before I begin, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge Kimpost, CM, and the other left-of-center members for their graciousness in victory. You guys take a lot of abuse here and you had every right to kick us while we were down but you didn’t. You showed class and that is not a term I throw around lightly except to note how it’s largely missing from our culture. I, for one, will not forget it. So the first song is dedicated to you infidels (wouldn’t be a revival if we didn’t invite the sinners to stand up and be counted):

This is what we have now:

The Outsiders by The Doves
All These Things that I’ve Done by The Killers
Starlight by Muse
Save the Day by The Living End
Shadow on the Sun by Soundgarden Audioslave
The Wanderer by Johnny Cash and U2
Lithium by Nirvana

Impetuous Youth

I’m still coming to terms with the sudden death of “The Man”, yes, many folks have rallied to carry on the fight, but seriously, how successful would the Jamaican relay team be if Usain Bolt suddenly got hit by a bus?

We heard in his CPAC speech that Andrew was working on some titillating tidbits to be released of Obama’s early college days. This was not much of a hook for me, still remembering my college days and why I could NEVER run for public office, I was expecting something out of The Hangover, dead/naked hookers, a stolen tiger, a kidnapped baby, at least something about his blow habit. But what we got instead (I’m sure more is coming, hopefully it is better stuff then this) is footage of some manhugs with another (ho hum) college radical professor.

I’m not going to link to the video, it is easy to find, and hardly news worthy in and of itself, including that collusion done with the hopes of keeping it hidden.

For my own self, this is not blowing up my skirt. To think that radical/revolutionary/anti capitalist rhetoric could permeate a college campus, no shit Sherlock. And not just any campus but that bastion of socialist thinking right square in the middle of that socialist town called Cambridge.

College campuses are by their very nature anti establishment. Most have diversity clubs up the wahzoo, including Jewish gay blacks who like country music, yes, they got a club. And nothing gets girls wet or impresses college professors more then trotting out some Che/Mao/Hugo quote that embraces workers rights or forwards the cause of the worker (common man) running things. Academia is still the only environment (Maybe add some in the MSM to this) where a socialist utopia, talking to our enemies out of killing us, going back to hunting and gathering (maybe just gathering), doing away with ALL nuclear weapons, hugging Mother Earth, and essentially living in communes, all these things are not only dreamed about but coveted.

Yes, we all know that Obama palled around with radicals, was sired by a radical, broke bread with radicals, emulated radicals and aspired someday to be a radical himself (mission accomplished). Some of his loony ideas he was been disabused of (for our benefit) like croaking terrorists, keeping Gitmo around, and trying these freaks through military tribunals. Others, like his wealth distribution nonsense, his hatred for anything fossil fuel, and his open arms wrt to growing the government and getting it more involved in our lives, he still clings to.

Whatever currency could be had in Obama’s radical past, that was squandered in the last election. McCain decided early on that he was not going that route, so he let alone Obama’s ties with Rev Wright, the Ayers, Resko, Alinsky, that whole Chicago connection, and whatever commie professors he spooned with.

This election, whatever GOP nominee they decide on (God help us), he needs to stay away from Obama’s past (the other day I even saw another piece on how Obama’s birth certificate was proved to be a fake) and focus on the last 4 years, an easy task if you ask me. Bring up gas prices (twice now what it was when Obama started), bring up everything else that has gone up in price (including taxes on those he promised would not see a tax increase) and has hurt working families. Bring up that old tried and true ,”Are you better off now then 4 years ago”, and get one of those portable electric billboards, wear it around your neck, and have it continually scroll the national debt. That $16 trillion and counting is probably the best argument going for why this guy needs to go.

Best dad in the whole world?

I thought the crowd here might appreciate the living hell out of this guy. The backstory is, his 15 year old daughter is a spoiled brat and he’s basically had just about enough of it.

Watch the whole video, it’s worth it. Slightly NSFW due to the language he reads from his 15 year old daughter’s Facebook post

I wish he could be all dads.

Whizzing On The Taliban

We live in the TMI age, no getting around that. Video cameras in every cell phone and who doesn’t have a smartphone now? The fact of the matter is this, if you are out in public, anywhere, you have no expectation of privacy so whatever you are doing, factor in the possibility of it going public. There are some definite advantages to this, want to see naked pics (or a sex tape) of such and such, chances are it is floating around the blogosphere. See some elected official in the parking lot getting a hummer from a male hooker in his car? might want to document that, or some police misconduct, start filming.

But when some inadvertent video goes public and causes embarrassment, well, a two step usually follows. Here is the latest hitting the internet:

A couple questions right off the bat, obviously another Marine in filming this, why disseminate it out to the public? I guess the same could be asked about those Abu Gharib photos, how do they get out? But this is like a buddy filming you while you are drinking while on patrol, or filming you taking a snooze on guard duty, obviously it is going to get you in hot water.

Clearly, this was going to investigated:

The top commanders of the Marine Corps U.S. forces in Afghanistan are investigating a video that purports to show U.S. Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ordered a probe into behavior he described is “utterly deplorable.”

Clearly, The Marine Corp. was not going to countenance or condone such behavior. And clearly the terror apologists would jump on this as yet one more example of America’s intolerance with Muslims.

I reminded of George Patton making a public display of Peeing in the Rhein to highlight his utter contempt for the enemy in front of his troops, or Admiral Halsey making a conscious decision early on to refer to the enemy in terms of “Japs” and “those yellow bastards” both to instill a fighting spirit but to marginalize them, make them as evil and worthy of killing. Both of these guys would have been called on to the carpet early on and admonished severally if they were fighting today.

In the relative scheme of things, given how long this war has been waging and the exemplary behavior of our military in fighting it, is this really a big deal? Hardly, but it does exemplify the nature of the world we live in, the 24 hour news cycle and the reach public eyes have in private matters.

Not Enough, But An Encouraging Start….

On Oct. 22, 2011, Sheriff Jon Lopey of Siskiyou County, CA hosted seven other sheriffs from CA and OR in a meeting for the purpose of stating their intentions to their constituents to make a united push against the federal government in matters mostly surrounding property rights, but inclusive in their declarations was the underlying meme that the federal government is, and has been for several years, infringing on the sovereign rights of their respective states. The following is the short speech Sheriff Lopey gave to open the meeting. The whole 1 hour and 8 minute meeting is linked in the description where all eight sheriffs can be heard from.

Now, the title of this post says this meeting is a good start, but not enough. The reason I say that is that these sheriffs need to stand up to the .fedgov concerning all the unconstitutional laws that they are “obligated” to enforce, such as federal gun control laws, the failure of Congress to limit the scope of the federal courts’ jurisdiction concerning abortion, when doing so would return the issue where it belongs, to the states to decide for themselves, the idiotic and utterly failed “war on drugs” and many other issues where the .fedgov intrudes and unconstitutionally usurps upon the states’ authority to direct their own destinies. I put “obligated” in quotes because it is my firm belief that no sheriff is obligated to enforce an unconstitutional law, nor is any citizen obligated to abide by it. When sheriffs band together on that premise, and hold meetings such as the one in the video to seek support of their county’s citizens in furtherance of it, then I will happily remove the quote marks when describing their obligations, as only then will they truly be living up to them.

That said, this is indeed a good start. I am going to email a link to the whole meeting video to my sheriff, and follow that up with sending him a DVD of it. I worked fairly closely with my sheriff during the tornado cleanup, and though I don’t know him well, my impression is that he will be receptive to the message these Patriots are trying to get out there by being so public about their organization. Receptive or not though, every county sheriff should be exposed to this video, as well as others like Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu:

I encourage anyone reading this who believes these people are attempting to assert rights and authorities that were intended to be reserved to them and their state legislatures for perpetuity under the Constitution, to forward a link to this video to your own sheriff. It is my belief that these people are doing everything they can to avert the chaos that will surely follow a more complete collapse of constitutional protections than the stage of decay we are suffering under at the moment.


I’ll Drink To That

Witty commercials, revealing the intricacies of human behavior…………….and beer, how could it NOT work?

First, the premise. Every seat is taken by scary tatted out biker types, who don’t look happy to begin with. There was 2 seats left and you and your date walk in, now the fun begins:

I find the whole exercise interesting. Notice some couples walking out and some escapes instigated by the man (ladies, this is your que, if he is unwilling to protect you in a crowded theater, he has no “man card” so you have to fend -bring down the game and forage- for yourself). Having owned a Harley for several years and know many of these “types”, I would feel right at home. But the reactions, although typical, are funny none the less.

And, for those brave souls willing to take a chance (you already sprung for the tickets, what the hell) some free beers are provided, a happy ending.

Women And Machinery Don’t Mix

OK, Kimpost, defend your people:
{wait for the payoff at the end}

Given the illustrious history of the Vikings, how badass they were with their battle axes, I would have thought they could handle any cutting instruments with alacrity. Maybe this is more a lesson about the hazards of drunk lumber jacking.

I know you were expecting a severed limb or some other carnage, so was I, but no animals or humans were harmed in the making on this video.

That is a nasty termite problem she has.