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Death panels? What death panels?

As we discover how bad the VA medical rationing scandal under the Obama presidency is and the VA admits at least 23 people died waiting for care (and that number is likely far higher), I am hearing a ton of collectivists defenders of Obamacare trying real hard to distance Obamacare from the way the VA healthcare system was being run. Don’t let that happen. Back before the health rationing problems and the deaths that resulted … Read more

Pussified services and all that.

Man, every time you think that the bullshit PC environment can’t do more damage than it already has to the military services, you get stories like this one, and you realize the sad state of affairs:

Everyone at khaki call thought it was a joke.

But when a chief on the destroyer Jason Dunham told the assembled chiefs and officers that he was going to line up residents in two female berthings and make

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Que The Credits

Happy endings don’t just occur in Hollywood or at the drive in with Jennifer the cheerleader, if only all wars were this easy;

My first reaction was ,”Holy smokes, we are still at war, will there ever come a day when our military is not dodging bullets or running over IED’s?”.

Much effort was made here in avoiding engagement with “the child” around. Granted, they got a better view of him than I did, but … Read more

Man do they hate shit that works

The flyboys are at it again. Belt tightening time has come around, and while the ARMY is reducing their fighting force to save money, the flyboys are using this opportunity to get rid of stuff they feel is not cool enough for them. This is the umpteenth time that the fighter jocks are trying to kill the incredibly effective, but not so cool A-10, and again, they pretend it is to save money:… Read more

How do you spell banana republic?

Don’t worry about how to spell, it just look at how the Obama administration and the left have been doing things for the last few years, and you should have a pretty good idea. Yesterday I pointed out how government feels those of us that do not think government should be allowed to disarm us considering how corrupt it is, but that’s just a drop in the bucket of the insane abuses of power … Read more

If you still doubt what government really thinks about your second amendment rights

Then take a look at this article where government entities again made 2nd amendment , America loving, types the terrorists. Can’t have Islamic terrorist blowing shit up, because that would hurt their sensibilities. After all, these fucking murderers are part of the religion of peace and they will fight back. Accusing people that actually believe in the constitution and that our government has basically destroyed our freedom and our nation, knowing full well that they … Read more

Where is my ARC reactor at?

Anyone familiar with the Iron Man genre would know about the fabled ARC reactor powering his suit, and it looks like SOCOM working on ‘Iron Man’ suit, can benefit from it!

Old-fashioned battery power is proving to be the biggest challenge in the military’s push to develop an “Iron Man suit,” a futuristic full-body armor that aims to offer individual troops a revolutionary level of protection and capability on the battlefield.

Adm. William

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Another reason I am glad I own an Android I barely use..

And that’s the fact that has backdoor access to iPhones. Forget the plethora of backdoor jokes and focus on the fact that the people at the NSA feel that spying on all of us is just peachy-keen, and that they likely are behind acts like this, to cover their own asses, with some even saying that the reforms might make things even worse for us people. Or ignore their ability to … Read more

The plan when they took over was to

Secure defeat when a possible victory was in the works, and if you doubt that’s what they are doing, check out how well informed these bozos are:

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R., Calif.) had a simple question Wednesday for three of the Obama administration’s top Afghanistan specialists: How many American troops have been killed in Afghanistan this year?

None of the witnesses at the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Afghanistan had an answer.


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Pearl Harbor

On December 7th 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the US joined the allies in WWII. Some 1346 days later Japan was a pile of rubble and surrendered unconditionally. The US managed to build hundreds of ships, thousands of aircraft & tanks, and prosecute a war on two fronts during this time. Today has been 1355 days since they passed Obamacare, and they can’t even get the god damned website for the thing to work….… Read more

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