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The Flying Jew

A lot of good stuff has been happening in London the last week and a half. I have fought the urge to throw something up here every time something thrilling has occurred. I will write a closing post on the Olympics for any favorite moments.

I know the Brits were worried that they would not measure up athletically, man o man, they have been kicking ass and taking names. Murray should get a Knighthood out of this (or maybe get one of Harry’s throwaways) and Jessica Ennis is set for any modelling/acting gig she wants.

Last night an American Jew had her own little 40 year commemoration to the Munich Massacre, she choose a Jewish folk song for her floor exercise, managed to win Gold with a performance of a lifetime, then poked her thumb in the eye of the IOC. Here is the performance.

A symbolic gesture falls flat unless you have the audience to spring it on, winning the gold assured that:

U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman, who is Jewish, followed up her gold medal win in the women’s floor exercise yesterday by paying tribute to the memory of the 11 Israeli athletes killed by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Olympic Games.
And if that weren’t enough, she won her event with the Hebrew folk song “Hava Nagila” playing in the background.

“Having that floor music wasn’t intentional,” an emotional but poised Raisman told reporters after her performance.

“But the fact it was on the 40th anniversary is special, and winning the gold today means a lot to me … If there had been a moment’s silence,” the 18-year-old woman told the world, “I would have supported it and respected it.”

I didn’t hear this interview on NBC, not shocked by that given how they handled the opening ceremonies.

The Jews don’t forget, they can’t, Shalom.

Olympic Stuff

Let me complain one more time, taped delay blows ass. If I did not have Live Extra (and the inclination to use it) I would probably be the last one here to know what the hell happened.

First off, some political stuff. Everyone night about 1 in 10 commercials have been Obama ads telling us how lucky we are to have him watching our backs, but just last night I saw my first RNC commercial thanking him for bankrupting our kids. NBC is doing it’s best to keep the riff raff out.

Has there ever been a more secure strangle hold on any Olympic event then what the Chinese have on anything diving related, its incredible.

Congrats to the American lady gymnasts, I don’t usually watch gymnastics, but that show last night was special. And it gives me another opportunity to voice my distaste for all sports where judges judge, I hate it.

Big ups to Micheal Phelps. Some nice stories about first time Olympic gold winners in swimming (Nathan Adrian, OMG, one one hundredth of a second).

Badminton gets a black eye, and that poor S. Korean fencer, she got jobbed big time.

I was watching soccer today, sorry CM about NZ getting beat, but the big story was what happened to Spain (bye bye), you can see their poor luck (have you ever seen so many shots on goal hit the cross bar?) and poor sportsmanship here. Soccer needs a rule like basketball, you bump the official, you are gone.

The host nation did some jersey popping today, nice job Bradley Wiggins.

Watched a bit of rowing today and some boxing. With most of these ancillary events, I will catch the medal rounds.

Any big ups I missed? What are you watching?


I realize that there are higher considerations, stuff us mere mortals are not privy to and contingencies that are well beyond our pay grade, but why would a network as well respected {cough, cough} as NBC up and make a command decision to cut out a portion of the opening ceremonies and fill it with recycled crap we have heard a number of times already?

Waking up this morning and writing a comment on the blog about the opening ceremonies and my impressions, I come to find out that NBC deleted a major portion of the broadcast, a portion having to do with a dedication and song to the victims of a terrorist attack. No, not that one, this was the attack of 7/7, one that hit much closer to home for the British people:

The moving tribute to the victims of the 7/7 London bombings featured a haunting performance by singer Emeli Sande. It was one of the most powerful moments of the evening, but it never aired in the US. Watch it now. (Edit: There are some reports that it was more generally a tribute to those who had passed away before the Olympics could begin. Regardless it was cut out of the US broadcast.)

You can view the video, the portion that NBC decided to withhold from us, here.

Why would NBC up and cut this out? It certainly was not for time restraints, the damn thing (including that awful McCartney segment) lasted 4 1/2 hours. We not only got to hear yet another segment on Michael Phelps:

Regardless, it was a rather significant and emotional moment in the opening ceremony, coming just before the parade of nations—and it wasn’t aired in the United States. Instead, viewers were treated to a lengthy and meaningless Ryan Seacrest interview of Michael Phelps. NBC regularly excises small portions of the opening ceremony to make room for commercials, but we’ve never heard of them censoring out an entire performance—especially to air an inane interview. We’ve asked NBC why they didn’t air the tribute, and if they get back to us we’ll let you know what they say.

As filler, before they even started with the opening ceremonies (remember, this was taped delay, they could have started anytime they wanted) they threw in some inane banter with Tom Brokaw, along with a totally out of place segment with some of the ladies gymnastics team (as if we won’t get enough of that once the competitions start).

I genuinely would like to know why NBC decided excise this portion and not show it for us in the states.

We can talk about the appropriateness of the segment. Rogge and the IOC nixed any public display bringing attention to the Jewish athletes that were murdered at the Munich Olympics, so what about this? The Jewish athletes had a closer tie to the Olympics then the 7/7 bombings, why one without the other? For my own self, it’s their ceremony (their dime), if they wanted to call attention to the victims at this venue (recognizing that there was an Olympic connection) that’s fine with me. I wonder how Rogge rationalized this display (I assume he knew, and I assume that he has some say in the matter). Here are the BBC remarks that was aired at broadcast:

Ladies and gentlemen, please pause silent for our memorial wall for friends and family who can’t be here tonight. The excitement of that moment in Singapore seven years ago when England won the games was tempered the next day with sorrow from the events of July 7th that year. A wall of remembrance for those no longer here to share in this event.

Now that the catcensor is out of the bag, NBC will reply with some ,”Nothing to see here, move along, we do this all the time for time constraints, advertising and all”.

Maybe, but replacing it with mundane filler, rouses my suspicions.

Not only did they have a gaggle of commercials through out the night, but it seemed like one in ten were from Obama’s re election committee and how great he cares about us. Come on, can we save the pantloads for after the Olympics? I need some women’s beach volleyball.

No Dipping, Period

Olympics and politics, why are we always catching them canoodling in the back row of the theater? Just as the clothing flap is starting to die down (Chinese made uniforms with prissy French berets, maybe PETA is right, go naked next time) and the opening ceremonies fast approaching, we got one more thing to talk about:

The United States may break with a controversial tradition and dip its flag to Britain’s leaders at the opening ceremony for the London Olympics, U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) CEO Scott Blackmun said on Thursday.
“We’ve talked about that a little bit and you never know what is going to happen,” said Blackmun.
“We have traditions, Britain has traditions, everybody has traditions but we’re still talking internally but it is not an issue we see as a big issue.”
It may not be a big issue for the USOC but it is one that stirs the emotions of many Americans.

Dipping seems a bit subtle, if Obama had his way they would all be bowing {rimshot}

Look, our British brothers will understand, we don’t dip, nothing personal and if you want a reach around later we can talk about it, but the flag stays erect. You guys understand about tradition better then most (pip pip, God save the Queen, Cheerio, don’t be a wanker) and this is one of ours.

The new world order types will toss out charges of arrogance, ugly Americans thinking they are better, tut tut, that’s the way it is.

According to historians, the U.S. has not dipped the Stars and Stripes since 1908 when the Summer Games were first staged in London and shotputter Ralph Rose refused to lower the flag supposedly saying: “This flag dips for no earthly king.”

Probably more urban legion then fact but it does have a certain eqalitarian ring to it.

I’ll be watching tonight and I hope I’m not disappointed. And Mariel Zagunis is a great choice, she is awesome.

Let The Games Begin

For those that think the Olympics don’t start until Friday, au contraire.

Although two days until the official kick off, I’m stoked. For a quick recap of Beijing, check out attached video

There are a number of interesting Olympic stories in the news of late:

The IOC remained consistent in shrieking from any controversy by always taking the weenie way out and refused one single minute of silence in remembrance of Munich, what a bunch of pussies. But we here in the States aren’t burdened by the ruffling of feathers, so we will take matters into our own hands.

London has already taken a beating even before the games begin, both with the weather, and for the poor lack of planning wrt security, and a last minute dodge on striking public workers.

But the bad news does not stop there, now they want to take all the fun out of watching beach volleyball.

And then there is this story. As if Greece wasn’t sucky enough. I’m struggling to find the “racism” in her comments. I’ll admit that it was stupid and tasteless (those that have never done a stupid thing in their lives, raise your hands), but keeping her home? If I was a European I would not want you sharing my currency either.

A word about the host country. For my own self, I always root for the host nation in any Olympics, it’s just good manners. The Chinese did very well in Beijing and the Brits are favored to come in fourth for total medal count.

Other stories to follow. It is wicked scary how strong the Americans are in swimming and if they don’t win say 85 to 90% of all medals in this venue, it will be a disappointment. One athlete in nine (over 10%) of the American Olympians comes from the Bay Area (either born and raised here or educated here) so there are a number of locals I will be following. Back to swimming, Although Michael Phelps’ legacy is set, I’m hoping that Ryan Lochte kicks his ass in every event where they meet.

Much as been written about the new Dream Team, we’ll see.

I hope Lolo Jones can shake her demons and get her medal. The secular world has had a good laugh at her expense because she is a woman of faith and holding out for marriage, tough gal.

And lastly, can the Americans (both men and women) hold on to that frigging baton and at least finish the marquee event in all track and field, the 4 by 100 meter relay? The Jamaicans are stacked and are favored but after Beijing are sprinters need some vindication.

In 2008 I bought my big screen plasma expressly for the Olympics. Today I made a Costco run and eyed those 70 (and 80) inch behemoths with covetousness in my heart, but I walked right on by, another by product of the Obama economy.

Sports Grab Bag

Lot’s of sports related stuff going on of late, anybody got an opinion, way in here.

The other day I was standing in the cafeteria line of the Yosemite lodge, the family had just hiked up to the top of Half Dome the day before (I would recommend to anyone on the planet, you gotta do that at least once in your lifetime) and I met a guy who lives just outside of London. I brought up the upcoming Olympics and mentioned to him that during the 1984 Olympics I was living in LA and how fun it was to go to some of the events. He made a constipated face and told me that he is taking his family on Holiday for one of those weeks just to avoid all the hysteria and how he can’t wait for it to be over. I suspect many Brits feel the same way, feel put upon and inconvenienced. I think the Chinese ruined it years to come, no country in the world will invest that amount of money so by that standard the London Games will probably come up lacking. But I’m looking forward to it and will devote many hours each day to it.

Anybody watching hoops? The Heat/Thunder match up was probably the most compelling one we have had in years. I hate to see it end tonight and for sure drama hope it gets extended back to OC. The Durrant/James match up has been a bust so far, and the Thunder have shown their age. Westbrook has come up big, Hardin has been the invisible man, and Lebron is limping. Who will step up tonight?

I admit I have not been watching Euro 2012, but the quarters are going on so it is finally getting interesting. I will watch the semi’s and the final. Yeah, I know Spain is like the ’27 Yankees, and always favored, but some new blood would juice things up right before the Olympics.

And lastly, we have the Jerry Sandusky trial. It is now with the jury and the second coming of F. Lee Bailey, Clarence Darrow, or Johnny Cochran could not pull this one out. That Mike McQueary seemed like a weasel, but the cumulative amount of testimony and victims seems insurmountable to me. I would not expect a quick verdict due to the amount of charges and the elements involved with each count, but Jerry is going away for a very long time. And what’s with all the character witnesses the defense put on? “Yes, Jerry was my neighbor for 20 years and not once did I see him bugger a boy”, worthless.

Football Day, Don’t Bother Me

I realize the core constituency here is not sports driven, but for those so inclined to way in on either JoePa’s passing or the NFL this year, here ya go.

Re: Paterno, for my own self, I think Jerry Sandusky has more to do with JoePa’s death then any pussy cancer cells, and it’s a damn shame to. If given a few more years and some time to give his side, his thinking, to rehabilitate himself if possible, his reputation might have been salvaged. But now, the two are inextricably linked. Sandusky going to prison for a long time and Penn State paying out settlements for years to come, both will be done under the moniker of the winningest coach in college football history.

For the NFL, some positives; Detroit making some noise, finally. The same emotions that made us all Saints fans a few years ago, we now all want the Lions to win, they deserve to win. Some rather hauty and seemingly untouchable QB records bit the dust this year. Drew Breeze and Aaron Rogers cemented their hall of fame credentials, both with one of a kind years, and thrilled us in the process.

Some surprises, how ’bout them Niners? What happened to the Eagles? Will the Cowboys ever win with Romo? And probably the biggest story of the year, when will Tim Tebow lose his virginity?

On to today’s game. Naturally I want the Niners to win, but the Giants remind me a lot of Green Bay last year, a mediocre season but peaking at the right time, and I think we can put to the rest the notion that Eli is not part of that elite cadre. The weather will still be iffy, and who knows which Alex Smith will show up today, but I gotta go with the home team on this one.

Over on the East Coast it is that old unstoppable force/immovable object debate, the Raven defense against Brady and crew. It is all up to Flacko, if he can drink some courage in a bottle and stay in the pocket, good things can happen. Brady looks like his old self, he can take over a game on his arm. I’m going to go with Brady today.

Super Disconnect

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
Mark Twain

There are still some occasions that the world tunes in and witnesses uniquely American events. Presidential inaugurations, the Indianapolis 500, Oscar night (although given the increasing diminution of the collective IQ’s in the room, less and less), but the granddaddy is always The Superbowl. And a major part of what makes it super are the new ads that we get to see for the first time.

Even a stogy economy can’t keep traditions down, and this year the ad spots are more expensive then ever:

NBC pretty much sold out its Super Bowl ad inventory by Labor Day of last year, which is amazing in this economy. The network wisely held back a few units for stragglers who wanted in but were late to the party. Those advertisers ponied up as much as $3.5 million for 30 seconds of ad time on the big game telecast. In an era where some may proclaim that TV is dead, how does this example of super premium TV advertising command such a high price tag?

One ad got a quick preview this week due to its unique nature. Who say’s the little guy (and young) can’t compete?


I showed this ad to my kid, who will be graduating next year,odd, he didn’t think it was as funny as I did.

You can see some of the better superbowl ads from the past here.

One of my favorites was from Godaddy a few years back.

In some things, we still kick ass, wine, movies, debt, OS’s, microchips, and wagging fingers.

Any old Superbowl ads you still member and are fond of?

Holiday Homecomings

There is no place like home, and for a Soldier, Marine, Airman, or Sailor, the worse time for being away from home is the holidays. Being a vet myself (did not make a career of it or serve in a war zone) I understand (and still remember) those melancholy days, being thousands of miles away from family during the holidays. And although the Armed Services, when they can, go the extra mile in making these times a bit more comfortable for the troops, it is a poor substitute for being with loved ones.

A photo in my local paper this morning highlighted a San Jose family who was waiting at the airport for a son, husband and father, a Marine, on leave from Afghanistan, lucky enough to get leave over the holidays. The family, decked out in “welcome home” signs, and an entourage in waiting, all to make this Marine a special deal, and rightly so.

The Thanksgiving Holiday is one of the busiest times for flying, and many of these travelers will be those military folks that have looked forward to this for the entire year.

And many civilians feel compelled to do their part in welcoming home our warriors:

A small group of dedicated folks in Bangor Maine have been at it since 2003, whenever a military flight lands, they spring into action.

For those coming home, this will be the best tasting turkey ever, your annoying sister, mom piling on too much yams, and dad yelling ,”you guys tackle like my Aunt Mae”, not withstanding.

And speaking of football, we got us a smorgasbord tomorrow. There is a big storm forecast for tonight, DISH, don’t fail me now.

Football and our military, enjoy:

Now that was awesome.



OK, here’s the question, say you got a job but you are not very good at what you do (we will pick at random, oh, being a quarterback in the NFL), you got the support of your boss and your co workers and you are really trying, but not cutting it for the simple fact that your skills are lacking and sub standard, but instead of the usual grumblings and……wait for it……Monday morning quarterbacking, the folks turn your name into a verb, and a new movement is created, but the movement kinda makes fun of you, are you insulted or elated?

Here we go:

Introducing Tebowing. It’s like planking, but dumber.It wasn’t enough that Tim Tebow dominated NFL headlines for a week with his comeback win over the Dolphins on Sunday. No, “Tebow” has to be a verb now, too.

What does it mean? To Tebow is “to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.” That’s according to, your new Internet home for Tebowing.

And if you go to, you see more of it in action.

I gotta tell ya, this is cracking me up.

Yesterday the Detroit Lions not only put a pasting on Tebow, but decided to get into the act:

Tim Tebow, being a spiritual guy, takes it all in stride, and so far (wait till he strings 3 losses in a row together) the fans are OK with it.

Tebow had a monster career in college, but literally hit a brick wall with The Broncos, and he’s not the first. He is a good athlete but can’t read defenses, and is not accurate in his passes. His work ethic is good so maybe, with practice, he can learn these skills.

There has been a lot of controversy over the years (Kurt Warner?) concerning sports figures thanking God or Jesus after a victory (like he really cares about some dumb sporting event). As long as what they are doing is legal, I got no problem with athletes trying to get “an edge”, thank whoever or whatever you think helped you get there. New #1 in tennis, Novak Djokovic, has been very vocal about his new gluten free diet and how that has propelled him to the top.

Whatever your motivation, and if the fans can get a little fun out of it, contort away. But the movement is not complete until there is photo documentation of some couple Tebowing mid coitus, Tebowing on top of the Empire State building, one on the top of Half Dome, and a tebower mid bow in a barrel going over Niagara falls.