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No Dipping, Period

Olympics and politics, why are we always catching them canoodling in the back row of the theater? Just as the clothing flap is starting to die down (Chinese made uniforms with prissy French berets, maybe PETA is right, go naked next time) and the opening ceremonies fast approaching, we got one more thing to talk about:

The United States may break with a controversial tradition and dip its flag to Britain’s leaders at the opening

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Let The Games Begin

For those that think the Olympics don’t start until Friday, au contraire.

Although two days until the official kick off, I’m stoked. For a quick recap of Beijing, check out attached video

There are a number of interesting Olympic stories in the news of late:

The IOC remained consistent in shrieking from any controversy by always taking the weenie way out and refused one single minute of silence in remembrance of Munich, what … Read more

Sports Grab Bag

Lot’s of sports related stuff going on of late, anybody got an opinion, way in here.

The other day I was standing in the cafeteria line of the Yosemite lodge, the family had just hiked up to the top of Half Dome the day before (I would recommend to anyone on the planet, you gotta do that at least once in your lifetime) and I met a guy who lives just outside of London. I … Read more

Football Day, Don’t Bother Me

I realize the core constituency here is not sports driven, but for those so inclined to way in on either JoePa’s passing or the NFL this year, here ya go.

Re: Paterno, for my own self, I think Jerry Sandusky has more to do with JoePa’s death then any pussy cancer cells, and it’s a damn shame to. If given a few more years and some time to give his side, his thinking, to rehabilitate … Read more

Super Disconnect

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
Mark Twain

There are still some occasions that the world tunes in and witnesses uniquely American events. Presidential inaugurations, the Indianapolis 500, Oscar night (although given the increasing diminution of the collective IQ’s in the room, less and less), but the granddaddy is always The Superbowl. And a major part of what makes it super are the new ads that we get to see for the … Read more

Holiday Homecomings

There is no place like home, and for a Soldier, Marine, Airman, or Sailor, the worse time for being away from home is the holidays. Being a vet myself (did not make a career of it or serve in a war zone) I understand (and still remember) those melancholy days, being thousands of miles away from family during the holidays. And although the Armed Services, when they can, go the extra mile in making these … Read more


OK, here’s the question, say you got a job but you are not very good at what you do (we will pick at random, oh, being a quarterback in the NFL), you got the support of your boss and your co workers and you are really trying, but not cutting it for the simple fact that your skills are lacking and sub standard, but instead of the usual grumblings and……wait for it……Monday morning quarterbacking, the … Read more

Coach Rants

I would bet that a large percentage of our readers played sports in school. For the sake of the post I will even accept kick ball in middle school but I’m thinking more along the lines of high school or even college. I did both and for the last few years coach the boy’s tennis team at my local high school. Most high school coaches are payed employees, although they are usually teachers first and … Read more

Hands off my Pr0N!

Why?… Read more

Hank Gets Spanked

I realize that doing another post on the hypocrisy of the media and how they handle (mishandle) their employees who don’t tout the party line and dare to say something not authorized in “The Handbook” is analogous to doing another “dog bites man” story, but when they mess with my Monday Night Football, I get a bit testy.

ESPN is known for two things, their superlative handling of all things sports ( I realize not … Read more

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