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A Stay of Execution

So … it may be that the rumors of our death are greatly exaggerated. As of this moment, Jim is looking into a much cheaper hosting service for the blog. We would temporarily lose the archive, but it would reappear later as a link on the side, much like the old-old RTFLC does now. Jim has been swamped lately (which is why I’m posting this) so we will continue on the main server for one more month before switching to the old one.

It would be good if we can keep any financial burden off of Jim, so when the time comes we will repost a funding page. Only in this case, the funds should go much much further.

Star Wars Trailer 2

We’re back after some technical issues. The good news is that we may soon be getting some more technical help from my brother, who does this professionally.

To celebrate, here is the new Star Wars trailer:

I don’t want to be optimistic but it’s hard not to be.

I’ll have some more posts tonight and tomorrow on Iran, taxes and how stupid our media is. And this weekend will see the first Science Sunday

It Is What It Is

Two months ago I wrote a series of posts in an attempt to resuscitate what I believed was a dying blog. “Collaboration Is Needed’, “Suggestion Box”, and “Entering Hard Hat Area” were all written to provide the impetus for some needed change, change that would give us more eyeballs and make us more relevant. Aside from the structural problems of posting, we needed a fresh face, more updated features to attract new commenters , but most of all we needed a path by which new members could sign up and join the community. Many of the regulars provided what I thought were some really good ideas, workable stuff that would make us more vibrant.

Some movement did happen. We got JimK to surface, to voice his apathy with the blog and his desire to abdicate and turn the car keys over to someone else. Thrill stepped up and volunteered to handle admin duties. I thought this was fortuitous since he has experience at blog running and a desire to improve the blog. Both Alex and Hal also stepped up, saying they would collaborate and share admin duties. That was indeed a time of optimism, a time where I thought we were on our way to being part of something that, well, we could really be proud of.

Knowing Rome was not built in a day and that you have to walk before you can run, I expected fits and starts, some wheel spinning. We even had one day where the site went down entirely, still not sure what happened there.

So where are we now, two months later? JimK never got back to Thrill and updated his “admin” status, so he is basically still flapping in the wind. And it appears that the other admin guys are happy with the status quo, despite all the changes we had talked about, some new buttons or features on the home page,some easier functionality on posting comments, and the fact that still no new members can sign up.

In different posts through out the years I have often said ,”You get the government you deserve”, as one explanation for our convoluted chaotic government and the typical low information voter that facilitates their power grab. You also get the blog you deserve. If everyone is happy with the status quo, the one or two posts every other day with less than a handful of comments, well, that is what we have now. I think we can do better but am also reminded of that idiom of pissing in to the wind.


Well, the site went tits up. I posted comments on two separate threads, neither showed up in the comments section. I imagine everyone is now unable to post comments. Thus, we find ourselves adrift.

“What in Hell goes on in New York?”

Entering Hard Hat Area

As opposed to emailing the relevant folks for status and in the interest of addressing any uncertainties as to who now has the car keys to the blog and what changes cosmetically are afoot, I thought I would post a repository, a place where those in charge can identify themselves.

The last few posts related to the subject intimated that either Thrill or Alex (or both jointly) would handle the admin duties and tackle the Herculean task of exorcising all the gremlins that have taken up residency on our blog. Not an enviable chore, but necessary. A number of good suggestions were offered up in the other post, but for now just getting the basics to work would be nice.

So far only Cress and Xetrov have volunteered to guest author, how do we get these guys author privileges? I still have the author template that Jim sent me originally, I would be glad to forward it over to both and help them get started, but they need permission from the admin guy.

On my “dashboard” to the site I have access to all the commenter’s email address. Since the PM services and the “contact” button are still busted, if anyone has questions or concerns they can shoot me an email, I have gotten a few already. I don’t mind being a buffer for admin so they don’t get overwhelmed, but since somebody needs to be “The Man”, he can come here and post anything he wants to disseminate to the group.

Collaboration Is Needed

I expect everyone has read Jim’s post and his subsequent frustrations in getting the site glitches fixed. The good news is that the author tools appear to be restored. But the appearance of the site has been altered. No progress has been made on fixing the Registration issues, so as it stands now no new members can be added.

As a community we need to decide what is to become of this blog. I suspect that just about everyone would like it to survive, and beyond that, to thrive. None of this will happen without some effort.

Jim needs to turn over the admin reins to someone willing to maintain the site. The way I see it, the admin guy does not have to be an author. I think once everything is up and running, very little work will actually be involved, but there does need to be someone in charge of this. I would volunteer but my computer skills are somewhat limited. I am going to look into WordPress and try to figure it out so eventually I could help out with the admin duties, but right now I am pretty worthless in this area. Are there any on the regulars that would like to take this on, even on a temporary basis? I have reached out to some one in particular and am awaiting his reply but a contingency plan is always beneficial.

The other issues we need to discuss is author duties. The consensus of the comments in my Suggestion Box post was that more authors are needed, could not agree more. A suggestion, how about we find out who wants to contribute, get a list of volunteers than choose 2 from the last to start, see how that works out with the option of adding more at a later date, thus keeping it somewhat controllable and not too cumbersome? A process also needs to be decided on who gets authorship duties.

Once a new admin is chosen and things are functional again, I am all for tinkering with the look and its ability to mesh with other social sites. Of the blogs I visit regularly, they all morph with the times, evolve, and get better, more user friendly.

So there you have it. Hopefully we can get input from everyone, put the suggestions to practice and make this a blog that will grow in time and be relevant.

Suggestion Box

I wanted this post to be a collaborative effort involving the other main authors, a pooling of ideas if you will in an attempt to resuscitate a dying blog, but was unsuccessful in reaching out, so everything that follows is of my own doing (thus offering plausible deniability for the others).

Although the writing was clearly on the wall, Section8 ‘s comment a few days ago put a face on it (figuratively), and identified the obvious, namely that what was once a great thriving vibrant blog, as turned dull and barren. Although I understand the sentiment of the comment, he is wrong when he says ,” Conservative interest left this place a long time ago”. We, OK, I continue the fight when I feel so inspired to post here, which I admit has become less and less urgent. I also don’t think it is time to bail, although I get that sentiment as well, it is hard watching the patient wither away with only a feeding tube and heart monitor to keep him company.

Part of the problem, as I see it, is the way the blog is being administered. It has very basic structural deficiencies which makes it cumbersome for the users. All the author tools we had before for comments (hyperlinks, quotes, bolding, italics, and the all important EDIT button) disappeared. The PM (private messaging) service is bollocks, a useful tool for contacting members individually and something that I used regularly, now broken and unusable. The CONTACT button is also useless, said comment getting lost in cyberspace.

Part of the problem, is the paucity of contributing authors and comment worthy posts. A post a day, sometimes less, hardly promotes the type of traffic successful blogs get. I admit that in this area I am part of the problem, often finding post worthy topics but end with ,”Why bother?”, and go on to something else.

Part of the problem is the practices exhibited at times that drives regulars to leave. Although some could say that the ease at which they capitulate and flee says more about them and their convictions of argument, I would prefer that all would feel welcome, that pejoratives like “idiot” and “moron” be used less often, and more effort be made understanding the comment and not the motives behind it. Several of our old regulars, guys like Thrill, Mook, Blameme, Salinger, Kimpost (although given the state of Sweden nowadays I figured he just converted and spends all his free time praying to Allah) they have moved on, pity.

The other day I went to my local library, and attempted to register on the site as a new user. The last step involved the site emailing a password so I could log in and post comments, guess what? No email. This tells me that if somebody new stumbles on our site, likes what we offer and wants to become a regular, he can’t do it, no new members allowed, more evidence of a broken blog.

OK, here’s the deal, assuming it is even possible to fix these things, to make a more user friendly site and allow new members to join (maybe Hal has admin tools or someone knows a guy who knows a guy, etc.,etc.) what do you guys think we can do to up the traffic? Are there any suggestions coming to mind as to either content or individual postings? Do we need more authors? What could we be doing that we are not doing now?

I am coming at this from a frame of mind that I care about this blog (having been around since pretty much day one) and am tired of it getting sand kicked in its face. Maybe the handful of regulars are happy with the status quo and don’t welcome change. If that is the case, we can that it, we can do nothing and limp along. Some blogs exist out there with no readership, just some mope writing stuff to write. We are not far from that.

Any ideas?

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Want to wish all of you put there a happy Thanksgiving. Take this time to be with the people you love, if you can, and reflect on all the good we have. Tomorrow we can get back to bitching about how the political aristocracy is destroying our country and the world.

Be safe if you have to travel. Enjoy your day, but do not take unnecessary risks. If you have the chance, enjoy a good meal. Do it in good company.

Cut Off In the Land Down Under

I’m in Australia again, visting the in-laws. Unfortunately, our home has no internet at the moment because of a dispute with the telecom (the idiocy of ISP’s is apparently a universal constant). I’m typing this in a mall in Queensland, which means I’m at minimal Tweeting (I have a list cut down to about a dozen of the most essential feeds for this sort of occasion) and have about 800 unread articles in Google Reader, which I will mostly ignore. So, yeah, not much blogging until the telecom gets their head out of their ass.

I won’t be able to watch the SOTU but I will download, read and respond to it. Hopefully, I’ll be back in action by the end of the week. But even then, I’ll probably maintain a low profile since, you know, I’m on vacation.

Admin, domain owner and head asshole here…



Do I have your attention, dear reader? Each and every one of you? Good.

You do not, ever, get to decide what is or isn’t appropriate subject matter for this blog. I, and by extension those who write here as main page authors, get to do that. You do not get to decide who should comment or who shouldn’t. You do not get to decide what we talk about, or for how long, or, to be quite frank, ANY FUCKING THING AT ALL.

You especially – and if you drifted off mentally at the above, please refocus now and read this next bit carefully – YOU DO NOT GET TO SPEND MY MONEY AND BANDWIDTH SHITTING ALL OVER THIS BLOG DAY IN AND DAY OUT. If you levy more than one complaint a week about how this place is run, yet you can’t leave? FUCK YOU. You’re the asshole. Get out. Leave, if it bothers you so much. I’m fed the fuck up with it.

I’m not discussing things, or taking anything under advisement, or trying to hear “your side of it” anymore. If you can’t stand the way this place operates, well guess what, sunshine? YOU CAN STOP COMING HERE. It’s literally that simple.

What I would like to see is arguments on various topics, without the bullshit. By bullshit I mean namecalling, feigned innocence, 50 comments a day, etc. THIS GOES FOR AUTHORS AS WELL. Stop picking fights with commenters.

Just, I don’t know, in general, for everyone: STOP BEING SUCH UNBELIEVABLE CUNTS ALL THE GODDAMNED TIME. Is that really so fucking hard? Stop. Or I’ll stop you. I’m at my limit.