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Happy Thanksgiving to all

Want to wish all of you put there a happy Thanksgiving. Take this time to be with the people you love, if you can, and reflect on all the good we have. Tomorrow we can get back to bitching about how the political aristocracy is destroying our country and the world.

Be safe if you have to travel. Enjoy your day, but do not take unnecessary risks. If you have the chance, enjoy a good … Read more

Cut Off In the Land Down Under

I’m in Australia again, visting the in-laws. Unfortunately, our home has no internet at the moment because of a dispute with the telecom (the idiocy of ISP’s is apparently a universal constant). I’m typing this in a mall in Queensland, which means I’m at minimal Tweeting (I have a list cut down to about a dozen of the most essential feeds for this sort of occasion) and have about 800 unread articles in Google Reader, … Read more

Admin, domain owner and head asshole here…



Do I have your attention, dear reader? Each and every one of you? Good.

You do not, ever, get to decide what is or isn’t appropriate subject matter for this blog. I, and by extension those who write here as main page authors, get to do that. You do not get to decide who should comment or who shouldn’t. You do not get to decide what we talk about, … Read more

Site stuff: Comment formatting

I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion in various places about comments, basically nested versus chronological style. I used to think nested was the only way to go, but it has created a number of weird problems on this site…so, a query:

Do you prefer the current nested style, or would you prefer a simple chronological style like we had at the old place? I’m totally willing to change it to chrono if more people … Read more

Hey assholes

Read this. Act accordingly. And stop being cunts.


Goddamned achor links don’t work right, so here’s the text of the comment I just left (and linked to):


I will wipe this fucking place clean before I let all of this bullshit continue. I will burn everything and salt the fucking earth.

Or just ban the people that make it impossible to enjoy the blog.

HEED THESE WORDS: My patience is not just

Read more

An Introduction

This being my first post as an author here on Right Thinking, before I get started I want to say thanks to JimK for making it possible. I sincerely hope he doesn’t regret that decision down the road.

Besides landing on blogs and reading while following links from articles and forums, and lurking here for a short period before actually posting any replies, I’m brand new to the blogosphere, so please accept my preemptive apologies … Read more

Admin shit, Pt. “Who the fuck cares”

1. If you don’t like this website, get the fuck out. Just go. Stop coming here. Period. Don’t be a big showy drama queen and talk about leaving in order to get yourself more attention. Just fucking leave. Otherwise you are completely full of shit.

2. If you don’t like how I build/maintain/run this site, GTFO and go make your own.

I’m not soliciting comments or feedback on this post or the concepts contained therein. … Read more

Getting Explosure

A blog that I have plugged before here is IOTW, a smart, funny, topical blog that offers up content on a wide variety of issues, Oh, and Big Fur Hat (the main writer) is one funny dude. Today he highlighted a post written by Right Wing News lamenting the diminishing reach and influence of conservative blogs. He offered up a chance for readers who also write blogs to get some press and exposure, to … Read more

The Best of Lee (admin stuff)

Wow. Now I remember why I hate ExpressionEngine.

My original idea for this feature was to find a non-search way of slipping Lee’s posts into something – an RSS feed, another blog, whatever – and then importing posts at random as long as they were of over a certain word length. Except Lee wrote 11,029 posts. That’s too many posts for any solution at all. It’s too much data. Lee could talk. :)

So…I … Read more

Hey, Who’s The New Guy?

If variety is the spice of life, allow me to splash some Tabasco on this burger.  Along with a fancy schmancy new site look, with all the requisite cool features to go with it, I have been asked to help out with some of the heavy lifting around here. Jim has done a terrific job making everything functional and looking pretty, and along with all the upgrades was an effort to produce more content. This … Read more

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