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Did this disciple just let the cat out of the bag?

Richard Lindzen, an MIT professor, and an AGW advocate, seems to have really let the cat out of the bag recently, according to this See-BS, news article, where he points out:

MIT Professor Richard Lindzen is a leading international expert on climate change. “The changes that have occurred due to global warning are too small to account for,” he told WBZ-TV. “It has nothing to do with global warming, it has to do with where

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I am going back to incandescent bulbs, man

So let me set this up for you so you can see who startling stupid these green laws really are, and I am gonna use someone else’s work to do this. Let’s set the stage:

Starting Jan. 1, the United States will no longer manufacture or import incandescent bulbs – although stores can still sell what they have in stock. The phaseout is a result of federal rules to switch to more energy-efficient bulbs. Energy-efficient

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Media angry at the WH, but for the wrong reasons, as usual.

Some of the DNC propagandists in the LSM are apparently wising up to the fact that not only does this WH not consider them as partners, but that they are considered as nothing but tools to be used and abused, and they are now somehow indignant.

Two truths rule the relationship between a president and the White House media in modern times.

1) The media will always want more access, no matter how much

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Gaia hates on teh brown peoplez!

At least that’s what I expect what I expect the cultists will soon claim about the devastation in the Philippines caused by a typhoon. And you know that tragedy is gonna be abused. The island chain was devastated. This typhoon was a beast. Lets focus on that: not how to milk it to spread UN sponsored misery to oppress the free.… Read more

Another one bites the dust…

The media has been insane this past season because none of the scores of climate related natural disasters – the hurricanes and typhoons – they predicted for this season happened. The Atlantic has been beyond boringly inactive, to the point that they couldn’t even get a tropical storm to come our way. They had a tropical storm back in the Gulf of Mexico and another in the Pacific that they hyped like mad – it … Read more

Reuters misses the real lesson to be learned from information

Now that our bloated government has shut down, we are getting reports from the DNC propaganda arm better known as the LSM about how horrible things are. Queue this article on the EPA which reveals that:

(Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will take one of the biggest hits of any federal agency if the government shuts down this week, operating with under 7 percent of its employees, according to guidance issued by the

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I think I am done reading Popular Science

And that’s because they have shut down their commenting. From the idiotic excuse making bullshit post:

Comments can be bad for science. That’s why, here at, we’re shutting them off.

It wasn’t a decision we made lightly. As the news arm of a 141-year-old science and technology magazine, we are as committed to fostering lively, intellectual debate as we are to spreading the word of science far and wide. The problem is when

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How Not to Fight Global Warming

Following on Alex’s post about the booming energy sector, you should check out this report from Der Spiegel about the disaster that is Germany’s green energy sector:

For society as a whole, the costs have reached levels comparable only to the euro-zone bailouts. This year, German consumers will be forced to pay €20 billion ($26 billion) for electricity from solar, wind and biogas plants — electricity with a market price of just over €3 billion.

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Svenmark’s cosmic ray theory now proven?

At least that’s what a group of Danish researchers suggest after they conducted experiments to determine that the theorem holds true. From the article:

Back in 1996 Danish physicists suggested that cosmic rays, energetic particles from space, are important in the formation of clouds. Since then, experiments in Copenhagen and elsewhere have demonstrated that cosmic rays actually help small clusters of molecules to form. But the cosmic-ray/cloud hypothesis seemed to run into a problem

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Sometimes you just gotta love them Ruskies

And when you hear something like this, you have to love them even more. From the article:

A Greenpeace icebreaker that entered Russia’s Arctic without permission to protest offshore energy exploration is leaving after being threatened with gunfire by that country’s coast guard.

“It was repeated several times in open conversation that they were threatening that if we didn’t leave the Northern Sea Route that they would fire on our ship,” Christy Ferguson, a

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