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The Election Post Mortem

You can always count on Americans to do the right thing—after they’ve tried everything else – Winston Churchill

I think our Constitutional Republic is the least worst form of government. That sounds like damning with faint praise but it’s not. It’s a triumph. We can argue and disagree and governments can change hands (or not) without a drop of blood being spilt. No matter what the result, that is preferable to the previous hundred thousand … Read more

Obama Wins and Plots Revenge

If you’re reading to find some rah-rah encouragement or a “silver lining”, well, I don’t have any. I’m also short on bitter tears and angry rhetoric. Sorry to disappoint everyone on both sides of the partisan divide.

I posted a song that expressed my feeling overall about the election result in 2008, back on the VO. It was “Who’s Gonna Save Us?” by the Living End. They say, “Who’s gonna unite us?/Who’s gonna divide us?” … Read more


Here is your Grand Election Day Open Thread, courtesy of the Daily Thrill

It’s 6:30 AM in the Midwest and the polls are open. I’m going to go take care to vote.

Help me out today by sharing what you see at the polls (US only, of course, you smartasses), read, watch on tv, and come across on the Webz.

At some point tonight, we’ll know which of these two candidates wins the Presidency … Read more

The Endorsements We Don’t Need

Thankfully, our long national nightmare is about to end. (And, two days later, another will likely begin). I won’t make predictions. I’ll just repeat what I said in the comments: if the polls are right, Obama will win. If they’re wrong, Romney will. Polls are interesting, but they are not reality. We know the shape of the wave function. But it won’t collaps until tomorrow.

I’ve made my choice clear and I think it’s pretty … Read more

EPA is at it again: Obama promise to kill coal industry.

Obama and his donkey cohorts are certainly not happy that anyone is pointing out how radical environmentalist assholes at the EPA are actively taking measures to keep Obama’s promise to destroy the coal industry, but the plan exists. And they are in a hurry to foist this massive pile of dung that will cost our economy some $700 billion out of fear of a Romney presidency.

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has devoted an

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I’ve made my position on the voter fraud thing very clear: 1) I think it does happen; 2) with the exception of close elections (e.g., Al Franken), I don’t think it happens enough to swing elections. Hypothesis number one keeps being confirmed:

FBI agents arrested a woman Friday in Las Vegas on charges that she tried to vote twice in the presidential election, Secretary of State Ross Miller said.

A criminal complaint accuses Roxanne

Read more

Administration Expectations

I’m more interested in what happens after Inauguration Day than what happens on Election Day. As much as I want Obama out of office, I wonder how much it would really matter if he loses. My own sense is that his election is all about who is going to be holding the bag of shit when it finally breaks.

As I’ve said in another thread, I think Romney is going to win on Tuesday (assuming … Read more

Split Decision

There has been a lot of discussion recently about a potential split between the popular vote and the electoral college this year. Obama is leading in the polls in several critical swing states while Romney has been holding a lead in the national polls (caveat: Nate Silver points out that the math doesn’t work out. If the state polls are accurate, Obama should have a national lead (and indeed, the RCP average is now tied … Read more

Poll Fatigue

All of the Serious Conservative Blogs have been killing me with annoyed boredom over their obsession with polls. Not since high school have I given fewer fucks about the use for math. The only thing I can tell from pollsters like Rasmussen is that Romney is either going to win in a glorious landslide or suffer a heartbreaking but very close defeat.

For my part, I think Romney will win comfortably (for whatever that’s worth; … Read more

She Won’t Haggle

I just read on Drudge that Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) won’t debate her challenger.

Ostensibly, it’s because her opponent has nothing substantive to say; but the truth is that Feinstein is doing it because she can’t possibly lose the election according to the polls. As we learned from Obama v Romney Debate I, these debates that we used to think are meaningless can be huge game-changers for a challenger that the electorate hasn’t gotten the … Read more

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