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What!! No Pickles?

Doing a Google search the other day I was reminded that March is Women’s History Month, thank God we have Google to remind us of our social obligations as penance for our past sins. But clearly more delineation is needed, turf needs to be carved out, demarcated for emphasis. For instance, the first week of March could be Man Hating Lesbian Week, the next Fat Chick Week, and the next could be for progressive white … Read more

The Heckler’s Veto

A few weeks ago, the 9th Circus ruled that it was acceptable for a school to ban shirts displaying the American flag. Their reasoning was that high school students do not have full Constitution liberties, which is a well-established precedent, and that the shirts would have caused disruption in the school by angering Mexican students.


This was the end of a series of confrontations between Mexican-American students and white ones alternatively displaying Mexican and … Read more

Teach the children well…

And in blue state Connecticut, ur teachers sure are doing a bang up job. I have two interesting stories for you. The first, is about the furious teacher. The second about the cow lover. Most teachers try real hard I am sure, but some are just special. Union lawyers need to make money too I guess.… Read more

The Pre-K Product

There is a huge push on now for the government creation of “universal pre-K” with increasing amounts of government control. It’s not going anywhere at the federal level, but Deblassio is trying to raise taxes and close charter schools to fund it in New York. I’ve made my thoughts on the matter quite clear: universal pre-K crosses me as a solution in search of a problem:

As the Reason documentary shows, any gains by

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We Decide What is TMI

While reading a story about a public school that got caught overstepping their authority and violating parental rights in the process , a post written last year came to mind. In that incident a HS teacher incurred the wrath of the school board by warning students to be mindful of self implication WRT to an school surveys put in front of them. A 3 day roe ensued, mostly between myself and Thrill. You can peruse … Read more

This is probably why so many of you can’t get a job

I have become convinced that college no longer is an investment worth making for most people. The simple truth is that not every degree is created equally, and it is more than what college the degree comes from. While many people are impressed when someone tells them that they have an Ivy League degree, I have to admit that I often have the opposite reaction. I have dealt with too many Ivy leaguers that were … Read more

Duncan Flips Us the Finger

What’s the definition of a gaffe again? When a politician accidentally says what he really thinks:

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told a group of state schools superintendents Friday that he found it “fascinating” that some of the opposition to the Common Core State Standards has come from “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn’t quite as

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Another bubble is about to pop

In this case we are talking about another subject we have bandied about here at Right Thinking, the student loan bubble, which president Obama just recently pretended to want to fix. From the article:

The largest bank in the United States will stop making student loans in a few weeks. JPMorgan Chase has sent a memorandum to colleges notifying them that the bank will stop making new student loans in October, according to Reuters.

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Better Dead than Read

Sometimes, you almost have to admire the callousness of Big Education and their puppets in high office.

As you know, Bobby Jindal has instituted a voucher system in Louisiana. It has proven very popular, especially among black families trapped in horrible schools. The Left is desperate to undo this experiment. They’ve tried lawsuits, which haven’t worked. They’ve tried to make an issue out of a small number of schools teaching young creationism rubbish in place … Read more

My predictions about Obama’s new plan to fix college costs.

I am going to go out on a limb and point out that just like Obama’s plan to fix healthcare this move is nothing but more of the same stupid. In the end it will do nothing tostop the rising costs tied to a college education, make college even harder to get into for people that do not get special treatment, and even harder for the unqualified poor that get a free pass Read more

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