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Hollywood Gets It Wrong Again

The world is an absolute mess; the ME on fire in some part due to Obama’s retreat, Iran getting a guarantee on its nuclear development as long as it is in a secret underground facility with no meddling allowed by Israel, and Iran solidifying a Persian Empire with take overs of Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, all the while pulling Obama’s chain with meaningless executive nuclear agreements, but this post is about none of that.

Periodically I look at alternatives to cable, what’s out there to fill my TV needs so I can 86 my cable provider. Live events, the ability to DVR, and my eclectic tastes always bring me back. One channel that I can’t part with is TCM. Sports, movies, and Foxnews, what else is there to watch? Maybe some netflix originals, more on that in a minute. I have always liked old movies and a unique feature of old movies is that everyone smoked. Hollywood had everyone smoking because they thought they were trailblazers, they thought smoking was admirable, that the folks would think these actors were cool and would want to watch them, but mostly they connected smoking with glamour, they were wrong.

Today smoking is out, profanity is in, they are still getting it wrong. Lately, in between March Madness Games (teaser, more on that in a bit) I have been watching the new Netflix original series Bloodline, it is really good. Without going in to specifics, it is not about guys in the military, in prison, or in gangs, it is about an ordinary family (with not so ordinary secrets) and yet every 4th word out of their mouths (all mouths, kids included) is f bombs. Not even through the first episode the smoking similarity was obvious. Does Hollywood think that ordinary folks talk like this or that ordinary folks watching this will think dialogue like this is cool or emblematic in some way? Yes, it is a minor irritant, and detracts little from the stellar quality, but why do they do it?

I don’t think I live a pampered sheltered life, but the only time that I ever hear f bombs or profanity in general is on TV, I never (hardly ever) come across it in real life. I am out and about every day interacting with my fellow earth dwellers, is Hollywood the only place where folks swear like sailors on a regular basis? Even in the blogosphere or this site for instance, writers manage to go whole paragraphs without it, why can’t Hollywood write 3 lines without any f bombs? Is it me? I predict that, just like the smoking prevalence of the old movies, when future generations looks at our current entertainment fare, quizzical expressions and scratching of heads will result when they analyze the apparent appeal of lazy speech.

In the event this post garners no interest, I admitted it was a personal pet peeve, I will hijack my own post, and ask the most important question; Can Kentucky be beaten?

Hollywood elites shows why they are douchebags

Clint Eastwood made a pro-US/pro-military movie, and like with everything the guy does, it is kicking ass and taking names, and as expected it is pissing off the liberal cunts that hate both and they are whining about it.

The problem is that these liberal elites think the idea of a good war movie is one where America and Americans are painted as the bad guys, or at a minimum as dolts that do evil things because they are too stupid to know better, and anything that says otherwise, especially when it ends up earning at the box office unlike the crap they produce and like, needs to be cock blocked. This is a move made out of desperation and envy, and what they are really questioning isn’t the content of the movie, but the fact evil Americans prefer the stuff that makes America look good over the bullshit they want to peddle.

Let me remind you that this is not the only genre of movies that Hollywood struggles with: religion movies produce the same results and problems for them. They are furious that movies of any kind that contradict the liberal narrative and idiotic beliefs does well. They have pissed away millions making junk movies with the liberal message only to watch them flop. The narrative then was America had no stomach for this stuff. Then someone like Eastwood puts out a movie on the subject and the thing rocks, crumbling the whole house of cards they have spent so much efforts erecting.

Hollywood’s problem is that liberal douchebags have been trying to push the liberal agenda in the drivel they pass off a deep cinema, and they have failed to garner the support they believe they are due, and anything that gets in the way of that narrative – America is bad, Americans are bad if they are not liberal pussies, and that the drivel the left beliefs in is what is real despite the evidence to the contrary – must be attacked. Fuck them. The best way to do has been laid out for us too: watch the stuff that is good and ignore the liberal drivel. Money talks, and their bullshit can walk. The fuckwads in Hollywood have tried to kill off anyone and anything that doesn’t conform to the liberal agenda, and people like Eastwood and the movies he makes will always be attacked for failing to comply.

The tears of liberal pansies are ambrosia. Enjoy them. Go Clint!

Anarchy Is Right

It has been a great ride, but tonight it ends, carnage and mayhem to follow.

For those interested, I wanted to throw up a quick post before the last episode of SOA, we can discuss any prognostications out there or what you want to see happen once the dust settles.

I have always had a fondness for the show, for several reasons, not least of all because I have traveled the San Joaquin valley extensively, have ridden Harley’s for a good portion of my life, have conversed and shared beers with ex motorcycle gang members, and understand, to some degree, the life and affection for clubs like this.

Once Tara died in the last episode of last season, I pretty much knew Sutter was going to blow the whole thing up this season, leaving no one unscathed or unharmed. But what we have seen so far, holy crap.

Two characters I have grown to love and am sorry to see them go, Juice and Unser. Unser should have gone all doped up on Morphine dying of cancer, or at least taking a stray bullet for Jemma. For Jax to gun him down like that, ouch. Like a son who craved a father’s love but could never get it, as a last ditch effort for redemption, Juice went out in the end helping the club.

Throughout the show, Jax has been a sympathetic figure, trying as he might, doing all the wrong things for the right reasons, hoping to find his moral compass, but never really willing to do the heavy lifting. Almost all of his decisions could be rationalized, the greater good and all that, but this year he went totally off the rails and now is deserving of a bullet in the head. This year I was actually rooting for anarchy and the expansion of the collateral damage circle. I expected Jemma and Nero to live out their days, helping Wendi raise the two kids, trying to minimize the damage and the trauma already inflicted on them.

If a Charming chapter of the Son’s can exist, Chibs is the natural selection for pres, although Happy is such a loveable guy (smiley face tattoos on abdomen for every kill, classic). Sure, the love affair between Chibs and the local sheriff, ridiculous, but a minor distraction.

So, on to the ending tonight. What I don’t want to some Dexter like let down, an ending so preposterously stupid and un fulflling that fans are left wanting bloodshed for the writers. Sutter has many options here. Jax can survive, booted out of the club, of course, this is a given for killing Jury, earning a meager living as some low paid mechanic somewhere but having a life with Wendi and his two kids, having to live with the bad decisions he made in life and how miserably he failed at fulfilling the vision John laid out for him in his manuscript. Or, Marks could put a bullet in his head, not unwarranted.

I gonna be pissed if anything happens to either Wendi or Nero, two folks who have tried to walk the straight and narrow. Somebody needs to raise those two boys. Although now that Jemma is gone, Nero might just be the odd man out, hope not.

Who Is The Dumbest Person With His Own Show?

Hint: He is probably on MSNBC

It is an interesting question to pose. Ass backwards ideology, misguided white guilt, bleeding heart progressivism, none of these by themselves qualify,wrongheaded as they are. Dumb is dumb, and like porn with the Supreme Court, we all know it when we see it. Some tells easily identified; a vocabulary that could fit in a shoebox, someone bereft of an original thought or concept, someone who can’t read, even a teleprompter with great big letters and itty bitty words, and someone who can’t project past the usual fall back of either racism or hate.

My candidate has the lowest rated show, like ever. He filled a much need quota over at MSNBC, and still delights with this Bill Buckley like mastery of the English language.

Never one to over prepare, he spends the majority of his air time parroting the president;

Granted he does not possess the proper Obama finger point, but as least he keeps the phrases he has to repeat down to a doable 3 or 4 word sentence. Some would say it is difficult to prepare a nightly show when you are constantly responding to racial dog whistles everywhere, jetting off to foment a little racial insurrection.

One feather in his cap, quite a coup if you think about it, was his sit down with Putin last week. Some real insight was obtained into the way an autocrat thinks. You can check it out here.

That Putin guy means business.

I Thought “Bossy” Was Verboten

It would be like plucking low hanging fruit to use a Nazi analogy when describing the all out blitz being used to deceiveconvince the folks on the efficacy of Obamacare. When you have unlimited funds to use, an unlimited and willing MSM to smooth the edges and run interference, and a whole generation (give or take) of voters willing to be persuaded by the Hollywood elites, how tough is it to convince them of anything?

It wasn’t bad enough to manipulate the usual Hollywood enablers into spreading the message, now they got their moms roped into the conspiracy;

How great would a PSA be to have a mom of someone famous say ,”You know, I raised my son to think for himself, to not be part of the crowd, convinced by groupthink and just another sheeple. As parents we love this country, are proud of this country, and understand that along with freedom not being free, the proper maintenance of democratic republic requires an informed populace. We taught our son to weigh the issues and make up his own mind, and that is why he thinks Obama is a lying bozo and his signature hunk a junk is not good for America. Too bad the rest of the Hollywood parents pussied out on their parental responsibilities and taught their kids that is is better to thought cool then be responsible”.

No, you nag me because, like all smelly progressives, you think you know better than me, what’s good for me. Butt out, OK? Go peddle your nonsense somewhere else.

La variété est le piment de la vie.

It really is an unfair advantage, and the main reason they eat our lunch in most elections. It could be that they are more devious, more conniving (they are most certainly better liars, some things just take practice to perfect) or maybe they are more adept at appealing to the baser instincts of their constituents, whatever it is the dems know how to set a table. This week we have been cataloging the most outrageous examples of human contortion, namely turning the negative of implementation of their ACA costing 2.5 million jobs into a positive, after all, who wants to be saddled with a job anyway? Much better to have more leisure time to pursue your dreams, get a hobby, spend more time with the family, slug out, all on the tax payers dime.

Well, they are doing it again. Tired of being the brunt of the jokes, being snickered at, and not being allowed to play in any of the reindeer games, the dems have decided to adopt a totally European solution. When your leader is looking impotent, inject a little virility in to the mix, make him look more masculine (for Obama that is no small feat), more worldly;

French media goes crazy over rumor that President Obama and Beyonce are having an affair

As the French say ,”je ne sais quoi”.

Somehow I pegged him for a Katy Perry kind a guy, someone with a nicer rack.

How much gravitas was Clinton able to generate with all his dalliances? And speaking of Clinton, with Hillary fever just starting to percolate, that dem spin machine did a nice number with this tidbit. It matters nothing that she denied it, just getting it out there in circulation, the deed is done. That rumor alone put more spring in Bill’s step, not since the Jennifer Flower days.

They have done a masterful job on Obama’s image, slayer of both terrorists and unsuspecting women. I see a book of poetry in the offing, that and a Dos Equis commercial. Putin, you better get busy.

Let them eat cake!

If you doubt that our elite masters think we are serfs better served by the mushroom treatment (kept in the dark and fed shit about what they are up to) and that they care little about the pain their policies are causing us, you need to but look at how they are at work hiding their lavish parties:

There was a party in the East Room of the White House Saturday night, an affair attended by a reported 500 people, a lavish celebration with celebrities galore, appearances by some of the world’s most popular performers, lots of dancing and powerful government officials, including, of course, the most powerful official of all, the President of the United States. And the White House wants to make sure you know as little as possible about it.

The event was First Lady Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party. According to reports in People, the Chicago Tribune, TMZ, US Magazine, and elsewhere, among of the attendees were, in no particular order: Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Janelle Monae, Mary J. Blige, Angela Bassett, Courtney Vance, Herbie Hancock, Samuel L. Jackson, Grant Hill, Alonzo Mourning, Ledisi, Emmett Smith, Star Jones, Al Roker, Steve Harvey, Magic Johnson, Billie Jean King, Michael Jordan, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson, Gayle King, Ahmad Rashad, Kal Penn, and Ashley Judd. Among the current and former government officials attending were Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, and Kathleen Sebelius.

It’s not easy to enforce discipline on successful, wealthy, and famous people used to having their own way. But the White House apparently did not want to see photos of the first lady’s glittery gala circulating around the Internet. So it imposed a strict rule: No cellphones. “Guests were told not to bring cellphones with them, and there was a cellphone check-in area for those who did,” reported the Chicago Tribune. “Signs at the party told guests: No cellphones, no social media.” People magazine added: “Guests had been greeted by a ‘cell phone check’ table where they deposited their camera phones on arrival and it was understood that this was not an occasion for Tweeting party photos or Facebooking details.” The publications cited sources who insisted on anonymity for fear of White House reprisal.

“So great was the secrecy surrounding the party,” the Tribune reported, “that guests were handed an invitation — on their way out, the sources said.”

So far, the crackdown appears to have been a success. Although a few attendees have tweeted that they had a great time, or that they danced until their feet could take no more, the Web has not been filled with photos of the first lady’s extravagant celebration. Perhaps some will appear; maybe the White House will even release an official photo. But it’s unlikely the public will see much.

Can you imagine the media reaction if a Republican did something like this? And Moochelle sure is trying hard to play her role of Marie Antoinette to the hilt. The next time you hear these class warriors preaching about inequality, social justice, or whatever other bullshit they usually drag out to raise the hackles on the envious & jealous, remember that they are part of the .000001%.

The Ducks stay put

I guess when the media moguls at A&E did the math, they realized that “Stupid is as stupid” does, because they are letting the Duck-man back on the show:

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of A&E’s Duck Dynasty clan who was suspended from his hit reality series on Dec. 18 following some incendiary comments about gay people, won’t be put on hiatus after all.

The network and the Robertson family announced Friday that Phil will still be part of the series — and since he didn’t miss any filming, his temporary suspension will have no effect on the upcoming fifth season.

Without that show A&E is dead in the water. It was obvious how this was gonna play out, and the rednecks that the left so loves to hate and make fun of won. HAH! What a smart bunch these progressives are, huh?

Hollywood Doing It’s Part

About a month ago I saw this really cool movie about Abraham Lincoln and the little known facts concerning his vampire hunting. American history has always had an appeal with me, any new material unearthed about our famous fore fathers, well, pile my plate high. Obviously when his mother succumbed to a vampire bite, naturally I could see why he wanted to kick some serious vampire butt, preserving the union and freeing the slaves came a distant second and third to his real passion.

NBC is working on another opus magnum, equally diligent in chronicling a great life and presenting it to the masses, somehow I think this work of art will be as historically accurate as an ax swinging vampire killing president;

A Hillary Rodham Clinton miniseries timed to precede the 2016 presidential election is part of NBC’s effort to create “event” programming that will draw viewers to the shrinking world of broadcast network TV, NBC’s programming chief said Saturday.

Let me translate that for you ,”Not resting on our laurels from that magnificent smear job we did on Palin last go around, we figured our anointed could use another helping hand. Targeting the all too essential (and all too numerous) low information voter, the ones that haven’t a clue between fact or fiction, we will be highlighting her many accomplishments (even if we have to embellish their importance) because really, who else are we going to support?”

If you think this reach around is going to be anywhere within the same zip code as honesty, take a look at who they have as playing Hillary, what, Kate Upton was off on a photo shoot and unavailable? Would not this woman be more accurate?

I was thinking about that time she said she came under sniper fire in Bosnia and how the GOP could use that for ammo, come to find out that she is pretty bad ass under fire.

The triumvirate (Hollywood, the MSM, academia) presents a tsunami of support every election and the GOP is usually a day late and a dollar short. But I see they have started campaigning early, and who’d a thought, they are not above idle threats;

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Here’s ten, just make it go away.

Save your money and avoid the stupid.

I went with my kid to watch “White House Down” despite knowing it was gonna suck ass from what little I head read about the plot. I am glad to see it is bombing at the theater. That’s because not even all the action and violence can save this idiotic Hollywood paean to the myth that “The Won” is a great peace maker. Seriously, when are the leftists going to give up trying to help a guy we would all be calling the worst president of the last century if it wasn’t for his skin color?

Spoilers to follow.

There aren’t many movies that will make me care one way or another about how stupid the premise is, but this one drove me to do some writing, because it was so fucking idiotic. Let me admit that I am a painful person to watch movies with. I usually figure plots out within the first few minutes – the stories have all been told – and I can see those twists that are supposed to surprise people coming a mile away. And nothing causes a movie to piss me off more than Hollywood’s liberty with reality and how things work I real life. Yeah, I know it is a movie and that I should chill, but man does it piss me off when you have a gasoline explosion that mushrooms hundreds of feet into the air when a few grenades go off. WTF? I can pretend all car accidents end up in such explosions for the sake of movie action, but grenades? Jesus-titty-fucking-Christ! This movie is replete with such idiotic shit, but that’s not what pissed me off.

It’s the idiotic plot. President Obam.., erm I mean Sawyer has basically gone to Iran where he brokered a deal that he claims will bring peace to the Middle East as soon as the US pulls all its forces from the area. Never mind that the Iranian thugs, like the old masters of the USSR in the days of the Cold War which would sport boners every time these morons talked about unilateral nuclear disarmament on our part, would welcome such a move, not because it would bring peace, but because it would basically leave them free to do whatever the fuck they want. It looks like the children of the nuclear disarmament movement learned nothing, because the current crop of idiots on the left and in Hollywood still are naïve enough to believe the bad guy is always us. It’s the military-industrial-complex in the US and the politicians that are beholden to that entity, that’s the root of all evil. Iran would all but turn into a peaceful paradise if the US but left the area and we stopped selling weapons to them all. Yeah, talk about being a fucking unicorn worshipping idiot if you buy this kind of nonsense, but here is Hollywood again selling this bullshit even after the end of the Cold War.

Anyway, the naïve and benevolent Sawyer gets in big trouble as the WH comes under attack by a cabal comprised of the retiring chief of the Secret Service, some angry mercs, and of course, the evil Rethuglican Speaker which is in the pocket of the military-industrial-complex, and unable to see that if the US but leaves and stops selling arms peace will suddenly follow, and all that money his buddies will stop making selling arms, now can magically be used to pay for free healthcare! Fuck, this plot is too stupid to fool anyone but an imbecile. Of course, the good guys win, and in the end China, Russia, Israel, and yes, even Iran, all agree to the deal, and not only that, they all want peace on earth. Queue the “Kumbaya” theme and the cheesy ending that should convince anyone currently thinking it was bad idea to give that pre-emptive peace prize to the Community Organizer in Chief that he deserves it and should be handed another.

Seriously, save your money and avoid this thing. It’s not even worth paying for it to just watch the lame action sequences. I think you can get a better political philosophy and a more pertinent moral message from episodes of “Jersey Shore” than you will from this leftist fairy tale with the twisted and idiotic notion that we should give peace a chance because violence never solves anything, except, that is, from the massive amount of violence in the movie that’s needed to get rid of the bad and evil capitalists, that is. Hollywood is so fucking passé. If you want a real idea of what the age of Obama looks like, read this instead.