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Fort Hood Again

Another shooting at Fort Hood. Early reports are at least two dead with many more injured. This does not appear, again based on early reports, to be an act of terror, but a dispute between soldiers. I’ll post more details as events warrant.

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Insane shit does happen

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Time-Less Junk

In between encomiums Of Hillary, Time Magazine (soon to follow Newsweek) tries to cast a wider net and write stuff with a more general appeal. This week they came up with a little “ideology” quiz, a test where answering non political personality questions can reveal political leanings. Take the test first before you read further.

All done? Good, now we can all laugh at their gross generalities and biases.

My score was 80% conservative. I’m … Read more

Vanilla Weather Report

You East Coasters, you have my sympathies, although, who told you guys to live where the weather is shitty?

No cracks about white guys can’t dance.

We, on the west coast, another sunny day, although a little bit colder from our usual 70′s {yawn}.

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A Sad Day For The Criminal Justice System

A little over 2 years ago I wrote this post concerning the brutal murder of a homeless kid, perpetrated by 6 thugs that should know better. The wheels of justice turn slowly, witnesses have to be contacted and the initial investigation has to be prepared so that it is trial ready. Additionally the defense always tries to prolong the actual trial, out of sight out of mind so that the incident ( as well as … Read more

The Emergency Canard

In the runup to Obamacare, we were told that universal healthcare would actually cut costs. One of the big reasons was that it would cut down on expensive visits to the Emergency Room. Newly insured people, we were told, would go to the doctor to get problems addressed early rather than waiting until they exploded into $10,000 write-offs.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

Just like the “if you like your plan,

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Another Year

Another year older (wiser……..ehhh)

For those, like myself, that don’t make it anymore to midnight, or don’t go out partying like when you were younger (Damn, the NY’s parties we used to have, a misplaced baby/lose tiger, missing tooth, all child’s play) here’s a bit of festivities you will enjoy;

The Chinese had the gold standard for fireworks displays during the Beijing Olympics, but this does that one better. Oil money sure does buy a … Read more

Hey Mr DJ: Big Damn Holiday Edition

With Christmas behind us, we must pause to remember 2013. And while you do that, I’ll be preparing for my New Year’s Eve tradition of getting wasted and passing out on the couch before midnight. I didn’t say it was a good tradition or anything to be proud of. It just kind of happened back in 2008 and I’ve been doing it ever since just to see if I can. Oh, shut up.

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Merry Christmas to you all.

Wishing all of you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and all that.

Me I will be celebrating my Kwanza by playn’ Ice T’s “I am dreaming of some white women” if you know what I mean.. :)… Read more

The Good News

I will be travelling the next few days so I will throw up my Christmas post a few days early. 2 years ago (holy smokes, time flies) I posted this, about those wacky Christians breaking out into song in some of the craziest places, it was a great excuse to revisit the videos (don’t forget this one). I got another one, this will make your day;

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