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The Russians are coming!

The hypocrites released a report that was supposed to prove to us rubes that Trump definitely is that Manchurian candidate the suddenly anti-red democrats have been telling us now own us, and America was played into not electing the second coming – after the second coming of Black Jeebus,of course – by Gawd’s first daughter, late in the PM on Friday. Here it is. A pile of garbage, replete with conjecture and unsubstantiated/corroborated “facts”, and including this most hilarious of reasons:

The agencies believe that Putin wanted to discredit Clinton because he blames her for anti-Putin protests from 2011 and 2012.

What about this tidbit? That makes her a great friend to them IMO. Here she is selling America’s wealth to the supposed enemy for her own profit. Of course, as the libs that first tried their best to dismiss this event and now embrace it to make the desperate argument about Trump being a a Russian plant postulate, maybe she then dicked Putin later on and didn’t hold up her side of the deal, so they went after her! Or maybe, if you are inclined to actually believe that the Russians were behind this stuff, felt compelled to act, after the candidate the left told us was the only one that would not start WW3 actually said she would set up a no-fly zone in Syria that would affect another nuclear power. Oh the dilemma! Why oh why did they do it?

Me, I am more interested in why this dubious report, full of nothing but crap and lacking any substance, and obviously intended to undermine Trumps credibility, was released on a late Friday afternoon, which basically made sure the news cycle couldn’t rebut the nonsense in prime time. Recall that this tactic was and seems to remain the way this administration and the DNC operatives with bylines utilize regarding any “news item” that either hurt the left or needed to be “managed” to make it favor the left. When they had anything of substance or really felt they could use to push the news cycle to deliver the narrative, they released the content on a Monday or Tuesday, so as to give their army of operatives time to double down on the messaging.

Remember that these people couldn’t be bothered with security issues of any kind and never cared about either hacking everyone (especially American citizens and American allies) or being hacked. Clinton had an unsecured server so she could hide the Clinton foundation pay-to-play criminal activity – selling US assets, favors that hurt America and Americans, or both, for personal gain – that was hacked by everyone? Right-wing conspiracy! She only sent personal emails and stuff about her Yoga classes (as if cankles can do Yoga)! The Obama admin., didn’t just declassify that stuff because we now found out that she did have classified information that was basically stolen by intelligence agencies that opposed the US! Well, sure Obama lied about not knowing about this now that we have emails that prove they knew, but that is unimportant, because at this time “what difference does it make?” Nothing to see here, move on, said the FBI, of course, after the DOJ’s boss met with Bill and they told her that Obama would go down with cankles if they didn’t stop this investigation. Yawn! Security shmecurity! In the mean time others are languishing in jail, in court fighting charges and looking at hard time, the loss of their security clearance, and much pain, for much, much less. But the democrats could just not be bothered with the fact Hillary broke the law and compromised security!

And then we have someone doing the American people a favor and exposing the corruption of the DNC and the collusion with the DNC operatives with bylines masquerading as objective journalists to rig the electoral process, and suddenly these douchebags are all about security and the need to come down hard on the enemy! Red scare, baby! Trump is Putin’s bitch! Throw out the election results! He’s not my president! Hitler!!!!1!

What we need is more people reminding everyone that what the left really is pissed about, well other than the person the lefty intelligentsia thought was entitled to the presidency not winning and the organization as a whole being exposed as willing to cheat, steal, lie, and kill to make it so, is that someone actually revealed this to the American people. The democrats are pissed, and probably desperate to bury the fact that they are fucking lying crooks. That’s what this is all about.

Romper Room Governing

Defiant to the very last, democrats and bellyaching, will it ever end?

The purpose of this play date was for Congress to certify (once and for all) the electoral college votes cast for the presidential race. Despite all the temper tantrums, Biden managed to get through the final tally. Paul Ryan is a better man than me, eye rolls, laughing to himself, what control.

Folks, this is just a preview. In a perfect world the GOP would have gotten super majorities in both houses, then, just lock the dems out and get on with the adult business of governing. Tell all the dems that Congress will be in session in the lady’s room, plenty of Kleenex readily available.

Dopey Dopes Try To Dope Our Political Process

This is just too precious for words;

Interestingly these “patriots” never had a problem with a 2 year Senator (one of those years spent running for president) whose only call to fame was voting present on anything that actually required reading the bill, a guy whose qualifications were so diaphanous, a guy so ill equipped to lead the nation, where was their concern then? Where was this call to subvert the process in the face of a wholly unqualified candidate?

Good thing they mentioned that hip hop rapper of a founder Hamilton, with a shout out to The Constitution, that will lend them some validation.

These crybabies, they never quit. I know, not their president, I get it. Me, if I was a democrat elector, I would be so embarrassed that I would think about changing my vote to Trump just to flip these folks off. After savoring the moment I would come back to reality, to do what I was supposed to do and vote according to the process.

They really miss Fidel.


Baring a war with China or a terrorist attack, the next 4 years will be anything but dull. The economy will must assuredly improve,how could it not? And the deficits will go higher,dang, but as I said before, Trump should just pull an Obama ($1.2 Trillion deficit the first year, then reduce it every year from there, some people will then call him fiscally responsible). And it looks like we all got head faked, just when he starts acting presidential, he breaks out his twitter feed and goes all Philistine on someone.

And too bad for us that we get someone as think skinned as Obama, why can’t he let anything slide.

So here’s the question, why is Trump so enraged by that clown Alec Baldwin impersonating him? We have touched on this briefly but he has got to know that his reactions feed the appeal. Baldwin, a has been actor who has anger issues, his career just got transformed because Trump can’t get off twitter.

First some SNL history, this was where it all started;

This was Chevy Chase doing Gerald Ford, and this was when SNL had real comedians who were actually funny. Chase, Belushi, Aykroyd, Curtain, Radner (Emily Litella was so awesome)Newman, Morris, young hungry actors plying their trades to get noticed. All Baldwin is known for lately is assaulting the paparazzi. But now that Trump took the bait, instant career boost.

I have to admit, some of these Trump skits are funny;

I can’t say that there are not folks out there, the uninformed voter who watches the late shows, Comedy Central or John Oliver, who can’t tell the difference between comedic satire and reality, and yeah, I get that with Trump sometimes the difference is razor thin. But as president, he has to ignore this and stay the course.

Maybe if he was more versed in history he would not get so upset. The political cartoon portraying Lincoln as a chimp, the names they called Jefferson, Adams, Jackson, this SNL stuff is minor league.

You know his handlers are telling him to knock it off (politely) but Trump probably views this as some sort of unfiltered bully pulpit, it’s only going to get worse.

Right Distortion

As mentioned in an earlier comment this week addressed to Cress, it bugs me when right leaning blogs take a tidbit from a statement by the opposition and runs with it to the point of absurdity. Yes, usually in the body of the piece clarification is provided as well as context, but even then, a slant exists that spins the intent beyond reason. Allowances are implied, he (she) has done/said this kind of nonsense before so naturally our spidey sense tingles and the natural progression of this is ,”There he goes again”. But really, this is lazy journalism, especially when the filters are put down and statement is evaluated with attention to meaning.

Obama did an interview with Rolling Stone which came out 2 days ago, here it is. As smart as Obama is, he gets the implications of a Trump win, the total repudiation of his policies, and the damage that will ultimately ensue to his legacy, clearly a bitter pill to swallow. I was never a “He hates America” convert, but I was a “He is doing great damage to the country I love and needs to be removed” convert. And for the smartest guy in the room, rejection has to be killer.

The section of his interview I wanted to dwell on is this;

And part of the challenge, though, that we do have, and this is something that I’ve been chewing on for a while now, is that there is a cohort of working-class white voters that voted for me in sizable numbers, but that we’ve had trouble getting to vote for Democrats in midterm elections. In this election, [they] turned out in huge numbers for Trump. And I think that part of it has to do with our inability, our failure, to reach those voters effectively. Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country, but part of it is also Democrats not working at a grassroots level, being in there, showing up, making arguments. That part of the critique of the Democratic Party is accurate. We spend a lot of time focused on international policy and national policy and less time being on the ground. And when we’re on the ground, we do well. This is why I won Iowa.

Having stupidly gone to war with Foxnews in the past, a natural reaction would be to parse out more Foxnews hatred and focus only on that, hence we have stuff like this;

He (briefly) acknowledged that Democrats did not effectively campaign in enough working class environments. Yet, he then quickly blamed the defeat on one of his favorite targets: Fox News.

Forgetting the word “part” which means a portion, headling ,”Obama blames Fownews for defeat” will grab clicks from those expecting pettiness from the president, no doubt about it.

Personally, I think Obama’s assessment is not only accurate but honest. Unlike Romney, who tagged Trump supporters as suckers, Obama understands that many of these white middle class voters supported Obama (twice) but did not support Hillary, and the fault lies with the Democrats. They dropped the ball, took many of these voters for granted and did not do the leg work the out reach that Obama did.

Now the Foxnews part, Obama is right on this as well, but probably does not understand the why. Restaurant and bar owners have Foxnews on because that is what the customers want. No secret ploy perpetrated to proselytize chicken wing eaters, you don’t alienate your clientele, keep them happy and they come back. A smarter candidate would realize this, but Hillary was too scared. Whether it be feeling that she was entitled or a total disregard for her competition ( a natural reaction, to be sure) she did not do any hard interviews or go on Foxnews to reach the other side. Trump was everywhere, all networks, anyone with a microphone and an audience, he was there. But Hillary holed up, did no interviews no press conferences, counted her victory before it happened and dissed the very voters she needed,this is all on her.

A word about Obama’s legacy. It is hard to feel sorry for a guy that is set for life financially, will constantly feed his ego with public appearances, all paid, and will, like Carter, spend the rest of his life re writing history making his legacy less stinky than it really was. Obama can always say that his heart was in the right place, wanting healthcare for the downtrodden, giving minorities more of a voice, being a compassionate open border guy and getting us out of needless wars (oops, that didn’t happen). He followed the progressive model page by page, believing it’s inherent goodness, while ignoring the realities of its failures. Much of his legacy will be dismantled, but its of his own making considering the nefarious method, using executive orders and executive memoranda to write law, something the executive branch was not designed to do, and sneakily doing an end run around congress. Another one of his failures, the guy who thought he could convince, sway, persuade anyone to his side of an argument could never work within the system and get Congress to do much of what he wanted.

Quadrupling Down On The Stupid

What’s that old Napoleon adage ,”Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake”? I guess we can add the Einstein definition of insanity;

House Democrats re-elected Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday to lead them through the next two years of the incoming Trump administration, as the San Francisco Democrat fended off a challenge from Ohio’s Tim Ryan.

Ms “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” has led the democrats to 4 straight defeats in elections to control The House, this last one a blood bath so massive as to make Quentin Tarantino upchuck his breakfast. The logical response would be reflection, re calibration, a change of direction in course, nope, they are going to do the same thing over (times 4) and expect a different result.

But it’s worse than that. Mustering up some token resistance, they manage to find a Pelosi lite, some guy nobody heard of from the Midwest, a guy that has almost an identical voting record as Pelosi (Obamacare, check, stimulus, check, cap and trade, check, voting down the Keystone XL pipeline, check check). Missing the point as usual with these guys, geographical diversity is the goal, not ideological. So, they want the SF liberal back, fine by me. Improving the economy or the lives of average Americans will always take a back seat to Which Lives Matter Right Now.

It looks like democrats like their “swampy” environs just fine. Re-centralize the power, as if it wasn’t centralized already. The old way, reward loyalty with campaign cash and committee chairs, and punish those that do not fall in line, Tammany Hall politics at it’s finest.

I’m With Kellyanne

I must admit, seeing Romney interviewed for a position in the Trump Administration, let alone the very superlative position of Sec. of State, I was flummoxed. Mending fences, all good, a cabinet of adversaries ala Lincoln, OK, I can get behind that, but Romney, seriously? Considering all the bad things Romney said while Trump was running, this was really an exercise in mollifying the inner party opposition. And because of the “out of left field” nature of the pick, it took me a while to wrap my head around it. OK, wrap concluded, I don’t like it.

Not only is it abrasive to the base;

But internally, given the support our resident lefty’s have given Romney (clearly a direct violation of my “the level of their howling is directly proportional to my level of support” premise), more reflection was needed.

Yes, I was pretty hard on Trump as well, and he deserved every bit of derision he got by doing and saying dopey things. But even my harsh critiques did not reach the level of animus that was displayed by Romney. Another distinction, I am a private citizen targeting a very narrow audience.

Personally, consistent with everything I know about Trump (or at least what he has displayed publicly) Romney was never ever going to be seriously considered. If there is one thing (of which there are many) both Obama and Trump have in common, it is the petulant, petty, and vindictive nature for pay back.

My preference for Sec. of State is David Petraus, and he is getting his chance to lobby for the position today.

Not only does Petrause have the resume, but his ideology is more in line with the PEOTUS.

Another consideration, more subliminal, is the “Fuck You” factor. Along the same line of revoking every single Obama executive order and executive memoranda on day one, hiring military men who butted heads with Obama has it’s own level of satisfaction. Petraeus, Flynn, Mattis, get them on board immediately.

Yes And No

News came out this morning that Trump will not prosecute Hillary, for anything;

(CNN)During the presidential campaign, President-elect Donald Trump pledged to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, would join crowds of his supporters in chants of “lock her up!” and said to her face during a debate that if he were president, “you’d be in jail.”

But now that he actually will be president, Trump says he won’t recommend prosecution of Clinton, who he told New York Times reporters has “suffered greatly.”
What’s more, he said the idea of prosecuting Clinton is “just not something I feel very strongly about.”

Kelly Ann Conway talked more about this morning on Morning Joe;

Before we talk about Hillary, some constants were re enforced about the MSM; first, they are lairs, and second, they have no honor. An off the record meeting means you don’t write about what happened or what was said, and yet they did. As mentioned in my piece yesterday, Trump has the full measure of the MSM, has no allusions about how he will be treated.

Some supporters are not happy with his decision not to go after Hillary since this was one of his campaign promises (get used to it, there will be quite a few broken promises).

The other day I was toying with a post about exactly this. my positions was thus; leave her be with regard to her emails and her server, but keep the 4 or 5 separate investigations going with regard to the foundation.

After the election Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, reported that it was still full speed ahead Re: Hillary’s emails;

“It would be totally remiss of us to dismiss [the email investigation] because she’s not going to be president,” Chaffetz said of the defeated Democratic nominee.

“I still have a duty and obligation to get to the truth about one of the largest breaches of security at the State Department,” he said. “Tens of thousands of documents still have not been turned over to Congress.”

Now, that is off the table, as it should be. No doubt other Republicans think differently on this, that a breach is a breach, nobody is above the law, the duty to go where the evidence leads is not abrogated by the result of the election. And there is zero doubt in my mind that if the roles were reversed, no quarter would be given, compunction would override protocol and the investigation would continue.

I believe that a president must be magnanimous, compassionate, and have the good of the country as paramount to his judgement. Since he does represent all of the people, an incoming president can never do wrong by being judicious, and starting off showing superlative character and forgiveness can pay dividends down the road.

But the foundation is an entirely different animal. This was a family affair, leveraged even beyond the influences of the Sec. of State. Dubious accommodations were made out side her governmental role, between the foundation and her role as probable next president.

All this seems academic since it appears Trump put the kabosh on all Clinton investigations.

Fine, one last distraction.