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The Captive Child

The Atlantic has a long but must-read article by Hannah Rosin on the overprotected child. In it, she documents how children today, despite increased safety and lower crime rates, have far less freedom to explore and be kids than previous generations did. We’ve harped on this before, but Rosin cites example after example of how little freedom we allow our children and how much of what makes childhood fun (and important) is being taken away.… Read more

Equal Justice? Don’t Make Me Laugh

Is there a greater dog whistle for progressives (and the MSM, their enabling lap dogs) than hate crimes? It matters not whether an actual hate crime was committed, or that the victim themselves perpetrated the hate crime hoax, nope, racism is racism, just because you can’t see it does not mean it isn’t there;

Last month racist writing on a dormitory door shook Grand Valley State University near Detroit in Michigan.

Watch that nauseating … Read more

That Bastard Plays Rough

Not to be out done by dopey ban lists (seriously Mr. President, is that all you got?), Vlad has decided to have a list of his own;

Putin is set to respond to Obama’s sanctions of Russian officials with his own list. Several U.S. Senators and officials will be banned from visiting Russia, including Sen. Dick Durbin.
Putin is expected to release his retaliation list as early as Tuesday and while the final

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The Imperial Presidency, Reloaded

Let’s imagine the following situation:

In 2012, Mitt Romney wins the election. He tries to repeal Obamacare but the Democratic Senate won’t even take it up. He then tries to pass a bill reforming the law, but the Senate rejects him again. He then proceeds to, by executive order:

  • Delay the minimum requirements of the insurance policies until after the midterm election.
  • Change the date of compliance for the employer mandate and entertain the possibility … Read more
  • Flee, Flee for My Life!

    OK, look. I understand that people sometimes freak out in dangerous situations. I understand that having one gun, let alone three, stuck in your face can provoke paralyzing fear. But …. seriously?

    This event involves a couple in Annapolis, Maryland who were leaving their residence on some very important business. The girl was in the final weeks of pregnancy and had gone into labor. Her “boyfriend” went out with her to head to the

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    It’s about keeping power, baby!

    Hal has a post dealing with the AG telling state AGs to enforce laws as they see fit in which several commenters pointed out that this was a terrible idea. Well, the reason it is terrible is simply that it leads to stuff like this:

    The Obama administration is set to announce another major delay in implementing the Affordable Care Act, easing election pressure on Democrats.

    As early as this week, according to two

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    Why do we need new rules for this?

    I seriously was baffled that we have to pass new laws to punish government workers abusing power at the IRS. If you have been living under a rock, this is about the IRS specifically, by orders from up on high, targeting the enemies of the Obama administration for political reasons. From the article about the new laws:

    A comprehensive tax-reform plan House Republicans will unveil this morning takes dead aim at what Republicans perceive

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    Harold Ramis Gone

    Caddyshack, Vacation, Groundhog Day, Analyze This, Ghostbusters, Stripes … you’re basically talking about a huge chunk of the movies that made my generation laugh their asses off.

    RIP.… Read more

    How America has fallen..

    If you doubted the IRS scandal was real and that Obama and the democrats actually used the most feared, powerful, and dangerous US agency to target their political opposition, I have some more news for you. If you doubted that the NSA and the FBI were spying on us all and passing on information to the Obama administration and democrats to target their political enemies, I got some more news for you. If you … Read more

    Unintended consequence!

    Or something. Yeah, sure. What do you ask am I talking about? Well, the left’s recent realization that carrying a shit-ton of student debt will prevent you from buying a home. Now the left limits it to first time home buyers, but it applies to any homebuyer at all: if you have a student debt that is as big as a mortgage you have shown you are not a reliable debtor to most sane … Read more

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