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  1. We Sometimes Forget That We’re The President — December 1, 2014 9:31 pm
  2. Antisocial Movements — November 26, 2014 12:28 am
  3. Fear And Looting in Ferguson — November 24, 2014 10:47 pm
  4. Benghazi Eternal — November 22, 2014 1:37 pm
  5. Summarizing the Iraq Crisis — June 14, 2014 4:01 am

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We Sometimes Forget That We’re The President

The man really is like an innocent but clueless bystander within his own Administration. He should probably organize a protest against the man in charge or something. Maybe he’s good at that?

President Barack Obama said Monday he wants to ensure the U.S. isn’t building a “militarized culture” within police departments, while maintaining federal programs that provide the type of military-style equipment that were used to dispel racially charged protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Don’t … Read more

Antisocial Movements

If there’s one thing we are going to need in the modern era, it is a term to describe these new, asinine forms of protest currently being used to further political and ideological goals. This type is different from terrorism in that the acts aren’t violent and sometimes not even unlawful. For lack of a better imagination term, I will dub such acts as “churlism.”

These tactics are designed to draw attention to a cause … Read more

Fear And Looting in Ferguson

I watched the Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Grand Jury announcement with an annoyed sort of interest. The prosecutor showed up a Barack Obama-ish 15 minutes late and then spent an additional 10 minutes bitching about the media before telling those same clowns in the press what the grand jury decided. You know, the jury. Those people who looked at the actual evidence instead of watching screaming idiots on MSNBC.

It’s not to say that … Read more

Benghazi Eternal

Like an illegal alien, I have decided to “step out of the shadows” and lay down a quick post. The reason why is that I’ve noticed quite a bit of crowing today about the House Intelligence Benghazi report from some of my friends. As much as I know how the fascination some people have over the whole thing perplexes them, I read the report and will explain why the conspiracy theories are not going to … Read more

Summarizing the Iraq Crisis

Just to make sure I’m clear on this…

Bush invaded Iraq to remove the threat of WMD’s and al-Qaeda from that country with Congress’s blessing, even though neither were there. After we invaded, al-Qaeda came in to fight us. In the course of the Surge/Awakening, al-Qaeda was forced out and then the Iraqi government forced us to leave too even though ISIS was starting to form.

ISIS and al-Qaeda next moved into Syria to help … Read more

Hey Mr DJ: Big Damn Holiday Edition

With Christmas behind us, we must pause to remember 2013. And while you do that, I’ll be preparing for my New Year’s Eve tradition of getting wasted and passing out on the couch before midnight. I didn’t say it was a good tradition or anything to be proud of. It just kind of happened back in 2008 and I’ve been doing it ever since just to see if I can. Oh, shut up.

Anyhow, 2013 … Read more

Hey Mr DJ: Un-Accountability Edition

Don’t ask me why I went a month with no music threads. You see, I have taken a cue from our Masters and decided that if The Powers That Be are allowed to hopelessly bungle the government’s attempt to control 1/6th of the US economy while inflicting higher costs on millions of Americans, lay workers off even while reaping record profits, rape the entire world’s privacy rights through the once-magical and promising power of the … Read more

Hey Mr DJ: Listless Playlist Edition

Literally a bit sick and tired this week. Recuperating.

I could use some music that will put me right back to sleep if I happen to get up and start browsing.


Make the most of it.

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Hey Mr DJ: New Health Plan Edition

My great reward for taking two weeks of vacation (during which I went nowhere, sat on my ass, drank cheap beer, and spent most of my time acting like an antisocial menace on social media) was to find that my pants barely fit and my work had piled up on my desk. Being a fat, sedentary workaholic is not a good health plan, by any stretch. It’s so undeniably true, you could even take Obama’s … Read more

Hey Mr DJ: Year One Anthology

Where does the time go? It has already been one year since the music threads here at RTFLC were revived. Throughout that time all those who have participated have, I hope, then equally entertained and enriched by the experience. I am happy to keep it going, but now I think it is a good time to take a look back at where we have been.

All of the DJ threads can be found here. … Read more

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