Where’s That Twitter Czar?

It seems so simple, a ready made blue print for success with the incoming president, look at what Obama did……………………then just do the opposite; Don’t ram partisan legislation through at the dead of night, work across the aisle, don’t lie (you can keep your doctor, premiums will go down, I tried to get input from the GOP for my new healthcare bill, the steel industry has never been more healthy, I will not fix the immigration problem through executive order, most young Americans now don’t even have health insurance, the most transparent administration in history, not even a smidgen of corruption, my budget proposals will not add to the national debt, the Benghazi attack was the result of a youtube video, etc, etc), respect the Constitution and do not subvert it with executive orders, don’t comment on events until you get the facts (the Cambridge police acted stupidly), don’t weaponize arms of the government to attack your foes, do not reward our global enemies and betray our friends, understand that American strength is the greatest deterrent to global bad actors and their revanchist ideas, treat the MSM fairly and do not try to shut out any network that doesn’t carry your water, but mostly understand that you are the president for all the people.

If Trump does these things, and gets a filter on that damn twitter account of his, he might just work out. I get the importance of his twitter feed, timely countering the nonsense and fake news that the MSM runs about him daily ( a great example of this is the nonsense that the RNC was also hacked by the Russians and since nothing surfaced there the Russians were clearly rooting for Trump, pure poop). And mostly he has used it effectively, where he gets into trouble is the insults. I really wish someone close would explain to him what acting presidential means. Countering fake news disseminated by the MSM, send tweet, an insult or a slight given by someone no one listens to, ignore it, how easy is that?

His handlers deflect such criticisms with ,”This is who he is, it got him elected”, OK, now he is The Man, he needs to change hats and start leading instead of running.

Obama exhibited tendencies of pettiness and petulance through out his term, it was not becoming, Trump (so far) is acting the same way, equally unbecoming.

Now, a word to the opposition, 8 years ago you guys won the election, my side was not happy about it but understood the euphoria and excitement. Your inaugural celebration day was magical (for you), we left you to your revelry and went out and got drunk. Do you think, maybe you can show just a moment of maturity and allow our side the same courtesy, to allow a new administration to be ushered in, and supporters left alone to celebrate, without riots, disruption or criminal behavior? We’ll see.

Oh, and go Clemson.

Pay Back, Full Throttle

Probably the sweetest aspect of a Trump win for me is watching over and over and over, the whinny dems getting hoisted on their own petard. Crap that they pulled, much going against both protocol and decency while they had the power, the same tactics are being used against them, and oh and screaming. Yes, they are that shameless.

CM provided us with a link a few days ago describing how a heartless Trump was going to fire the US ambassadors on Inauguration Day, what a meany. What was not reported was that these same ambassadors were told a month in advance that they would be replaced. Then we find out that Obama did the exact same thing, firing all Bush ambassadors effective on Inauguration Day, crickets;

Why, it’s the most unyielding directive since … Barack Obama’s. Somehow the hyperventilating editorialists of the New York Times forgot that Obama did the exact same thing, notifying all of George W. Bush’s ambassadors that they had to vacate their posts by Inauguration Day.

Fox News recalls the Washington Post reporting the news in December 2008 without the slightest hint of disapproval, or a single heartstring-tugging anecdote about the difficulties faced by the ambassadors and their families:

But Obama took it a step further, populating his ambassador corps with big time donors to his campaign, his version of “pay to play”;

The people asked to vacate their posts by the Trump Administration are big Obama donors and political allies. In fact, career diplomats complained about how crass and obvious the “selling of public office” had become by Obama’s second term, as one former ambassador put it to the UK Guardian in 2013.

The Guardian ran the numbers and found the average amount of political cash raised by recent or imminent appointees “soaring to $1.8 million per post.” Some of them were far above that average, such as Obama’s choice for representative to the Court of St. James’s, Matthew Barzun, who personally donated $2.3 million to Obama’s re-election campaign and helped raise $700 million more. That wasn’t public knowledge, by the way; it was revealed when someone leaked Democrat Party records to the media.

Those notorious Democratic National Committee documents released by WikiLeaks had even more information on these politically appointed diplomats. “Essentially, Obama was auctioning off foreign ambassador positions and other office positions while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State,” charged the Observer last September.

We also learned this week that Chucky Schumer and his band of get alongs are planning to fight Trump on 8 of his cabinet picks, 8. Hell, the GOP even let a multi year tax cheater (Geithner) in as an Obama cabinet pick with little opposition.

Revealing their strategy (like it was some big time secret anyway), the GOP has decided to fast track the confirmations, holding six confirmations in one day, next Wednesday. Chucky did not like that;

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has personally urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) not to schedule simultaneous hearings on Trump’s selections, warning that such a move would test the new relationship between the two leaders. But the GOP ignored the entreaty by scheduling the attorney general, secretary of state, CIA director, education secretary, homeland security chief and transportation secretary all for the same day.

“Not acceptable. I’ve told that to Mitch McConnell,” Schumer said in an interview Thursday. “I don’t think my members would find what they did appropriate or acceptable … I talked to Sen. McConnell last night, we had a very good discussion. I am hopeful we can resolve this.”…

“They’ve made pretty clear they intend to slow down and resist and that doesn’t provide a lot of incentive or demonstrate good faith to negotiate changes. So I think we’re going to just be plowing ahead,” said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas).

Gee, why would McConnell want to steam roll the opposition? Could it be that he was on the ass end of that same steam roll;

But it turns out this is very similar to what Democrats did in 2009, scheduling 7 confirmation hearings on a single day.

Goose, meet gander.

We have talked before about Harry Reid’s bullet to the head of the filibuster with his nuclear option. Schumer said last week that he now regretted Ried pulling such a stunt, no doubt, more dem tactics being used against them.

As the process unfolds, the dems keep making complete asses of themselves, complaining about behavior they wallowed in such a short time ago.

Right now the business at hand is taking care of business, full speed ahead and don’t even bother to clear the road kill, they would do the same to you.

Ahh, Lose The Hairy Pits

Not my cup of tea but am all for pretty much consensual anything;

GRAPPLE CORE Meet the female wrestlers who batter their male clients into submission at a padded London fetish gym for £150 a session
Steve, 59, can’t think of anything better than rolling around with a ‘pretty girl’

Maybe its the deviant in me but I suspect for another C-note, a happy ending could be arranged.

I don’t think a nose ring is a good idea and you can bet that there are weight requirements for patrons. Hopefully these girls are also trained in CPR, no doubt a signed liability waiver is also required.

Figures London would come up with something like this, bunch of perverts.

Romper Room Governing

Defiant to the very last, democrats and bellyaching, will it ever end?

The purpose of this play date was for Congress to certify (once and for all) the electoral college votes cast for the presidential race. Despite all the temper tantrums, Biden managed to get through the final tally. Paul Ryan is a better man than me, eye rolls, laughing to himself, what control.

Folks, this is just a preview. In a perfect world the GOP would have gotten super majorities in both houses, then, just lock the dems out and get on with the adult business of governing. Tell all the dems that Congress will be in session in the lady’s room, plenty of Kleenex readily available.

Ego-Centric To The Very End

I would say that Jan. 20th can’t come soon enough but knowing the ginormous opinion Obama has of himself (hence the constant barrage of revisionist history lessons he keeps giving us, no graceful riding into the sunset for him) I suspect he will be unable to go one week without yelling to anyone with a microphone or camera ,”Look over here, I’m still awesome”.

And boy has he been busy of late; emptying out our prisons with a flourish (and not just drug offenders, many gun and violence offenders as well), releasing more terrorists from Gitmo (and not even getting a deserter in return), passing last minute regulations up the wazzoo in order to cripple the fossil fuel industry, and unleashing the EPA on the economy;

Gina McCarthy, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, didn’t conceal her eagerness in a staff memo sent after the election. “As I’ve mentioned to you before, we’re running—not walking—through the finish line of President Obama’s presidency,” McCarthy wrote.

The sooner she is outa here, the better.

Fortunately the House expected nothing less from the president, so they will be ready to undo everything he does.

But while he still wields some power, why not stack up on the medals;

Obama grotesquely had himself awarded a Defense Dept. medal yesterday

President Obama has another ironic award for his trophy shelf, to accompany his Nobel Peace Prize and all those participation trophies he got at Punahou for his basketball skills. His appointee and subordinate Ash Carter yesterday pinned a military medal — the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service — on his boss

Channeling Sally Fields, “You love me, you really love me”.

When I think Obama’s delusions of grandeur, Kim Jong-il comes immediately to mind, 11 holes in one at golf, 3 perfect bowling scores in a row, wrote operas, books, designed bridges, there was nothing known to man beyond his abilities. When you are this awesome, why hide your light under a bushel?

Trump has many of these superlative delusions himself, I suspect he will be ridiculing his pomposity in measure, and it will be with as much enthusiasm, believe me.

The Soft Racism Of Low Expectations

Having a good heart is enough, right? As long as you are empathetic you must be a good person. Here is that empathy in motion, from the liberal perspective;

Probably the worse thing in the world for a progressive is to be called a racist or labelled as uncaring.

I remember years ago Rush got in trouble for calling liberalism a gutless choice. His position was that liberalism is easy in that all you have to do is be like everyone else in your group, to parrot what they say, so by transference you are already hip and cool. You don’t have to be a good person at all, just feel, feel empathy for others and boom, you are in, part of the club. A 3 step program; feel empathy, comment on it, and be heartbroken about it, do these 3 things and the lion will sit with the lamb. A trophy or gold star is attained by identifying plight, blaming others for that plight, then call attention to yourself for recognizing the plight, no concrete action required and you are instant member of the cool club.

The harangue against voter ID laws is so bogus, and it is usually the same bad actors that yell at you ,”Every vote should count”, the self proclaimed champions of the democratic voting system, these folks squeal the most about voter ID laws but have nothing to say when this happens.

It is this same racism of low expectations that foists affirmative action on us, namely that minorities are not smart enough to get into college, or can’t pass tests so lets promote them anyway.

Given the college culture (peer re enforcement and professor propaganda) being part of the club is no real accomplishment, it is group think, silence is construed as assent, the laziest of choices.

You have seen the lists before, all the things you need an ID for, yet “those people” somehow can’t get an ID and to question it is racist.

Something else to consider, Berkeley is a top notch world renowned school, look at any list of best colleges in the world, these kids are not dumb, yet they parrot the party line reflexively, like it is gospel.Do they really think black folks in lower income neighborhoods are less civilized, less able to partake of the political process? Only they can answer that honestly. Book smart life stupid, more parent cellar dwellers after graduation?

A Season Of Giving

OK gang, it’s end of year charitable contribution time. Make a difference and still get that tax write off, what can be more American? Although I made all mine last week, hence my cheery disposition of late (you noticed, right?) I ran across a worthy candidate for some Christmas bucks;

The cost of a weekly pumpkin spice latte? dang, a high price, but worth it.

11 months out of the year, we mock and denigrate these bedwetters, but this month lets give them a hug, a smile, and a lollipop, their suffering is our suffering.

Russian Roulette

I’ve been having a bit of fun of late with the sneaky Russian mime (that “The Russians hacked my speedometer” image was priceless), not because I think it is a whole lot of nothing (like most liberal outrages, short on substance, long on sanctimony) but because a rather serious threat, both to our own personal security (Hello, Yahoo) and that of the nation has turned into a dog whistle for the perpetually aggrieved malcontents looking for any excuse to rationalize an election loss that was real easy to peel back.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that nations (North Korea, Iran, China and Russia)that view us as adversaries will not only hack ( for the purposes of gaining intel) but cyber attack, targeting electronic infrastructure for the purposes of disruption. Whether China or Russia is the biggest offender, the point is that we know it is happening, they know we know it is happening, and instead of waging a finger at them (Obama’s preferred method of action) first order of business is prevention. Making sure all systems are secure, then retaliate.

Hannity had an absolutely fascinating interview with Julian Assange last night. Whether sinner or saint, patriot or traitor, good guy or bad, I think Assange provides a valuable service in exposing conduct the players (governmental officials) would prefer hidden and secret. Oh, and the Russians where not the source of the DNC leaks;

I always thought Brennen was a bit of a weasel and we have discussed the dangers of weaponize or politicizing government entities, the IRS/Justice and now the CIA. I mentioned the other day that Brennen needs to put up or shut up and how interesting that after blowing the horn continually, when called to “show what you got”, they back out. Now we learn the Obama knew it was not the Russians (this time) yet he continues with the masquerade.

Some other notable items; pollsters getting it wrong on Brexit (damn Russians again), the impotence of the MSM, and the perfidious relationship between the MSM and the DNC.

Information is power and if that power does reside with the people then exposing those that misuse it for their own benefit, this will only make the republic stronger, making the powerful more accountable.

Dopey Dopes Try To Dope Our Political Process

This is just too precious for words;

Interestingly these “patriots” never had a problem with a 2 year Senator (one of those years spent running for president) whose only call to fame was voting present on anything that actually required reading the bill, a guy whose qualifications were so diaphanous, a guy so ill equipped to lead the nation, where was their concern then? Where was this call to subvert the process in the face of a wholly unqualified candidate?

Good thing they mentioned that hip hop rapper of a founder Hamilton, with a shout out to The Constitution, that will lend them some validation.

These crybabies, they never quit. I know, not their president, I get it. Me, if I was a democrat elector, I would be so embarrassed that I would think about changing my vote to Trump just to flip these folks off. After savoring the moment I would come back to reality, to do what I was supposed to do and vote according to the process.

They really miss Fidel.