Hollywood Odds

A blind squirrel, a stopped watch, whatever euphemism works, sometimes Hollywood gets it right. I like to throw up non political posts from time to time, like “Whatcha watching?” for current TV shows, social community recommendations. With all the junk that passes for movies nowadays, and the ever increasing ticket prices, a discriminating movie critic can be a valuable commodity. First a disclaimer, I rarely (maybe 3-4 times a year) actually go to movie theaters. I would say it is a generational thing but I got a tennis buddy, a few years older than me, from Chile, he goes at least once a week and is always recommending stuff, 95% of which I dismiss out of hand.

First, one that I saw and recommend, then one that I am enthusiastically waiting for;

Kurosawa’s classic, remade. First off all, is there a better actor out there today than Denzel? This movie was just plain fun all the way through.

And then, this;

While in college I played basketball with a conscientious objector from the Vietnam War. I was too young for the draft and he was 3 years older, but I got a chance to talk to him at length about his faith. A Christian who risked imprisonment ( he did many hours of community service and volunteer work to avoid it), but he was no coward. He taught me how important it was to stay true to your faith, even at great odds to your own safety and freedom. Courage manifests itself in many forms and this movie reveals just one of them.

A word about Mel Gibson, yeah, he is a real tool, but he makes really good movies. Because of his shortcomings in his personal life I don’t think he gets the recognition he deserves in this area, I hope that changes.

As a bonus, 2 movies I saw this weekend on my free HBO preview (nope, still won’t contribute a dime to their bottom line);

The Water Divener. Russel Crowe used to be my favorite actor (one of his hidden gems A Good Year). And the other, Woman In Gold .

Next week I will do another installment of Whatcha Watching?, there is some really good Netflix stuff out.

So, seen any good movies lately?

Avenger Endorsement

What, it’s a surprise that Tony Stark prefers Trump?

Stark is first and foremost a business man, a self made business man(yeah, he did build that). A big proponent of the 2nd Amendment (and whatever gadget he designs that makes a loud boom and kills bad guys), he wants the freedom to run his company the way he wants with as little government interference as possible. And when all is accomplished he would like to pass on his wealth to the little Iron Men in his brood without Hillary’s 55% death tax staring him in the face. Comic book heroes understand freedom and the American way, they exhibit qualities of character, honor, and courage Hillary only reads about in books, while whispering under her breath ,”Suckers”.

So the big debate tonight. No doubt it will get huge ratings, but for me, I’m a bit MEH. It was tantalizing when Trump was Trump, but now that he has official handlers and wants to act all presidential, I suspect Snooze City. The first 15 minutes will tell the tale. If he does not hit her hard (something McCain and Romney were too scared to do) over the oceans of possibilities, I will probably switch over to football. If we don’t get the bombastic Trump, the guy that verbally destroyed all the other GOP contenders, if we don’t get hair pulling and eye gouging, why bother?

What is Aleppo?

I saw it live, astounding.

Very rarely do I get to see horrific foot in mouth feats like this live, especially on MSNBC. A particularly hot night got me up early this morning. Flipped on Morning Joe since I am rarely up when he is on. This is what I saw;

I wish I could find the whole thing, including the aftermath, the slackjawed commentators in the room that were all stunned. What was missing from this little clip was the follow up question about him cutting military spending, he said he would start at 20% and work higher from there, is this guy real?

The usual wrap on Libertarians is thus, just let me smoke my weed in peace and whatever problems are out there they can all be handled by just sharing your bong. Johnson just propagated that theory in spades.

I know some here are enamored with Johnson, and I guess considering the low bar set by the other 2 clowns, anyone should be considered as an alternative, but come on. Johnson has compared his views to 85% of what Sanders believes, nobody in their right mind would want Sanders as president, so why 85% of Sanders?

But back to the room. The few Johnson supporters in the room had flat out disqualified him on the spot and a blanket of gloom and despair appeared, I know exactly how they feel, what is sane person to do?

Mika chimed in with ,”Well, it is clear, the only choice is Hillary”. Scarborough added that he knows several Republicans that will leave the top slot blank and vote Republican down the rest of the ticket. He did add that the election is not today but a few months from now, so resumes can be rehabilitated, but the stink in the room was palpable.

I have not made a decision one way of the other. Yeah, I’ve heard all the angles. One thing is clear, all republicans that vote FOR Hillary need a good beating. And for all you Trump supporters out there, quit ragging on me to support the party and start ragging on Trump to get more presidential and start engaging his brain before he opens his mouth.

I Am So Tired Of Feeling Like Charlie Brown

Yep, that’s me, and about 150 million other folks here.

We all knew the other shoe would drop, that sooner of later the sheer avalanche of corruption would finally, finally catch up with the bronchitis candidate. The drip drip drip of new revelations, new instances of deceit, duplicity, prevarication, the cover ups, and the lying, all the time lying about everything. The people would not stand for it, Congress would not stand for it, and sooner or later Obama could not hide under his desk any longer, he would just have to let Lynch do her damn job……………or so we thought.

For me it all started when I heard Trey Gowdy would chair the Benghazi hearings. A smart guy like Gowdy, no way he was going to let her get away with it. Well, she did, and to this day and I still have that smug Hillary look of ,”what a colossal waste of time, you can’t touch me and you know it” burned in my brain.

Then the email scandal, yes, scandal. The FBI had her dead to rights, no way she was going to get away with breaking federal crimes. Setting up a bathroom server against State Dept. rules, with no State Dept. oversight strictly for the purpose of co mingling Foundation and State business, going totally off grid sort of speak. No way was she going to get away with that………..well, she did.

So now I am gun shy, and when I hear stuff like this, now I get more annoyed than hopeful because I know she will be protected, no matter what she does;

Trey Gowdy’s exchange with FBI Director James Comey about his get out of jail free pass to Hillary Clinton is one for the history books. In one fell swoop, Gowdy exposed Comey and Hillary. It appears Gowdy has larger judicial plans for Crooked Hillary.

Gowdy appeared to setting Hillary Clinton up for perjury charges. Hillary previously testified about her emails to the House Benghazi Committee. Specifically Hillary said under oath that she had not sent or received classified documents on her personal email server.

When under cross examination from Trey Gowdy, Comey admitted that Hillary lied. Since she was under oath, this sets her up for being charged with perjury.

Yes, she did it, we all know she did it. But here is the rub, her democrat toadies will never allow justice to be done. Congress alone can not mete out that justice, they need the Justice Department and a grand jury, in that order. All the evidence in the world is worthless if you can’t find someone to make an arrest and bring a case to trial. Obama, through his Attorney General, will shield Hillary.

So we are left with justice unfulfilled. Did somebody here mention a banana republic?

Fox Hunting

My oh my, how giddy has the MSM been lately over all this personnel shuffling sexual harassment dog shit pile over at Foxnews? They are tripping all over themselves, reveling in the schadenfreude . The news entity that has been kicking all their butts for 25 years has developed some cracks. No, your news coverage still sucks, still partisan and petty to the point of inducing vomit, still blatantly in the tank for Hillary (or Bernie), still running interference for the democratic party/raising money for the democratic party/shooting every news story thru the prism political expediency, still carrying water for the democratic party, but lets just take a moment to soak it all in. Too bad they are just as bad at news reporting as they are at economics. Taking money from the rich does not enhance the financial condition of the poor, and bringing the news leader down a few notches does not make your unwatchable news shows better, if only life was that easy.

Some bullet points;

Ailes is out (about time, what a creep).

Gretchen Carlson is now $20 million richer, nice work if you can get it.

Andrea Tantaros wants to wet her beak as well, Fox can afford it.

Gretta Van Sustern is out, backing the wrong horse and paying the price for it.

Bill Oreilly is laying low, being implicated (but not named personally in the suit)

Megyn Kelly is sitting pretty, financially. The riff between her and Oreilly is palatable.She is still miffed over the network not supporting her during the Trump attacks (bleeding in the eyes and ………..wherever, ickky). So now Foxnews must decide if they want to break the bank to keep her, or let her go over to CNN and erode their base even further.

I know it is de-rigueur to rip Foxnews, everybody does it.But here’s the deal, we owe Foxnews a lot. In the land of group speak they were the only alternative, the only place where you did not get your news filtered thru democrat cheerleaders, that was huge. And oh boy did the country need it, to the point of making Foxnews the highest rated (by a mile) news station in decades. Without Foxnews, Rush, and all the subsequent copycats (the right wing radio stations and right wing books annihilate the other side consistently) the public would be even less informed then they are now, if that’s possible.

So now some bloom is coming off the rose, to be expected. Their actual news shows (not commentary) is still top notch, but many of their commentators are getting long in the tooth. Some people I could see less of ( a lot less), Bill Oreilly, Eric Bohling, Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Austin Goolsbee. I didn’t mention Hannity because I never watch his show anyway.

There is a new kid on the block that I mention because they do good work and occasionally get my eyeballs, One America News. One show in particular, Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler, terrific. Here is a sample;

and if you have a few minutes, her speech at the last CPAC was great;

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and competition always benefits the consumer. The template is out there, even if Foxnews wains, others can step up and deliver.

Out Of The Mouth Of…………Dopes

This is how bad it has gotten;

Yep, a douchewagon like Kaepernick even gets it. We talk a lot about the low information voter, but we have a new bar, whinny crybabies who are too stupid to live. I get it, freedom of speech and all that, which is why I can call a turd, a turd. As if the presidential election was not depressing enough, now I get to root for my local football team to lose every game because their millionaire QB is ashamed of his country and can’t manage to stand for the national anthem. Whats next? The dog getting skunked (again) or the wife wanting more sex? I think I will just hole up in my den with a “do not disturb” sign on the door.

A Hit, A Miss, And As Opportunity Squandered

Last night I re watched The Adjustment Bureau ( no Olympics and just pre season football, what else am I going to do?) A smart romantic thriller, highly recommended, and in typical Hollywood style, never misses a chance to portray Democrats as principled, hip, compassionate, and ideally suited to run the country. This would be Senator (soon to be president if he just follows the plan) is seen schmoozing with the likes of John Stewart, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, and John Podesta. Between Hollywood, the MSM, and academia, all shaping (manipulating) the young minds of the low information voter, the GOP has no chance.

Subtle persuasions like this works, but sometimes they go full shark jumping and get it horrible wrong, hence their latest foray into the demise of the Second Amendment;

My guess, not a single ticket sold in Texas for this dopey movie, maybe California or New York, but Texas?

Some obvious contractions. Women like a) their guns, and b) sex as much as the guys. Hell, every married man knows that its usually the wife pestering about sex, we just want to be left alone on Monday night, accompanied by a well stocks fridge {Neanderthal here, raising hand}. The other fallacy, in Texas kids learn how to field strip and shoot guns way before they learn how to ride a bike. No kid is going to bring that estrogen screaming sissy handgun to school, then accidentally have it go off. That family would have to move immediately, out of shame.

Not all ideas coming out of Hollywood are bad. Now here is something with potential, then you read this at the bottom and realize you have been punked;

Disclaimer: All stories on this site are satire and the opinions expressed do not belong to any real people. If persons appear in the picture they have nothing to do with the story.

It wasn’t really original anyway;

Still, the mind wanders.

Some Final Lochte Thoughts

The basically whole lot of nothing scandal is over, so now NBC doesn’t have to waste anymore air time on those bad boy Americans and can now just loop Usain Bolt clips over and over and over again like they have been doing all week. Re: the robbery and the aftermath (I am still calling it a robbery because it had all the elements of a robbery) I think the way it was handled was just terrible. More on that in a moment but first I want to spend a few moments trashing NBC. I know that they spent a boatload of dough getting the rights to broadcast and I know ratings are way down (look at all the empty seats in the venues)but after the first few days I can’t watch it anymore as aired. I tape the broadcasts, then blow through all the commercials and fluff, leaving me about 40 minutes worth of actual watchable content out of the 4 hours aired each night. The typical pattern is thus; let Bob Costas bluster for a few minutes, show about 2 minutes of actual competition, go to about 5 minutes worth of commercials, then come back with the 6000th airing of Usian Bolt winning a medal. This pattern has not varied. I have read many complaints about NBC touching all these bases. I can’t really say their avarice has cost them my viewership since I never watch them in the first place.

Now that we have believable testimony on what actually transpired that night, I am outraged at how our guys were treated. I watched that Rio press conference and I did not believe very much of what was said, mainly because of the source. All those stories you read about corrupt Mexican cops, the same stories are told about the Rio police.The whole press conference revolved around what the officials said the swimmers supposedly (?) told them. There was no audio from any of the cameras and large gaps where we don’t know what happened at all. I wanted to hear what the swimmers said away from the threat of sitting in a stank filled jail cell. Now we know.

Let’s look at some of the inconsistencies;

The press conference said there was only one security guard (off duty Rio police officer), now we know there were 2. They said a bathroom mirror was trashed but Bentz said it was an outside metal wall frame. They said the guard was there to insure that the swimmers did not leave and waited for the police, yet as soon as the guards took their money, the swimmers were released. Factor in the language barrier (how did the swimmers know they worked for the gas station, did they work for the gas station or were they just off duty cops looking to take off some Americans, did they tell the swimmers to wait for the police, what happened during those camera laps?)

No doubt once released they just wanted to get back to their rooms and forget about the whole affair. And if not for Lochte’s big mouth the next day, talking to a reporter about the incident, that would have been the end of it. No police report was filed, the police only heard about it through social media. Yet, they got a judge to issue an arrest order to pull 2 of the swimmers off of their flight to go home, talk about judicial overreach (where was our State Dept. in all this and why didn’t they file a formal protest and demand an apology for this gross act of overreach?) The police had no right to either take them off the plane or detain them in any manner, all on the word of some drunken swimmer talking to a reporter?

Back to the robbery angle. We don’t know what was actually said (or implied since there was a language barrier) at the gas station. 2 guys approached them with badges and pointed guns demanding money (not a specific amount, mind you, to pay for any damages, no, they wanted whatever the swimmers had in their wallets), then when the money was paid the swimmers were allowed to leave. No reporter at the press conference pushed this issue, if the guns were drawn to make sure the swimmers did not leave until the cops arrived, why were they allowed to leave once money changed hands?

Even though most of what Lochte said could be true, the MSM back home has just crucified him, lying Lochte. You would think he sodomized a local alter boy, for everything that has been written about him. He certainly should shoulder much of the blame, acting like a douche at the gas station then yammering about it the next day, but as usual with these sort of events, there is enough blame to go around for both sides.

Not only were the other 3 swimmers illegally detained (who knows what went on in that interrogation room, and no doubt our State Dept. has contacted all of them with warnings to not say anything to the press detrimental to harmonious Brazil/American relations, e.g. if they threatened you or coerced you into saying something against your will, keep it to yourself), but one of them had to pay 11 grand just to leave the country. Yep, just like the Mexican cops.

Thank God no underage hookers were filmed spilling out of that taxi at the gas station. And Lochte will be hurt financially for this little bit of indiscretion re: endorsements but the Rio cops could have handled this much better. A simple statement of ,”We are not aware of any robbery that took place at that gas station that night. Until the American swimmers contact us to make a formal report, no action on our part is required. We do not act on social media reports, thank you”. That would have worked just fine.


For anyone watching the Olympics, you can put up your comments here

Having watched the Olympics since 1968 (probably the only one here that watched live the Tommy Smith/John Carlos black power salute during their medal ceremony),and attending several events live during the 1984 LA games, I was pretty apathetic about the Rio games. The blatant cheating by the Russian team (and those pussies at the IOC that did not ban the whole lot of them), the deplorable venue (what, Beirut or Aleppo was booked?) the out of control crime, the pollution, nonfunctional mass transit, housing not finished, I could smell a disaster in the making. I didn’t even watch the opening ceremonies. But it did not take long to get back into it.

Some things I wanted before the games started;

The Williams sisters to win big in tennis
The men’s and women’s basketball team to sweep, again
The women’s soccer team to repeat (is it pervy to fantacise about half the team in a shared hot tub?)
Michael Phelps to win one more gold
The USA swimming team clobbering the Aussies (their biggest rivals) just like London
Katie Lydecky breaking world records like they were nothing
Kerry Walsh winning another gold in beach volleyball
The Russians to fall flat on their face, in everything
The USA gymnastics team to not embarrass themselves
And for the USA to be the medal leader (what can I say, I’m a homer)

The security is massive, so hopefully (from my keyboard to God’s ears) no terrorists shenanigans.

Except for the men’s Brazilian soccer team getting shut out,twice, no big surprises so far. I always like the host nation to win some in the Olympics so anytime a Brazilian is competing against a non American, I will root for him.

Physician, Heal Thyself

OK, physician’s assistant, but still, this is just too delicious for words;

A California Democrat on Wednesday launched a petition calling for Donald Trump to a undergo mental health evaluation.

Rep. Karen Bass, who was a physician assistant and a clinical instructor prior to her political career, said the Republican presidential nominee may have narcissistic personality disorder, which could severely influence his actions as commander in chief.

Figures she would be from California, they get particularly delusional here on the West Coast. So if they get enough names on their dopey petition he is supposed to commit himself for a mental examination? Makes sense to me.

Here is the best part;

In her petition, Bass laid out the nine symptoms of NPD, which are a grandiose sense of self-importance, a preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, a belief that he or she is special and can only be understood by others with a similar status, a requirement of excessive admiration, a sense of entitlement, interpersonal exploitation, lack of empathy, envy of others and arrogant or haughty behavior.

Be honest, is there anyone here, anyone at all, that did not immediately think of our current president while reading this laundry list of NPD symptoms? No doubt in newer textbooks, when describing this malady, Obama’s face is predominantly displayed as a classic case. Where was this woman 8 years ago?

The left, they never fail to provide comedic relief.