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Name: Jim K
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I am a socially liberal, legally libertarian, fiscally conservative hawk who is agnostic. I also enjoy cycling, karaoke and cheese. I really like cheese. And meat. Meat and cheese are very, very good.

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  1. Personal note: I got hit by a truck — February 18, 2012 11:14 am
  2. Best dad in the whole world? — February 10, 2012 9:49 am
  3. Admin, domain owner and head asshole here… — January 26, 2012 3:20 pm
  4. Site stuff: Comment formatting — December 5, 2011 12:08 pm
  5. Hey assholes — September 25, 2011 1:04 pm

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Personal note: I got hit by a truck

So this happened yesterday.


Also my bike is ruined. Everyone who has seen it says they’re gonna total it when the adjuster sees it. ::sadface::

Also I’m gonna sue the guy because he did something so reckless and he was such a complete jerk at the scene. My plan is to make every effort to financially ruin him, because he literally tried to kill me in order to save 3-5 seconds on his trip.… Read more

Best dad in the whole world?

I thought the crowd here might appreciate the living hell out of this guy. The backstory is, his 15 year old daughter is a spoiled brat and he’s basically had just about enough of it.

Watch the whole video, it’s worth it. Slightly NSFW due to the language he reads from his 15 year old daughter’s Facebook post

I wish he could be all dads.… Read more

Admin, domain owner and head asshole here…



Do I have your attention, dear reader? Each and every one of you? Good.

You do not, ever, get to decide what is or isn’t appropriate subject matter for this blog. I, and by extension those who write here as main page authors, get to do that. You do not get to decide who should comment or who shouldn’t. You do not get to decide what we talk about, … Read more

Site stuff: Comment formatting

I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion in various places about comments, basically nested versus chronological style. I used to think nested was the only way to go, but it has created a number of weird problems on this site…so, a query:

Do you prefer the current nested style, or would you prefer a simple chronological style like we had at the old place? I’m totally willing to change it to chrono if more people … Read more

Hey assholes

Read this. Act accordingly. And stop being cunts.


Goddamned achor links don’t work right, so here’s the text of the comment I just left (and linked to):


I will wipe this fucking place clean before I let all of this bullshit continue. I will burn everything and salt the fucking earth.

Or just ban the people that make it impossible to enjoy the blog.

HEED THESE WORDS: My patience is not just

Read more

The RTFTLC Agreement Post

So I was wondering: Is there anything that we – right, left, center or other – all actually agree on? Can we find the one statement that every regular around these parts agrees with?

Example: “George Lucas is a cockhole. He used to be creative and awesome, and now he’s just a grumpy old douchenozzle.”


“Barring a dairy allergy, butter is one of the most amazing creations in all of human foodstuff history. See … Read more

Now we can put all these arguments to good use: BINGO!

Internet argument bingo:

internet argument bingo

internet argument bingo

Every single square on this board has been used by one of us. And if you deny it? You probably already have bingo, because you’re that guy.

Love to credit the maker, but I got it from a tumblr that got it from a repost from…you know the drill. Forget credit, Jake, it’s the internet. … Read more

Admin shit, Pt. “Who the fuck cares”

1. If you don’t like this website, get the fuck out. Just go. Stop coming here. Period. Don’t be a big showy drama queen and talk about leaving in order to get yourself more attention. Just fucking leave. Otherwise you are completely full of shit.

2. If you don’t like how I build/maintain/run this site, GTFO and go make your own.

I’m not soliciting comments or feedback on this post or the concepts contained therein. … Read more

And now for something completely…asinine

Just go. It’ll cleanse your palate. And give you something else to laugh at me for. ;)… Read more

Charity bleg – Tour de Cure 2011

Tour de Cure

Photo credit: Nessie Photography - http://flic.kr/p/9LMdNw

Some of you may have wondered why I haven’t “passed the hat” yet. Well, partly because I hate doing it, and mainly I knew I was going to post this soon. I’d rather the hat get passed for this.
I’m riding the Tour de Cure event in North Haven, CT this year. Hoping for the metric century (100K/62-ish miles, although the route they have mapped out is more like … Read more

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