Right Thinking was founded by Lee Croft, who passed away in 2009 while working in China. He founded this site while living among the far left liberal hordes in California, hence the “From The Left Coast” part of the name. Lee was, and the site still is, a contradiction in political labels. Over the years, Lee brought on contributors to the blog, and we keep it going in his honor. You’ll find socially liberal/libertarian perspectives, conservative thought and even moderate positions. As a group, we tend to drift to the right of center, but no contributor here walks in lock-step with the GOP. Don’t assume! Read. Engage. Discuss.

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  1. Shortly after Lee started this blog, I joined, becoming MEMBER #1. Awhile later, he looked up my blog, where I had recently written:

    A Blog for Peace.So, what about the Indians, huh? And then there was slavery. Not to mention Texas which we took. We’re not always right. In fact we’re hardly ever right as we bully ourselves around the world. People just want to be happy and give peace a chance. It looks like the U.S. is going to bomb all the Iraqi children, and one blonde, just so Bush (who wasn’t even elected, btw!!) can get the oil. Well, if that happens, I’m not buying any more oil. Nope, just gas for my Mini. Saddam is evil and we need to let the inspectors find all the weapons of mass destruction so the Iraqi people can vote him out. We need to have the UN handle the wars when there need to be wars which shouldn’t be very often. We also need to follow what the UN says because all the elected countries are there, even the small ones. What did the Iraqis ever do to us? Nothing. It was the Arabs who caused 911. If we went to any country and bombed it, that would be the one, but we shouldn’t because diplomacy is better. Look how few wars the French get into, and it’s because they are experienced at diplomacy, something we could learn from. The money we spend over there should be spent on the homeless and the poor. If we took all that money and gave it to the poor, there wouldn’t be any more poor. It’s that simple. When you keep all the money and take the oil, it’s no wonder they don’t like us. Peace.

    Well, that set him off. Instead of thinking it over, he did what we all sometimes do and come to regret:

    Dude…you are a serious fucking dumbass. I am so sick of all the little piss ant college students speaking out against the war. It’s obvious you don’t know shit about history. Your BLOG should be shut down on account of your ignorance. Iraqis ARE Arabs. Saddam tried to assassinate the president of the United States. Saddam killed thousands of his OWN people with chemical weapons. Saddam used chemical weapons against Iran as early as the mid 1980’s. Do you really REALLY think he isn’t supporting Al Qaeda. Come the FUCK on…you stupid dipshit. He is as a matter of fact giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. And don’t even start with that shit about the Palestinian people. They are in the mess because they lost a war with Israel and the just will not give up and abide by the peace treaty.

    Don’t post anymore about the war. Just don’t even fucking mention it…at least until you take about 6 months to study some history. Jesus I can’t believe you said that thing about the French. The French don’t get into wars because they are fucking cowards. Study your WWII history boy. As it stands you and your ilk are threatening to doom America with your Mtv knows best bullshit. SHUT THE FUCK UP!


    I just about fell off my chair laughing and repeated the comment in a later post. Two days later, he came back and said that he realized it had been was meant as a joke and typed what, for Lee, could be construed as a “sorry about that.”

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