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As my parting shot post (someone somewhere has to still be reading this blog, right?) to RTFLC, I thought it would be fun to throw up an Olympics post with a sprinkling of NFL,NBA, and college hoops, if anyone is interested.

Is anyone watching the Olympics? So far I am MIA, and that is really odd for me because from the time John Carlos and Tommie Smith shot the one gloved Back Power salute at the podium, I was hooked. I was in L.A. for the 1984 games, going to many events, and was in Lillehamer a few weeks after the 94 games, got to see a number of the venues. Being a USA homer, the question was always the medal count, and to what extent the Soviet Bloc was going to cheat their way to the medal stand. But this year I just can’t get motivated. Some of it has to do with the IOC, first banning most of the Russian team for “unprecedented systematic manipulation” of the anti-doping system, has now reneged on that ban and put out the “dopers welcome” welcome mat.

Some of the events are still fun, the hockey, the speed skating, and the down hill. Some of the others, the snowboarding (toking a blunt and slamming down a Red Bull mid half pipe, that I would watch), sledding down a hill, or that puzzling competition where they ski a bit, take out a rifle and shoot a target, ski a bit more, than have a slice of pizza, ski a bit more, then call their broker to check on their stocks, I just don’t get it.

What’s up with all the fawning adulation over the Chubby guy’s sister? Do they think she is somehow removed from the brutal corrupt regime of the younger brother? She is head of the propaganda arm of the ROK forchrissakes. And that crybaby Shani Davis boycotting the opening ceremonies because some racist coin toss denied him the privilege of carrying the American Flag, I hope he falls on his ass in every race he competes in.

Some other stuff, if the mood strikes;

Being born in Phili and spending my early youth there, I have been a long suffering Eagles fan my whole life. So how great was that SuperBowl? I even taped the parade last Thursday. The city of Philadelphia has problems (the usual urban blight for cities run by progressives, but I digress) so I hope Carson Weintz and company can make winning in Phili (at least in football) a common occurrence. Also, if anyone wants to comment on the tight knit Christian community they have fostered there (Foles, Weintz, Ertz, Ajayi, Peterson all invoking “All the glory to God” after the big win.

Some NBA; How good is Cleveland now, after that big trade last week, clearing out all the old guys and bringing in some youngsters? Getting a chance to play with Lebron (maybe his last year as a Cavalier) what a thrill. And I’m worried about my Warriors. Yeah, still the best team in the NBA, when they are motivated. But this technical foul funk of late, its arrogant and petulant, Steve Kerr needs to start coaching again. I like when big names move to different teams, Blake Griffin to the Pistons (yeah), Isaiah Thomas to the Lakers (ignominy defined). So, another year of Warriors/Cavaliers, or Rockets/Celtics usurp the big guys?

Lastly, college hoops. I really like the environment that exists now, 6 to 8 schools that are all playing well, no top dog or favorite, and all could conceivably peak at the right time. The Big Ten has been the surprise (Michigan State, Purdue, Ohio State), is Virginia going to win the ACC, what happened to Kentucky basketball? March Madness is my favorite time of the year, but this year it is wiiiiiiide open.


  1. FPrefect89

    I’m still lurking.

    As for the olympics, I gave up on cable and the only thing that seems to be on when I get a chance to watch is ice dancing.  When it comes to the winter olympics, I want to watch luge, skeleton, bobsled, ski jumping.  Yanno, all the dangerous ones.  So I’ve pretty much just been watching the “new” BSG again on Amazon when I have the time.

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  2. Hal_10000

    My posting has dropped to minimal because I’m teaching this semester; teaching a class for the first time in fact. So I’m swamped.  Have had to let some posts go simply because of lack of time.

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  3. grady

    Hope that this is not your last hurrah here Rich.  I’ve always enjoyed reading your take on things.  Maybe if I (and others) commented more …

    I’m watching a bit of the olympics, but not paying attention to the schedule of events so I miss events that I may have watched had I known they were on.  I stopped watching the human interest stories years ago and I’ve gotten over the medal count tally.  I’d rather just enjoy the competitions of the best athletes competing on the biggest stage.  Who knew you could enjoy watching curling?

    The media fawning over a dictator’s (insert storyline here)?  Situation normal.

    Congrats on your Eagles.  It was a great game.  NE doesn’t lose many of the close ones.  I was a bit shocked at the backlash that the Patriots took for the game, though.  I guess the fans can’t appreciate the good years and accept that other teams are working hard as well.  “You can’t win them all” must sound completely different with a Boston accent.

    I don’t follow the NBA, but I do watch SEC basketball.  Kentucky just had a brief reality check.  You can’t get the incoming freshmen to be able to beat everybody else every year (the Calipari way).  The good side is that they will keep a few of the players for a few years.  How about Bruce Pearl and Auburn, though?  Another great story.  UT was right to give him his walking papers, but I always figured he would do well with another program.

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  4. richtaylor365 *

    Who knew you could enjoy watching curling?

    Definitely appealing:)


    The media fawning over a dictator’s (insert storyline here)?  Situation normal.

    Ain’t that the truth, despise America and you get an instant in with the MSM.

     “You can’t win them all” must sound completely different with a Boston accent.

    It takes a number of lean years to appreciate what you have. Their time is coming. One could argue that the Patriots are the luckiest team in pro sports, but I like dynasties, it takes character to avoid complacency and muster up the hunger year after year.

    I gave up on cable

    I keep it for one reason only, the sports packages. I got directv, and the selling point for me is that whenever they have a main sporting event, a grand slam in tennis, Olympics, March Madness, they have a “sportsmix” channel where they offer every game, every match, and I get to pick what event I want to watch. I still play competitive tennis. I get what it takes to be a winner so appreciate the effort, the beauty, and the drive that is involved in sports. Competition keeps us all young.



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  5. Santino

    Okay, trying this again.  My first comment is somewhere in the ether of the internet.  Hopefully this works.

    someone somewhere has to still be reading this blog, right?

    Still check in every day.

    Much like you had had an antipathy towards the games before they started.  I fully anticipated I wouldn’t really care, but my curiosity peaked once they started and I’ve been hooked since.  It helps that I’m finally able to watch sports with my daughters.  They’ve shown a great interest in the Olympics, so much so that I woke them up at 6:00 AM this morning to watch the mixed doubles curling finals (I watch a lot of curling, love that sport).  We’ve watched all sports, ski jumping, slopestyle, moguls, cross country skiing, team figure skating, women’s hockey.  If it’s on TV we’re watching it.

    Being a Raptors fan, I was enjoying Cleveland’s extended implosion.  I’m always wary of a Lebron-lead team, but their skid seemed to be for real and I had a sense that the road to the Finals wouldn’t have to go through Ohio.  But after the trade, I’ve had to temper my hopes and accept the fact that the East is Cleveland’s to lose once again.  I can’t wait for Lebron to go to LA!


    Where’s the love for the Raptors?  Don’t sleep on them, they’re having a phenomenal year.


    As for college basketball, I haven’t watched as much since I don’t get the Big Ten Network anymore.  I’ve caught a couple of Michigan games this year, and that’s it.  I will definitely follow more closely during tournament time, both conference and Final Four.

    As my parting shot post

    Sorry to hear that. :(

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  6. FPrefect89

    I keep it for one reason only, the sports packages.

    I had DirecTV for a few years for the same reason.  Ended up dropping it because I starting spending too much time at work or too much time planting freedom seeds.  Spending the kind of money I was on cable just didn’t make sense anymore.

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  7. stogy

    Hi Rich,

    I also hope this isn’t your last post. I have pretty much been on the road for the past three months so even though I do check in every couple of days, I don’t have much time to respond.

    I do hope you weren’t caught out by the recent stockmarket “correction”. It did happen right on schedule – as I warned last year.


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  8. richtaylor365 *

    Stogy, some day you must give us a hint as to an avocation that requires gallivanting all over the world. You are either James Bond incarnate, an international jewel smuggler, or just dodging the lawyers of your 3 ex wives looking for their alimony check.

    Oh, and you mean that itty bitty one week correction (don’t worry, folks made all their money back this week)? I thought you were forecasting something along the lines of 1987, 1996 or even 2016 with the drop in oil prices. When the market has a kazillion records in a row, a “pause” is natural. But yes, you did call it, so congrats, although with the end of radical monetary polices that had interest rates at near zero, an overtly stimulative fiscal policy more suited for recessions, not expansive economies at full employment and raising wages, and Trump doing just the opposite of sound economic theory, raising fiscal and trade  deficits during the good times, the smart folks (like yourself) saw this coming. And, folks remember the old adage ,”Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered”, so taking money off the table made sense.


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  9. Thrill

    I always assumed stogy was a journalist.  I’d have to dig through his comments to remember why I came to that conclusion though.  He needs not confirm or deny.

    Rich, just post more.  You told me years ago when I first started blogging, “If you build it, they will come.”  The RTFLC audience is fanatically loyal and there are more lurkers here than you know and you are held in high regard among this crowd.

    They want content.  Give the people what they want.  And if you get too bored, come and visit my neck of the woods from time to time.  There are a lot of people who would like it if you’d say “hi”.

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  10. Thrill

    Hope nobody minds, but I took the liberty of unflagging Santino’s comment above as spam.  I still have admin rights here and don’t mind helping out when I pop in. ;)

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  11. richtaylor365 *

    Hey Santino, before we talk hoops I want to know if you listened to me and finally watched the best hockey movie out there “Mystery, Alaska”? It is a gem.

    Right after I posted, I realized, “What am I thinking? Toronto is rock solid, if anyone can dethrone Lebron and Crew, it’s The Raptors”. I expect them and The Cavs to be in the East finals, and I will be a Raptor fan.

    College hoops is so much fun this year and it’s funny you bringing up the Big 10 Network, I got it on my sports package, and I’m a PAC 12 guy. The Big 10 has 3 teams that could be final 4. My Kid just graduated from St. Mary’s, a small school in Moraga. They made the NCAA tourney 3 years in a row. This year they got to nationally ranked 11, then quickly lost 2 games so now I don’t know what’s gonna happen. The PAC 12 is shit this year so I will be riding either a small school or someone new like Virginia.

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