Voting With Their Wallets

I saw this last week;

He packed a lot into this short clip. Identity politics (how dare millennials vote “oddly”, we told them how to vote), that this tax cut will really benefit everyone, not just the rich ,”God know how many of them will see their taxes go down and base it just on that”, that they are still not over the election, millennials need to be pandered to just like women, blacks, and Latinos.

one third of them are safe, these don’t pay taxes, don’t understand economics, and are easily swayed by what ever rapper or movie star says.

But those millennials that do work, do pay taxes and do understand the value of their labor, watch out. A dem that believes millennials could be snookered into believing the GOP is the better choice for financial self-determination.

This should give them chills.

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    Ultimately even the millennials will grow up (well, some of them anyway) and realize that outside of the college campuses they’ve been sold a bill of goods by their supposed betters. What’s interesting is that Generation Z, the ones coming up after them, are showing signs of being more conservative than they are. Democrats risk losing another generation at their peril.

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