Las Vegas


I won’t post observations until we have more facts. But this is just awful, no matter what. 50 dead, 400 injured. Lone gunman in a hotel shooting fish in a barrel at a concert.

Update: The Daily Beast is detailing the victims. As I have said with previous incidents, I will not mention the perpetrator by name:

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  1. repmom

    No words to describe how awful, how tragic, how senseless this was. Just heartbreaking, especially seeing the pics of the victims that are now showing up on Twitter. Young schoolteachers, etc, just enjoying themselves. And now gone, and their families left to deal the loss, and to try to make sense of, it all, when in fact, there doesn’t seem to be any sense to it at all.

    We have a young niece who loves country music, and attends these events often. My first thought this morning when I read the news on my computer was of her and if she was there. Was relieved when she posted on Facebook. She had considered going, but hadn’t. Another niece posted they had plans to go to Vegas this Wednesday, but were having second thoughts.

    These mass shootings affect us all. Some much more so than others. My heart aches for those who lost a love one last night, and for those injured, either physically or just emotionally. Prayers for them all.

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  2. Balthazar

    Holy fuck CM go fuck yourself and your self-righteous asshattery.

    If you were really interested there’s this thing called the internet and you could look it up yourself. Nope that’s not you, just come on here and ask asshole questions then smile to yourself thinking you are better than all of the “gun toting republicans” that were most likely killed.


    You sir, are a useless fucking tool.

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  3. Tripper

    Well sure, if you exclude:

    School massacres
    Workplace killings
    Religious crimes
    Political crimes
    Racial crimes
    Mass murders that took place primarily in a domestic environment
    And cases where the primary motive for the murders was to facilitate or cover up another felony, like robbery.

    Then sure, it’s been over 50 years.

    Why not go ahead and exclude incidents that involved a plane to and make it even longer?

    It’s pretty obvious though that the Pulse nightclub massacre last year has a lot more similarities to this horrific Vegas incident, than Gazales’s terrible crime does.

    What point are you trying to make here?

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