Trump’s Press Conference

I can not respond to that disgrace any better than Charles Krauthammer did:

I never thought I would see an American President fumble a response to Nazis. But here we are.

One of the biggest problems with Trump is that he has fucks like Bannon, Gorka and Miller whispering into his ear that the racists who marched through Charlottesville are his base, the people who got him elected. They are not. The White Supremacists managed to gather less people than would show up for a National March against Mayonnaise. Even that lunatic Farrakhan managed to get a thousand times as many for his Million Man March. They are a fringe. They are less than a percent of the people who voted for Trump. But Trump he been persuaded that they are the bulk of the GOP.

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  1. CM

    Talking about his winery…what?

    He doesn’t even own the winery, he even lied about that FFS!

    Trump’s earlier statements were better, and he should have left it there.

    The ones where he looked as if he was being held hostage, contradicting his previous ones? Absolutely. As bad as the hostage ones were, it can apparently always get worse.

    Never thought I’d ever be in a situation where I would side with Krauthammer so often…..weird.

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