Now Defending Sessions

Having bashed Jeff Sessions last week, I’ll defend him this week. He was absolutely right to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. It’s something any moderately ethical AG would do. And it’s disgraceful that Trump is out there slamming his own AG for, as a far as I can tell, allowing an investigation into the President to proceed while not reviving a dead investigation of his defeated opponent.

I intensely disagree with Sessions, but he has been loyal to Trump form the beginning. This just shows, once again, that Trump loyalty only goes one way.

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  1. repmom

    Trump is such a coward trying to force Sessions to quit with all the insulting tweets. He should just fire the man if he wants him gone. I thought firing people was his specialty.

    And Trump loyal to anyone but himself is a big f’ing joke.

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  2. stogy

    So what happens when/if Trump fires Sessions and gets a new AG, and that person then recuses themselves?

    They wouldn’t need to if  a) they were not involved in the Trump campaign, or b) they hadn’t had undeclared contacts with the Kremlin or FSB.

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    What stogy said.  This one of the few times Sessions was absolutely right. And if Trump weren’t such a dunce, he’s realize that Sessions did him a huge favor by recusing himself and depriving the Democrats of a talking point.

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