From powerful feminist agitator to I am a victim!

Man, the left is apoplectic because the evil and wicked witch lost the election to the guy they made fun of and felt was the easy win. Things have gotten real crazy for these idiots. You have daily stories of people throwing tantrums and acting out because reality decided to tell the left to fuck off. So in case you missed it, Kathy Griffin earlier this week handed the republican party the best campaign adds for the 2020 elections. Yeah, the same Kathy Griffin that made a huge deal about how evil Sarah Palin was because of some crosshairs on some add leading to people shooting people, thought it was comedy to decapitate the elected president. Now before I go on with this post, I want to say that this is not about what she did, but about the hypocrisy of the left. I will defend Griffin’s right to be a cunt, and have done so before. I believe in freedom of speech, especially when the things being said are controversial. What I however do not forgive these people for is the double standards.

When douchebag like Griffin come out and rip into Palin and the right for something that is such a fucking bullshit stretch, and then pull this sort of a stunt thinking it gives them lefty creds, all we see is how craven and wrong the left is. One set of rules for them and another for the rest of us. Of course, the usual dnc operatives with bylines did their best to make the story go away, but it didn’t. But it didn’t go away. And I will admit that I kind of enjoy the fact that a traditional lefty tactic of fucking the ability of people they disagree with to make a living, as a means of extortion, played itself out without anyone needing to push for it. So how did the strong feminist Griffin respond to here douchebaggery gone wrong? As every strong new age leftist feminist that I have seen act when they land in deep shit, this loser resorted to playing the victim. Mean white guys are hurting her feelings!

Fuck me, the left has gone full retard. And as we all know, from the words of the immortal character Kirk Lazarus playing Sergeant Four Leaf Tayback said: you never go full retard.


  1. InsipiD

    Yeah, that was disgusting, even her own know that she crossed way over the line.  But it’s because Trump is a bully.  The worst offender in the BDS category among celebs was Vincent D’Onofrio.  He was known to freak out about George Bush to near strangers at a moment’s notice.  She’s setting a high standard for TDS.

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  2. Hal_10000




    Ok, one thing; that press conference made me respect her even less, which I didn’t think was possible. Lots of comedians, actors and writers have paid WAY steeper prices for opposing a President. If you oppose Trump, if you support Trump, that’s on you. But Christ on Crutch, stand up for what you believe in. Don’t get all weepy and martyry just because some people on Twitter said some mean things about you.  Have a spine.

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  3. AlexInCT *

    I saw that the other day and have been following this story for a while. To be honest Malloy had plenty of help from Jodi Rell, the supposed republican that replaced Rolland, in getting us where we are today. When they raised the minimum CT tax on people making more than $550K they told us these people would never leave CT. Then the People’ Republic of CT’s donkey controlled government doubled down on his millionaire out of state (aimed at Wall Street people living in places Greenwich and Fairfield) taxes, and when people pointed out it would be cheaper for them to then move to NY, the democrats assured everyone – including Malloy – that these people would stay and do the patriotic thing! Two years later, and most of the sheep they were gonna fleece are now long gone, and we have a $2.2 billion deficit now projected for the coming year.

    But hey, these donkeys have never seen something they didn’t think they could not tax, and while Malloy is talking cuts, I doubt we get much there. The thing to keep an eye on is how they decided they would fleece the corporations to make up the difference. Last I heard Aetna is leaving for better grounds, and that is going to cripple both the finances of the city of Hartford and of the state. Of course, the villain is Aetna for feeling their obligation is to their customers and stock holders, and not to a bunch of fucking shysters in Hartford.

    I myself will likely leave CT in the next few years. I pay too much in taxes and have to put up with too many freeloading idiots and their shit. Whatever else I might have once gotten in return is long gone or simply not worth it. CT, like most of the blue NE states, are facing some dire and ugly future. At least our state has not had their credit rating dropped to junk like happened to some other Mid West blue bastion, and we still don’t have enough stupid people wanting to implement an universal health plan that would bankrupt the state so we can virtue signal like the once great state of CA, which seems to be hell bent on destroying itself, is doing.

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