Gianforte Attacks Reporter

I have a few long-form posts cooking. But a quick hit tonight: Montana Republican candidate Greg Gianforte reportedly attacked a reporter tonight. Grabbed him by the neck and body-slammed him after being a question about the CBOs score of the GOP healthcare plan. The local Fox News affiliate has confirmed the account and audio tape released sure sounds consistent with the reporter’s account (and not the candidate’s statement).

Gianforte is an unexpectedly close race and the Democrats are hoping to pick this up on the way to a 2018 landslide. We’ll see (their fundraising has been poor of late). Gianforte could still win since most ballots have been cast and it may take a while for this to sink in. But we can’t have politicians literally assaulting reporters for asking routine questions. If Gianforte wins and is later charged for his actions tonight, he should resign.

Update: Gianforte has been charge with misdemeanor assault.

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  1. Aussiesmurf

    Don’t underestimate the importance of the reflexive lying by the campaign.  The statement issued about the incident, when they still thought they could control the story, was simply and utterly false.  It was contradicted by the report, by the audio, by the Fox News (!) report who was present.


    The willingness to shamelessly lie, in the hope that it would create enough ‘doubt’ until the election was over is instructive.

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  2. CM

    Bygone days: Chastened candidate quits race in disgrace, never seeks another public office

    Our era: Having shown the hated liberal media what’s what, gets a crucial late bounce in the polls, sails to victory

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  3. grady

    Our era: Having shown the hated liberal media what’s what, gets a crucial late bounce in the polls, sails to victory

    CM’s prediction is correct!  Gianforte wins the election.  Not sure if the final numbers matched the pre-assault poll numbers, but the victory was by ~7 points.  Sailing to victory with an electorate that was proud of their candidates actions.

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  4. Balthazar

    The bounce is because most of the heartland of the US is fed up with what they see as biased reporting by 90% of the media.

    What he did was inexcusable, even taking into account the issues they had with Guardian reporters in the past.

    That really doesn’t matter though, the reporter wasn’t really hurt, and the people voting for Gianforte most likely think the reporter deserved it, even though he didn’t from all accounts.

    Gianforte overreacted based on his past experiences. Its not like non of you or I have never done that.

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