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  1. CM

    I’ll take this chance to AGREE WITH TRUMP on this –  these people are losers. Complete losers. They want to be known as other things, but they’re just fucking losers. Rest in eternal horror and agony.

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  2. AlexInCT

    So Trump was in Europe telling the top men in Brussels they need to spend money on defense and deal with their out of control terrorist problem, and what did the credentialed douchebags in Europe want to talk about? Climate change. You see, these cunts all have armed security details and don’t have to mingle with the low lives anyway, so to them, keeping the plebes safe falls far behind their need grow their political power machine while paying lip service to a made up pile of shit. And yet the credentialed elites and the proggy assholes tell us Trump is the guy that is bad.

    Fuck the lot of you.

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  3. Balthazar

    What’s hilarious about countries in NATO (and others that just leech off of the US presence in Europe) not paying for their own defense?

    Please explain you trollfaced ass.

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