The Last 48 Hours Of Trump

It’s hard to keep up with everything but here’s what we know:

  • A number of media outlets are now reporting that Jim Comey took copious notes of his meetings with Donald Trump. On at least one occasion, the reports say, Trump pressured him to lay off Mike Flynn. This is a very serious allegation and both the House and Senate Oversight Committee are demanding copies of the memos and testimony from Comey by next week.
  • The DOJ has now appointed a Special Counsel — Robert Mueller — to investigate Russia’s influence over the election. This is very good news, whether there’s something to it or not. Mueller is highly respected and will be very thorough. If he finds nothing, the Democrats … well, some of them won’t accept it but some will. If he finds something … well, then it does get interesting.
  • We’ve found about that the leaked intel came from Israel. I’m a little bit of two minds about this since it seems to me that the press is now getting this information out there as much as Trump is.
  • Putin, possibly trolling Trump, offered to provide transcripts of the Russian meeting with Trump.
  • Rumors abound of chaos in the White House. Hard to know how seriously to take those, of course.

So … a mess. But this is exactly what all of us Never-Trumpers predicted would happen if we elected this buffoon. I suppose there are some people out there pleased because it’s “pissing liberals off” (this being what Limbaugh has been saying for the last few weeks). I’d just as soon we have a President who could, you know, do stuff beyond raging on Twitter.

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    Trump blew it on the Comey firing-he was, after all, director of the FBI and not some low-level flunky. The Presidency isn’t like a corporation-there’s a certain protocol involved. Now Comey is taking what he knows and is all too ready to testify about it. Whether any of it is impeachable is another matter, but the Trump Train has become a train wreck.

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    And now we find out that Flynn advised delaying an attack on Raqqa because the Turks didn’t want it.  At the same time the Turks were paying him.

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  3. stogy

    The thing that shocks me the most is that they can’t even accomplish the basic task of staying on message. When a crisis hits, you ideally get all the team together, you sort out the message and you stick with it come hell or high water. When the story gets old, and new stuff is no longer coming out,  the media lose interest.

    But the contradictions between all of the different spokespeople, usually ending with Trump himself contradicting all of the previous messages and digging an ever-deeper hole…? It just keeps the media baying for more.

    This is the least disciplined, most disorganized administration I have seen in my lifetime.

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