The March for Science

Yesterday saw the March for Science, a gathering of tens of thousands of people to march for more science funding and more science-based policy. I have a few thoughts on this over at my own blog. The TL;DR version is that science is a good input to policy, but it can not answer all our questions. Ultimately, many political debates come down to values. And while the Left is more “rational” and fact-based on certain issues, they can be perfectly irrational and superstition-based on others.

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    The problem is that “science” has become ideology for the left, so much so that many actual environmentalists, like the founder of Greenpeace, think it’s become a cult. This was an anti-Trump march more than it was for science. I did my part by staying home. That helps the environment, doesn’t it?

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  2. AlexInCT

    Last I checked, science doesn’t happen by either consensus or marches, but some people think this sort of shit gives their politically driven collectivist agenda more credibility. When quasi-religious movements appropriate science, you get far less science, and far more inquisition, as we have recently seen with the whole “deniers” nonsense.

    Stop the marches and the consensus shit, and actually follow the scientific principle. Do the work, and wen your hypothesis implodes because of faked data, faked models, false assumptions, the inability to predict what will really happen, and because you are a bunch of pompous political hacks either pushing a political agenda or just hoping to suck at the teat of the government agencies that like those big government political agendas,  go back to the drawing board. Don’t try to hammer the people pointing out that you are not doing any real science and that you don’t care about science, and accuse them of being the ones that disrespect science.

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  3. AlexInCT

    BTW, you can immediately write off as totally unscientific and assume you are likely dealing with something that is totally unscientific when the people behind it use the words “social” and “justice” anywhere in their scientific claim or measurement. Real science, the stuff in the real world, finds both of those things, and especially the combination of those words, to be anathema.

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  4. stogy

    Wow! Things got a bit quiet here. Sorry I disappeared. I am a consultant for something or other, and when I get a call from someone or other, I have to vanish very quickly to some place or other for a couple of days/weeks/months years. I just got back from umm… two days ago. I felt like I left here mid-sentence. So sorry. Did I miss anything? Anyone miss me? I may have to go back to where was that I was in a couple of days, so this looks like it will be a brief hiatus.

    I see things are working out oh-so-well for the Trump administration. Alex is in full denial mode. CM has vanished? I loved how the administration had the entire US navy in panic mode last week. Even the Navy times was freaking out. Nothing says commitment like “we’re going to send a gunboat” and then um… not sending a gunboat. Fabulous, fatuous and facile! And all at the same time. Fucking brilliant!

    I stand by my assessment of the Trump administration’s capacity to produce the most fantastically unexpected comedy moments. I have barely stopped laughing for weeks.

    I saw Kasich on the Daily Show last night when I got in and all I could think was, why why why couldn’t we have had him? Intelligent, articulate, principled. I don’t even agree with him on everything, but at least he can articulate evidence-based policy.

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  5. CM

    CM has vanished?

    I know we’re not meant to use this word, but it’s all just way too retarded.

    Need to wait until a Democrat is in charge and then it’ll be the end-times once again. Trump is doing a swell job, there’s absolutely nothing to hold him to account for. His ongoing ridiculousness is good because it makes people (who don’t want their President to be an ongoing circus of ridiculousness) angry, and those people are just cunts.

    I saw Kasich on the Daily Show last night when I got in and all I could think was, why why why couldn’t we have had him? Intelligent, articulate, principled.

    Nah, a cunt.

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