Just Say No

Look, I’ve said this before. I don’t like political dynasties. We’ve seen enough of them. So no more Bushes. No more Daleys. No more Cuomos. No more Rockefellers. Certainly no more God-damned Kennedys.

And no … no more Clintons. I don’t think Chelsea even wants to be in politics. This is just some weird fetish that’s developed on the Left.

Bill Clinton was a decent President. Since then, the Clintons have brought nothing but ruin and strife to the party. Stop treating them like they’re a royal family or something.

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  1. AlexInCT

    But I like the Clintons! You can get more corrupt and vile than they do, and that is saying something.

    And being able to remind people of that – constantly – especially after the whole Obama admin spying on the other side now plays itself out, with the morons that were hard up demanding heads roll because they want you to believe a foreign government hacked the election they lost (all that might have happened if a foreign power was really involved BTW, is that they exposed the dnc and the Clintons for the crooks they are), now playing defense and making excuses for the US government spying on political enemies because it was done by their guy, and people realizing how corrupt the left has become. Pointing out what the Clintons and the Obama did to make that all come about, should be so easy that any Clinton (or Obama) running for any office other than in places like Chicago or NY can be made unpalatable to vote for wiith all but the most idiotic of people (and I admit there are a lot of those).

    I expect that as Obama goes down in flames over this scandalous Nixonesque spy-gate affair, he will make sure the Clintons go with him anyway. I believe Trump also plays for keeps, unlike most, if not all republicans, and Obama will end up paying for pissing him off. If we can make sure we also don’t get any of the Booshes as well, it will be a good thing for this country.

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  2. West Virginia Rebel

    This goes for the Bushes, as well. Bush the Elder was also a decent president; his son lacked much of his acumen and showed why the presidency shouldn’t be treated like a family inheritance. We’ll never know how well Jeb might have fared, and it’s probably just as well.

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