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  1. AlexInCT *

    He also didn’t need any evidence to repeatedly claim he was wiretapped by Obama.

    Actually the evidence is there, but the left and the media are now hard at work trying to avoid admitting that was done. Educate yourself. Team Obama was sicked on the Orange guy. I mean, why is is so hard to believe that the Obama admin which shady and spied on everyone, would think they could get away with that? Oh, the left and their stooges pretending to be in the media will try hard to hide the facts, but that ship has sailed.

    At this point, with the evidence that has come out despite the attempts to confound and confuse by the dnc operatives with bylines, you must clearly not want to see that the Obama was spying on Trump – for Hillary or for itself – if you are still acting like this didn’t happen. I am sure when even more evidence comes out backing Trump’s claim that the Obama admin was spying on him – even if they never find enough evidence to directly link Obama to it despite the fact he was definitely part of it all – all the people that were so eager to label Trump as the one making up shit will line up to offer the deserved apologies and demand prison time for the people involved in clearly violating the laws.

    Yeah, sure…

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  2. CM

    Yes starving writer, ‘educate’ yourself via politically-ideological blogs on the internets.

    And while you’re there, don’t forget to buy their books. You’ll never guess what happens next!

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  3. AlexInCT *

    Yes starving writer, ‘educate’ yourself via politically-ideological blogs on the internets.

    I am sure you would love it if he only was allowed to hear what the lying dnc operatives with bylines and the left felt was allowed. You CM prove my point that you idiot leftists read 1984 and Brave New World, and took them as how to manuals instead of dire warnings…

    So they are also pointing this out on Fox News.

    Let me guess.. they are ideologues as well, and the only reliable media is the one populated by the dnc operatives with bylines that were so blatantly partisan hacks it helped elect Trump.

    You can’t parody the stupidity on the left.

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  4. CM

    No, of course not, Fox are the real truth-tellers. Which is why Trump uses them to ‘educate’ himself, and then regurgitate it in a tweet. The President of the United States we’re talking about here.

    You can parody ideological stupidity though. Like there’s no tomorrow.

    I still think there’s a good chance you’re an invention. Or that this is a really long con by some lefty to make the right look moronic.

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  5. AlexInCT *

    Ah CM, don’t change ever man. You are absolutely priceless in your rigid and biased dogma!

    Anyway, here is another great article. And if you are paying attention (instead of pretending that this is just too much to bother with or telling people to ignore the story so they can keep the charade going like CNN did), we have now gone from “Trump lied whole cloth about the Obama admin spying on him, and needs to be impeached for daring to imply Black Nixon would break the laws”, to “Well ‘technically‘ what Rice did isn’t really illegal illegal“, or something to that tune. And while the ludicrous and obviously false accusations that Russia hacked the elections to help Trump are still being leveled in close lefty circles, the dnc operatives with bylines are trying their best to avoid touching this subject now blown up in their face with a 10 foot pole.

    Let’s wait a few more weeks for more information to come out on this topic. Obviously only from those nefarious and unqualified sites that seem to always be the only ones willing to point out democrats are downright corrupt and evil tyrants, willing to do anything and everything to retain power, but also the first to falsely accuse their enemies of doing exactly what they are really up to, and you are sure to dismiss with the same hand waving above.

    I am confident that the dnc operatives with bylines would rather do even more damage to whatever credibility they have left – and I am being generous because they have none with anyone other than partisan hacks like you – and try to avoid this story, but lucky for us, the left no longer holds absolute power over the levers of that weaponized government Obama built them, and this shit will come out.

    Chocolate Nixon needs to be prosecuted along with Cankles, whom profited from what these corrupt people were doing.

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  6. AlexInCT *

    And don’t you worry, when this is all played out I will write a nice long post about it, rubbing it in hard, so you and the other idiots can all grandstand and accuse me of not knowing what I am talking about.

    Man it must suck to constantly end up with egg on your face after making like you have ground to stand on and I don’t. or not. Maybe you have some weird fetish about constantly getting stomped on. who knows.

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  7. AlexInCT *

    If this wasn’t so serious an issue of governmental abuse of power and malfeasance, one would almost feel compelled to laugh at the stupidity and the double standards that drive the dnc operatives with bylines to their pedantry. Case in point, some idiot named Michelle Goldberg making the ludicrous claim that the Obama administration breaking the law and abusing their power was justified. Trump equals Hitler or something. I am sure this lady would write the same about the FBI spying on MLK or defending Reagan for going after U-Boat Commander Ted Kennedy for asking the Soviets to help him steal elections, or if Boosh had actually investigated the Clintons and put their asses in jail like they needed to be.

    Nixon called. He wants a do-over!

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