Budget Blueprint Out

Trump released a blueprint of his budget for discretionary spending today. It includes a big increase in military spending but balances it with massive cuts to other agencies, particularly the EPA, NIH and HUD. Real cuts, not “slowing growth” cuts.

There is little chance that the Congress will pass this budget. In the end, they will come up with their own plan. There is a lot that alarms me. The big cut to NIH would be a blow to public health and scientific research, including the research we need to deal with things like Ebola. Cuts to EPA sound good but unless you’re also cutting regulations, that just means longer delays in EPA evaluations and clearances. The budget also guts climate science since we apparently don’t have to care anymore.

Other cuts, like HUD and that National Endowment for the Arts, seem more reasonable. The gripping hand is that, with big increases in military spending and no entitlement reform, even Trump’s budget does nothing to get our debt under control.

Of course, the Left, being the Left, has decided to focus their criticism as stupidly as possible. They are claiming that Trump is canceling Meals on Wheels.

Are they right? Is Trump canceling Meals on Wheels? No he isn’t.

One of the cuts in the budget is longer overdue cutting of the Community Development Block Grant Program. The CDBG is a $3 billion program that ostensibly goes to developing poor communities but mostly goes to graft, corruption and waste. It blows massive amounts of money on wasteful projects, sees a huge chunk disappear into administrative costs and, unsurprisingly, sends most of its funds to wealthy communities around DC that can, frankly, fund their God-damned white elephants.

(Note: this is typical of programs that purport to develop communities up to and including the grandaddy of all “community development” pork barrels — public subsidies for sports stadiums. It’s odd how often governments decide that the best way to develop a community is to throw money at their rich friends.)

With such a juicy slice of government pork-barrel spending in danger, the Democrats had to find some way to save it. And so they scoured the budget until they found something. It turns out that one of the many things the CDBG program gives money to is Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels is a great program. But their national program only gets 3% of their funding from government grants. Almost all of the rest of their funding comes from private sources. And a huge amount of its costs are covered by volunteers. So even if Meals on Wheels never saw another red cent of federal money, they would still be able to do almost everything they do right now.

This nonsense is typical of attempts to cut government spending. The federal government does not run a Federal Cat Kicking Program or a National Dog Beating Program. Almost all of its programs have noble intentions. Or at least noble labels. So even if a program is wasteful, it purports to fight illiteracy or feed the hungry or build communities. The people who benefit from a federal program — in the case of CDBG, that would be rich DC-area governments — are very invested in making sure it stays funded. By contrast, the people pay for it — that would be the rest of us us — only see a tiny part of their paychecks go to that particular program. And so Trump’s proposal to kill the wasteful CDBG program are cast as, “DONALD TRUMP IS TRYING TO STARVE SENIORS AND THIS PROGRAM ONLY COSTS YOU TWO CENTS A DAY!!” And, of course, our worthless media repeat that lie until the program is saved.

This is why we ended up with the sequester. Because the alternative to a dumb misguided across-the-board spending cut was no spending cut at all. Trump would be far better off simply setting a cap on how much discretionary spending he will accept before a veto and then let Congress squabble about where the money’s going. And if the Left really cares about Meals on Wheels, they can pony up another 3% of its funding themselves.

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    It’s past time that PBS, NPR, etc, were taken off the public trough. As for climate “science,” real science can and has been done without government subsidies for alarmism.

    I do agree about entitlements-the money won’t be there forever, especially with this type of budget plan. Military spending is a third rail for Republicans and it can lead to stuff like this:


    If you’re going to cut, cut across the board.

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  2. CM

    So where is all the outrage about how your President is treating your closest allies? So much bitching over Obama doing less and all this talk about how you’ll hold your Fox News President to account and yet…..predictable tumbleweeds. What’s the excuse this time?

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    I haven’t written much about Trump’s foreign policy because every time I do, I just bang my head on the desk in rage.  I should write something about his wire-tapping bullshit thought.

    Incidentally, Kevin Drum wrote about Meals on Wheels.  Turns out, almost all their funding comes other places, not the CDBGs.  So this “Trump wants to gut Meals on Wheels” is total bullshit.

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  4. Iconoclast

    So where is all the outrage about how your President is treating your closest allies?

    To which allies and incidents are you referring?  And what does this have to do with the budget?

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  5. CM

    It doesn’t have anything to do with the budget, that’s kinda the point.
    As for ‘uh, duh, what?’, you’re not fooling anyone. Crawl out from under your rock.
    Or not. It’s not time for WW3 yet so no need to give a single shit.

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  6. Iconoclast

    It doesn’t have anything to do with the budget, that’s kinda the point.

    So your “point” is off topic, then.

    As for ‘uh, duh, what?’, you’re not fooling anyone……

    Didn’t realize I was trying to “fool” anyone — just wanted to know what the hell you were talking about.  If not knowing what you’re banging on about means I’m “under a rock”, well, so be it.  Or perhaps I’ve just got more interesting things to do with my time than obsessing over the latest hysterical tantrum the MSM is having over whatever latest thing The Donald has said or done.

    If you can’t be bothered to clarify what your talking about, then yeah, you’re right, there is no need for me to give a single shit.


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  7. richtaylor365

    It doesn’t have anything to do with the budget, that’s kinda the point.
    As for ‘uh, duh, what?’, you’re not fooling anyone. Crawl out from under your rock.
    Or not. It’s not time for WW3 yet so no need to give a single shit.

    Over the years, many on this blog have called you a troll, but that last comment should dispel any confusion held by anyone what you think your purpose is here. Asked a simple question as to what you were referring to (I had no idea either, not unusual for the detritus you routinely spew)  instead of even trying to engage, to clarify, you know, for the sake of honest debate and all, you insult, dismiss and get all snarky. Yes, Icon, could feel foolish for even attempting anything honest with you, but that really isn’t the point, is it? A lesson you never learned, how to disagree without being disagreeable. Stay classy there CM, at least you are consistent, good on you.

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  8. CM

    The cognitive dissonance is at frightening levels. Hal knew immediately and picks it up in a separate thread. If Obama had done ten percent of this shit then Rich and Alex, you know the “yes we actively supported Trump but don’t worry, we’ll be all over him” would be all over it. But no, the issue is with me being a troll. FFS.

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  9. Iconoclast

    No, I did NOT “know immediately” — I simply figured that, since what Hal was talking about did involve Trump and some of our allies, it probably was what you were referring to. I could have been wrong. Bottom line, yes, you are a troll. Again, I wasn’t trying to “fool” anybody, because we all know there’s no fooling you. Ever.

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  10. Iconoclast

    Maybe Hal intended to address those things all along, just hadn’t gotten around to it until when he did. Again, I don’t stay glued to the MSM, waiting for the latest horror stories from Trump & Co. Call me lazy if that makes you feel better about your loser self, or tell me I’m under a rock if that gets your rocks off. I didn’t know what you were bitching about, and you couldn’t be bothered to clarify. Troll.

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  11. CM

    You all made your beds, now you get to have 4 years of fun lying in it together. If you’re lucky some Russian hookers might come and urinate on it.

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