Hawking says that without world government tech will destroy us!

That’s the claim he makes <a href=’http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/stephen-hawking-world-government-stop-technology-destroy-humankind-th-a7618021.html” target=”_new”>in this article. Meh, globalists are getting desperate and even people that are supposed to be intelligent are now talking out of their asses. I find it not just naive but ridiculous to put faith in an entity that couldn’t do the job even at the micro level of states. What, incompetent credentialed bureaucrats like the ones running the EU or the UN will suddenly discover the secret to doing things right? Talk about being delusional. Shit, if the tools that will be running the global government don’t kill us outright themselves, they will use this tech to enslave us. Maybe Hawking thinks that is preferable to his imagined alternative, but I don’t.

Tech won’t doom humanity. Idiots thinking that only they are qualified and know what is best in charge of tech is what will doom humanity, and you are far more likely to get that with a global government than you are without. You want a bunch of social engineering idiots that think their will can bend the laws of nature, humanity, and physics to be in charge? Shit, Obama had the intelligence people spying on everyone, including his personal and political enemies. The Eu is a bunch of unaccountable douchebags that have been screwing over the people of Europe while they live a high life. And the UN, well that is one of the world’s biggest criminal organizations ever. Why the fuck would anyone trust an even larger and more intrusive government to do anything but make things worse for us?

I guess this “cri de coeure” by Hawking is just another desperate attempt at replacing the panic inducing shit other pro-globalization types push, like AGW, to sell their shit sandwich. The globalists are freaking out that their dream is dying, but I see it as a great thing that it is. Credentialed tools should not be calling the shot based on the horrible performance they have produced so far. That’s the real threat to humanity.

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  1. InsipiD

    Hawking has also said that we probably shouldn’t be trying so hard to broadcast our presence to aliens, and he’s probably right about that part.

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  2. West Virginia Rebel

    I’d like to ask Hawking if the technology that’s kept him alive would have been easily available if he were an EU citizen and not famous.

    It’s not tech or populism that starts big wars; its unaccountable, un-elected leaders.


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  3. AlexInCT *

    Hawking has also said that we probably shouldn’t be trying so hard to broadcast our presence to aliens, and he’s probably right about that part.

    This I definitely agree with him about. I have always laughed at people that believe when aliens come they will be these benevolent beings here to help. The converse is far more likely to be the case. If they do come it will be more like Alien Nation and/or Independence day.

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