The Plan is Out

Just a few quick thoughts since I’m frantically packing for the long trip back to the US.

The Republicans finally came out with their official Obamacare replacement plan. From what I can tell, it is basically Obamacare with more debt. It eliminates the insurance mandate tax, replacing it with hiked insurance rate for those who go without coverage — under the logic, I guess, that higher initial premiums will encourage the uninsured to buy insurance. It maintains the coverage mandate, which doesn’t work without a purchase mandate. It keeps the elimination of lifetime caps and coverage for those under 26. It also cuts off funding to Planned Parenthood. It’s basically all the popular stuff about Obamacare without all the unpopular stuff that pays for it.

There’s also no chance it will pass. The Senate is highly skeptical. A number of interest groups and conservative groups are already against it. The proposal is basically DOA.

And frankly, so is the Republican Party if they can’t do better than this. I didn’t think they could come up with something worse than Obamacare but they managed it.

(Note: the response from the Democrats is very illuminating. The overwhelming cry is, “THIS IS A TAX CUT FOR THE RICH!!!!” It’s astonishing how every Democratic policy and every political instinct revolves around soaking those evil rich people.)

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  1. AlexInCT

    This “plan” of theirs not only sucks, but it is just downright dumb. These fucking establishment douchebags are proving why Trump won both the party nomination and the election. There is nothing redeemable about Obamacare, and the fact that they chose to stay with a big government solution tells me the republicans all need to be sent packing as well.

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  2. West Virginia Rebel

    Why couldn’t they simply turn health coverage back over to the states? At least this plan does say that you can take your insurance across state lines. But the rest? Now we know why they didn’t want anybody to see the damn thing.

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  3. Tripper

    Can you point to the federal government policy right now that stops people buying insurance across state lines?

    I’ve never seen it. I’m pretty sure that the states set their own rules about what insurance can be purchased in their state right now, and any move to allow people to purchase from other states, would actually be a federal move to take away the power from states to decide what policies they allow.

    That’s not turning it back over to the states at all.

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  4. Tripper

    So the general belief seems to be that this plan has no chance of passing the senate, and probably not the house either.

    I can find much to criticism Paul Ryan on, but one thing has always been clear to me, an that is that he’s a very smart man.

    So what could be going on here then?

    Here’s a fun theory. They know they can’t meet the promises, which is to pass something that provides better coverage to more people more cheaply than Obamacare does, so, they put this up for a vote knowing it will go down in flames. Ryan and Trump will claim they tried, the whacko birds will blame the squishes in their party, the squishes will blame the whacko birds, somehow it will all still be the fault of Obama, first for passing the bill originally, and then for secretly undermining it with his shadow government.

    Trump and the Republicans will run against Obama and the intelligence services (no matter who the Dems have on the ticket) in 4 years time with the new claim that they need a super majority to do anything now.

    Who knows, based on what I’ve seen in the past 2 years I can’t say it won’t work. And I also don’t think they can pass anything with a super majority either.

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  5. Iconoclast

    As long as they utterly crucify the existing Obamacare and let its corpse rot in the desert sun, I don’t care if they never pass a “replacement”, EVER. Let insurance companies sell insurance to consumers — why the FUCK does government need to be involved?

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  6. AlexInCT

    As long as they utterly crucify the existing Obamacare and let its corpse rot in the desert sun, I don’t care if they never pass a “replacement”, EVER.

    I have asked repeatedly why we can’t just repeal Obamacare and leave it tat that. Some idiot told me that would leave people without coverage or something. My answer was “So what? You telling me they can’t go get their own healthcare?”

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  7. grady

    Statistics seem to change based on the source, but it seems there were approximately 10 – 15 million Americans without insurance prior to Obamacare and now there are still 10 – 15 million Americans without insurance, but it is different people.  And this time it is their choice to be without insurance.  And they choose a $2,000 penalty as well.

    We’ve really screwed the pooch on this one.  At least the Republicans are getting their hands into healthcare in a way that now everyone can blame the other guys for the failure.

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  8. AlexInCT

    Yes, that’s what they’re telling you.

    What I was being told – not by any of these people but by elitist statists with delusions of grandeur – was that they want me to pay for these others so they could secure their votes, and also to shut up about it, because they all feel entitled to it. It is almost like they are saying it is their money, and I should be happy they are kind enough to leave me with some of it or something. They sure have come a long way from the days of loving communism, but I see very little difference in the motivation of the perps between then and now.

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  9. grady

    Any news on how the feds currently prevent people buying insurance across state lines then?

    I’ve heard that allowing insurance policy buys across state lines would be a big improvement for years now, but I have never seen the source of the restriction.  I assume it is in the ACA, but I am speculating.  I heard Paul Ryan had read the whole thing, maybe I can send him an e-mail.

    CM – The numbers are from a variety of articles I have read over time, but I don’t have a source I would consider trustworthy.  So many people play games with the numbers.  Apologies for not having a credible source to point to, but I keep seeing that approximately 5% of the population is still uninsured.  I’ll do some looking around this weekend.

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  10. AlexInCT

    Any news on how the feds currently prevent people buying insurance across state lines then?

    They make the insurance companies selling health or property/casualty verify your living address.

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