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So a few of our readers/writers — Zoom, Manwhore and Thrill — have started a new blog to talk about politics and anything else that comes to mind. They’ve got a few posts up already (although I can’t get the RSS feed into feedly yet). All three are old RTFLC hands and I wish them well (although I hope they will continue to read us and occasionally comment).

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  1. Thrill

    I really can’t thank you enough, Hal.  I know you’re taking a bit of a hiatus and you went out of your way for this.  We’re most grateful!

    As for Feedly, I use it as well.  You can find us if you search for www.ridiculousvikingstuff.com.  Have to do the whole url, for some reason, but we do have both a post and comment feed.

    WVR: There is an issue with the captcha, it seems.  I can’t see it on my tablet, so I’d guess you’re using a mobile?  Zoom is taking a look at that for you.  I’ll let you know what comes of it.

    To everyone:

    We started moving on this a few months ago, back when it looked like RTFLC might be going dark forever.  Initially, we had considered a direct successor blog but, happily, it’s still alive!  Who knew you’d go from almost losing your favorite blog to suddenly ending up with your favorite blog plus a shiny new one with a familiar set of characters?  You’ve doubled your daily content, right?

    Naturally, I’m still going to be reading RTFLC and I will make it a point to speak up more, as Hal has suggested.  My roots here go back about 12 years or so and will never get tired of seeing the same names and new discussions.

    My only request is that Hal keep writing novels!


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  2. Santino

    Great to see you back Thrill!!  I look forward to your incisive commentary and usual wit.  Any chance of reviving the music threads so us less articulate and less proficient posters can participate?

    [Sorry for the multiple posts, I figured out what I was doing.  I think a certain someone is essentially Voldemort on this site]

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  3. Thrill

    Santino, I’m especially excited for the chance to bring you and the other VO alumni back for more of the conversations and musical selections we used to enjoy.  Hopefully Iconoclast, Section8, stogy, cress, and any others I missed who have been lurking here will check in soon.  Otherwise, I’ll have to hunt them down, one by one.

    Oh, and we have pfluffy.  If that isn’t reason enough to come by, I don’t know what is.

    DJ threads will be introduced once we start getting some more participation (hint, hint).  I like doing them, but it’s no fun when nobody is sharing music with me.

    I am sorry that I have not been more of a presence here for the past few years, but my co-bloggers and I have all committed to writing again, we did it pretty recently, have planned this out extensively, and felt it was best to do it on our own new domain.

    You’ll see active posting from me over there and more comments over here, as Hal has requested.  If you like my work, that’s a good thing.  If you don’t, fuck you.

    I really do hope you guys view this as a positive development for our community of users, whether you read RVS or not.  I’ll still share all content from RTFLC on my Twitter feed (partly out of sentimentality and partly because I can’t figure out how to disconnect my account from doing it automatically) and don’t mind linking to content here from RVS from time to time.  These activities will help RTFLC to grow and thrive as well!

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