Taking on the education cartel just as dangerous as taking on the drug cartels

If you still have doubts about which side not only has gone completely off the rails but actually resorts to tactics and acts of violence against those they furiously and feverishly accuse of being the next coming of Hitler, just look at stories like this one, or this one.

The first story is about Betsy DeVos, whom was the most hotly contested Trump nominee bar non. It’s also no wonder that she now needs security, because we are talking about one of the most corrupt and criminal money laundering entities that the democratic party counts on for money: the educational cartel. DeVos’ crime is that she threatens the left’s monopoly on indoctrination and the democratic party’s most lucrative protection racket by wanting to give parents – and especially parents of minority children, whom are the ones worst served by the failure prone educational cartel’s monopoly – choices. The democrats can’t either have the upstarts leaving the plantation nor risking that massive money pool that this racket allows them to collect, and they will go to any lengths to undermine her efforts to reform a failed system.

Look no system that tries to force produce equality of outcome will ever produce anything but misery and failure. This whole fixation with creating equality of outcome for the plebes – because the progressive elite certainly believe they have a dispensation from this requirement due to their exalted status- referred by those that know that in order to sell their nonsense they need to couch their agenda in pretty language as “Social justice”, is the central tenet of a quasi-religious movement of credentialed idiots that is lapped up by idiots that are pissed shit isn’t just given to them because of the simple fact that they feel they deserve it more than the people that actually have earned, always by nefarious means unless said people hold the right sort of progressive beliefs, whatever it is. And no where is it more obvious than in failed public education machine of the US, where the system constantly tries to produce that impossible equality of outcome by hamstringing the gifted and hard working, and pushing the less qualified into situations where failure is all but assured. And it does so while pissing away massive amounts of money that serve to feed a democrat beholden administration heavy machine and democrat owned teacher’s union, but doesn’t do much for most students or good teachers.

DeVos is one of the most scary things that the democrats see coming from the Trump WH, because she targets a fundamental cog in the indoctrination & money making machine that the left had up until now thought invulnerable to any real reform. Anything that would undermine their ability to brainwash kids and produce piles of money for democrat politicians, is anathema to the people that demand the public school system remain untouched, while sending their own to private schools. School choice – the main platform of DeVos – is a death knell to the stranglehold the left has on both the money and the choice of educational subjects (a.k.a what the idiots get told to believe). While kids being given the opportunity of going to schools that no longer are beholden to the bureaucratic rules of the public education system, designed to maintain the monopoly of democratic party’s twin pillars of generating proggy drones and generating money for their campaign coffers, is horrifying, the real fear is that of that being a success.

As I already pointed out before, only to have our resident lefty trolls eager to hide the obvious jump on me for here: the most frightening thing to the left is that someone actually is successful and shows that the things the left believes in, and more importantly does, simply are just recipes for failure and disaster. From Trump succeeding, especially after the crap the left produced during the 8 years of abject failures under Obama, to DeVos fixing a system we are told can only be fixed by doubling down on the same idiotic rules, bloating the bureaucracy even more than it is, and giving unions more money to give to democrat politician by the very people that have a vested interest in keeping the system exactly how it is, the children of the plebs being provided a disservice be damned, we are dealing with a viscous and visceral reaction by people that would rather burn it all down than allow their grip on power to be threatened.

The left, after deeply drinking its own kool-aid about the death of any opposition to the progressive agenda, weaponizing government for the coming of Hillary whom was to basically clean slate after Obama, suddenly finds itself on the potential receiving end of the very machine they thought would allow them to kill off the other side. More frightening yet, that Machiavellian machine is now directed by a guy that plays by their rules – and is a champ at doing to them what they have spent 50 years doing to idiots that actually thought doing battle on the merits of their arguments and playing fair would be enough to overcome the machinations of what amounts to a deceitful and criminal entity – and is running circles around their operatives with bylines and their political crime syndicate. Hence the constant and more hysterical escalation of lies, insanity, and finally, resort to violence.

These fuckers burning down can’t happen fast enough for me, and I suspect, for a world that should be hoping for a faith other than the soft tyranny – but tyranny that will devolve in misery for all but a few – promised by the ideology that thinks the elite are the only ones that know what is right and good for the dumb ass plebes.

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  1. richtaylor365

    In typical Orwellian fashion, has there been any phrase more bastardized and turned on it’s head than Social Justice Warrior? What is just about demonizing white males (just because they are white and male), redistributing wealth, or breaking items not your own just because you did not get your way?

    whom was the most hotly contested Trump nominee bar non. 

    Scott Pruitt was right up there. His first day on the job he is bringing a box of matches and some gasoline. What better candidate to run the EPA than the guy that constantly sued (and won) the EPA in court for overreaching?


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  2. AlexInCT *

    Scott Pruitt was right up there. His first day on the job he is bringing a box of matches and some gasoline. What better candidate to run the EPA than the guy that constantly sued (and won) the EPA in court for overreaching?

    Yeah Rich, he is IMO the second most contested nominee because he targets the other cash cow cum big government growing machination that the left has profited from: the AGW cult. A lot of undeserving people, and some downright criminal ones, have made a lot of money of this scam. And no program other than the indoctrination machine called public education, has served to expand big government’s reach as much as this trope based on lies and abuse of science and the scientific principle.

    If I had to mention a third item in the left’s platform for expanding and expanded tyrannical government control of the plebes (the proverbial unwashed masses), it would be healthcare. They have been far less viscous and brutally sanguine in opposition to this nominee than they have been to the threat to their monopoly on education and bullshit environmental regulation. But I suspect that had a lot more to do with a combination of the fact that the left is so sure they have caused enough catastrophic damage to the American healthcare system that when that is coupled with reluctance from establishment republicans to actually roll back government overreach in this area, their plan to march towards a government controlled single payer system (with all the political and nasty implications of it being used as a political weapon), remains in place. The negative repercussions of Obamacare will be with us for decades, even if we manage to roll that disaster back with minimal loss. And yes, that damage was by design.

    The left plays for keep, and they would rather burn it all down than not be the ones in power, as is made clear and evident every day since the results on the second Wednesday of November 2016 (and even before to be honest), by their actions and pants shitting.

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  3. Hal_10000

    In typical Orwellian fashion, has there been any phrase more bastardized and turned on it’s head than Social Justice Warrior?

    I can’t remember.  It might be Dave Burge.  But someone said that attaching “social” to a word tends to negate. Social Security is anything but secure.  Social Science is rarely scientific.  And Social Justice is rarely just.

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  4. Hal_10000

    This , which is mainly a hit on the Trump right, captures a bit of how I feel about the modern left:

    We conservatives love to point and laugh at liberal melodrama. Thanks to a brilliant 2015 piece from Lutheran pastor Hans Fiene, we even have a term for it: “Selma envy.” Scratch away at all too many liberal activists and you’ll find that they pine for the noble, heroic moments of yore. They wish they had been there standing for justice when the dogs were turned loose, so they cast their present activism in the most dramatic terms. They’re not just the opposition; they’re the #Resistance. They’re not just fighting for, say, police reform; they’re declaring that black lives matter.

    Bill James had a similar piece on his website, arguing that you can grade racism, for example, on a scale with 10 being people who hate black people and want to oppress them down to, say, 2 being inadvertently saying something that offends black people. The problem, he argues, is that they don’t see a difference and are using the same tactics to fight scale 2 racism as they did scale 10 racism.  And he credit this, in part, for the rise of Trump.  People whose only crime might be blindness to racial problems are told they are worse than the KKK.  The SJW movement is at the core of this movement of “calling out” people for small slights.  And there is a large body of work showing that calling people racists makes them hunker down, not give in.  This “call out culture” is poison.

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  5. richtaylor365

    OT (again, not worthy of it’s own post………..dang I’m getting lazy) but any opinions out there about the vote next week to name a new DNC chair? Tom Perez ( Obama guy, considered part of the old school) and Keith Ellison (Sanders/Warren guy, considered new school). Perez has already claimed having enough votes, but the progressive wing (I know, redundant) is still pissed at Wasserman Schultz rigging the primaries for Hillary, and some feel the Bernie guy should get it. Naturally, I want the most caustic “out there” guy (Ellison) to win, figuring it will marginalize the opposition. But the same could be said about Trump (The dems were praying that caustic Trump would get the nod), look how that turned out for them.

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  6. Hal_10000

    The Democrats needs new blood.  The party has no idea what they’re doing and they keeping loving on people like Donna Brazille and Hillary Clinton, who have led them to disaster.  I don’t know that Ellison is the cure, but he’d at least be someone knew that would shake the party out of its complacency.  The big problem is that with Trump taking the populist line, there’s no home for the center right and libertarians.  I doubt the Democrats will become that home.

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  7. West Virginia Rebel

    Ellison just seems to be part of the same problem for the Democrats while they’re in their state of denial. The real story, of course, is how much the Trump Era has become a repudiation of the Social Justice loons who now run our colleges and infest the Permanent State.

    IMO the center dithered too long on taking a stand against the SJWs and the Permanent State, and libertarians too often wound up sounding like potheads who wanted legal weed. Maybe now both can find a way to work with the New Populists instead of previously trying to dismiss them.

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  8. AlexInCT *

    The Democrats needs new blood. 

    To feed the vampires? Oh, you mean new leadership. Must be why they nominated Hillary, then Pelosi ands Schumer. Who do they have left? Liawhata/Fauxahantis? Booker? Al Franken? The democratic party of today reminds me of the republican party of the Bob Dole or John McCain era, only without any sense of dignity, decorum, vision, or morality. Then again, the republicans establishment is lost as well, as it took a loudmouth outsider that refused to play by the double standard rules for them to win an election the left almost stole.

    I frankly am worried that the democrats have fallen so far, and then also so fast, because usually that means that the republican establishment goes stupider than normal and things just devolve into more shit. This time, with Trump in and bucking the trends, I am hoping the republican establishment burns as well, and we finally get a chance to move away from the big government credentialed elite douchebags and the destruction the nanny staters have wreaked on this country.

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  9. AlexInCT *

    IMO the center dithered too long on taking a stand against the SJWs and the Permanent State, and libertarians too often wound up sounding like potheads who wanted legal weed. 

    This is why despite me being moire libertarian than conservative on everything but economics and foreign policy, I have not bothered with the libertarian party. Their fixation on drugs above all else, when they are supposed to be about liberty and small government, just turns me off.

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