Super Matchup

The Trump effect strikes again. The NCAA national championship game was one for the ages, will this Sunday’s Superbowl game live up to that? I think it will. The best offense in the league against the best defense, the 2 guys (QB’s) vying for this years MVP (my pick, Ryan, has to be) the deflategate backlash (will Brady pull Goodell’s noose during the trophy presentation?), the Golden Boy sans Gronk against the best receiver in football, Julio Jones, this game has it all. Some sideline diversions; Lady Gaga goes political during the halftime show and is resoundingly booed by the those in the stands, don’t do it.

Make your predictions here, mine, only a fool would go against Belichick when he has 2 weeks to prepare (takes a la crosse player and turns him into a super stud receiver, get outa here) but I can’t help myself, I’m going with Atlanta. If Ryan can keep his cool and tune out all the hype, they will win, call me crazy.

Oh, and record numbers for viewers, not Trump numbers (te he) but still pretty big.

I have a tennis tournament this weekend so I am praying for rain (here) on Sunday.

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  1. Hal_10000

    I’ve been a Falcons fan for almost 40 years but I’m trying to keep my expectations down.  This is my favorite Falcons team in all that time, though.  Hope they at least keep it close, not like ’98.

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  2. AlexInCT

    I am not a New England fan. Usually I root for them to lose because of the assholishness of New England fans, most of whom are fair weather fans and are for now fans because the Pats have a winning record. But in this game I will be rooting for Brady and Belichick to win precisely because of the snowflakes that were all pissed both these guys not only expressed support for Trump, but had the temerity to have a rally to show that support.

    Go Pats!

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    The greatest collapse/choke in the history of sports. The NFL should disband the entire team and not allow  Atlanta to ever have another football team. Every player on that team should retire today and go live in a cave, removed from our sight. Words fail me, what a disgrace.

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  4. AlexInCT

    They thought they had that in the bag and just decided to cruise to the end Hal. I saw the momentum change when the Falcons couldn’t grasp that even though the Pats were being discounted by everyone, Tom and Bill were never going to stop trying until the final whistle blew.

    Awesome game. Better yet to watch Goodell have to give the trophy to Tom.

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  5. stogy

    While we’re on the topic, the performance in Hamilton yesterday was pretty special, too. Always nice to see great powers come crashing down.

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  6. CM

    I dunno, I still think Team New Zealand’s choke against Oracle Team USA in the America’s Cup was worse. Close though. Sorry Hal, that really sucks.

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  7. Hal_10000

    I’m used to it.  Atlanta has one title in 160+ seasons of professional sports.  This reminds me nothing so much as ’96, when the Braves won the first two games of the series overwhelmingly, then blew the next four.  And just like ’96, I’m going to have to avoid sports TV for a while.  In ’96, it was a sickening weeks-long Yankee-fest about how great and plucky they were and how NYC hadn’t had a title in a whole 19 years.

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  8. blameme

    Brady is not one of the best ever – the dude is the best ever at QB. No question in my mind.

    If you look at the game, even when ATL was ahead, their offense only clicked on two drives – it was really more the Patriots playing like ass for the first half. Even at halftime, other than turnovers, the Patriots had out-gained the Falcons in every category but rushing.

    I live near this city, but don’t cheer for any of the Atlanta teams, so I am pretty happy this Monday – plus it was a great lesson to my young kids on persevering and never giving up until the final whistle is blown – regardless of being ahead or behind.

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