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  1. richtaylor365

    So, Sean Spicer says this is 100% false, both the Trump administration and Russian officials have not confirmed any such meeting, and Iceland says they have not been contacted to host any meeting, I guess I’m still a bit fuzzy on this whole fake news concept.

    No mention about Trump bringing a red “reset” button with him, news to follow.

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  2. InsipiD

    A. Do you believe that source?

    B.  Is it a terrible idea?  I think that the Obama administration has been downright foolish about Russia.  Meeting with Russia arguably should be one of the first things he does.

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  3. grady

    I had the same thought as InsipiD’s  part B.  Is there a country Trump should be talking to any faster than Russia?  As far as military powers are concerned, only China ranks as high.  Obama and Hilary didn’t exactly give Russia more than the finger for diplomacy.

    If Trump is a Russian puppet, then there will be no reason to get over there at all.  The marching orders already exist.  A “where do we stand” meeting with several countries would be a great idea considering all the media bullshit that has happened during our election season.

    If it drive the lefties crazy, it’s probably a good thing.  Have the trip and let the madness go sky high.  When reality follows, then it’s another example of who is unhinged and who is reasonable.  Let social media and the MSM set their own stages.

    If the story is BS, then it is already an example of the amount of “fake news” out there.  (I’m not sure the quotes are necessary any longer.)

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  4. AlexInCT

    No mention about Trump bringing a red “reset” button with him, news to follow.

    Trump should do this as a gag (or make whomever he sends do it), then toss the thing out and say it was a stupid gimmick. Then add that and anyone that thought this absolutely idiotic idea would make a difference, should be considered as a retard. After that, the adults can get to doing real work.

    Obama and Hilary didn’t exactly give Russia more than the finger for diplomacy.

    To be frank they also gave most of our traditional allies the finger too. The only people they seemed to have played nice with were Iran and Cuba. They even tried to suck off Chavez, but he would have none of that, after which they abandoned him. Go figure.

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  5. stogy

    It may actually not be Trump’s first trip, but there are lots of sources in the administration saying that it is likely to occur within weeks:

    A source who discussed the plan with Trump and officials at the Russian embassy in London told the Times: “The idea of a summit with Putin is definitely on the cards. The Russians are also keen on it.”
    A Trump adviser confirmed the president-elect’s intention to meet Putin very soon and said that Reykjavik was under active consideration.
    “What does Putin want?” the adviser said. “Prestige, centre stage at the sum­mit, the one-on-one meet­ing, the hand on the back from Trump. That gives the US tremendous leverage. Mr Trump is master of the photo op and he will use that skill.”

    Really? I think the optics are risky for Trump considering the current news cycle. Putin would be well-advised to give away something very token (feigning disgruntlement) and make the summit look like a complete Trump victory. This should help to dispel any unpleasant rumors and then Putin can save up his bigger moves (and any blue movies that he may have acquired) for later, once the heat is off.

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