Enjoy your well deserved retirement, sir!

I was saddened today to find out that one of the writers and great minds I most respect has decided to call it quits:

Even the best things come to an end. After enjoying a quarter of a century of writing this column for Creators Syndicate, I have decided to stop. Age 86 is well past the usual retirement age, so the question is not why I am quitting, but why I kept at it so long.

It was very fulfilling to be able to share my thoughts on the events unfolding around us, and to receive feedback from readers across the country – even if it was impossible to answer them all.

Being old-fashioned, I liked to know what the facts were before writing. That required not only a lot of research, it also required keeping up with what was being said in the media.

During a stay in Yosemite National Park last May, taking photos with a couple of my buddies, there were four consecutive days without seeing a newspaper or a television news program – and it felt wonderful. With the political news being so awful this year, it felt especially wonderful.

This made me decide to spend less time following politics and more time on my photography, adding more pictures to my website (www.tsowell.com).

Looking back over the years, as old-timers are apt to do, I see huge changes, both for the better and for the worse.

Sowell was a genius. I will miss reading him because he was brilliant and able to convey great thoughts with few words. The wisdom share by this man helped me breakdown and understand many of the things I intuitively knew where wrong with the direction the world was taking. His wisdom will be missed, especially in these times when the lunatics are pissed they are losing control of the asylum they have run into the ground and are acting out on it.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes of his:

Ain't that the truth

Thank you for your wisdom sir.

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  1. InsipiD

    I will miss him badly, but I cannot fault the guy for retiring.  I hope he has the time to do exactly what he wants.  He’s earned it trying to teach the rest of us a lesson.

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  2. stogy

    “One of the consequences of such notions as ‘entitlements’ is that people who have contributed nothing to society feel that society owes them something, apparently just for being nice enough to grace us with their presence.”

    Is that the actual argument people use in favor of entitlements? Because if it isn’t, it makes the whole quote something of a straw man.

    I had a look through some of Sowell’s old columns today. You really think they were that special? Seemed like a rehashing of many of the same old tired arguments to me…

    Regardless, I wish him well in retirement.

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  3. Iconoclast

    Is that the actual argument people use in favor of entitlements?

    No, and Sowell isn’t claiming such, which makes your response something of a straw man.

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  4. AlexInCT *

    Believing that taking from others to buy votes for people that do nothing for a living and expect the rest to take care of them doesn’t make you anything but a envious douchebag that has found a way to justify theft, but leftists seem unwilling to admit what their motivations really are

    BTW CM, I am enthralled to hear you failed to grasp anything Sowell made blatantly obvious, because it validates my view that liberalism is just envy and greed masquerading as “doing good”, profiting a few, and basically acting as the refuge of people that think themselves smart because they believe the “right” things, regardless of what reality does to dissuade them of their stupid notions.

    Shit, we are here today, in a far more dangerous and destabilized world due to the last 8 years of petty and amateurish governance not just in the US but across the western world,  because liberalism is a mental disorder and neither the priesthood nor the sheep are able to learn the lessons thought over and over. What’s the definition of insanity again? For you slow libs its trying to do the same stupid shit, over and over, while making excuses for the constant failures, while pretending this time it will turn out differently. We have spent 100 years seeing what your belief ultimately ends up as (look at North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, or even Germany and France these days), and yet you keep pretending that the problem is always the other side or the people that were in charge. The left loves to pick on religious people, but I think people that believe in some benevolent being in the sky are far less delusional or crazy than those that believe a big bureaucratic government is the answer to heaven on earth. Fucking insane.

    But please, please, PUH-LEASE, don’t stop what you people are doing. In fact, do more of it. The cure for your disease is for those not already at stage 4 of stupid to see what liberalism is really about. You bastards sure would like people to think you mean well, but you are nothing but a bunch of authoritarian douchebags that think the end justifies the means.

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