The Soft Racism Of Low Expectations

Having a good heart is enough, right? As long as you are empathetic you must be a good person. Here is that empathy in motion, from the liberal perspective;

Probably the worse thing in the world for a progressive is to be called a racist or labelled as uncaring.

I remember years ago Rush got in trouble for calling liberalism a gutless choice. His position was that liberalism is easy in that all you have to do is be like everyone else in your group, to parrot what they say, so by transference you are already hip and cool. You don’t have to be a good person at all, just feel, feel empathy for others and boom, you are in, part of the club. A 3 step program; feel empathy, comment on it, and be heartbroken about it, do these 3 things and the lion will sit with the lamb. A trophy or gold star is attained by identifying plight, blaming others for that plight, then call attention to yourself for recognizing the plight, no concrete action required and you are instant member of the cool club.

The harangue against voter ID laws is so bogus, and it is usually the same bad actors that yell at you ,”Every vote should count”, the self proclaimed champions of the democratic voting system, these folks squeal the most about voter ID laws but have nothing to say when this happens.

It is this same racism of low expectations that foists affirmative action on us, namely that minorities are not smart enough to get into college, or can’t pass tests so lets promote them anyway.

Given the college culture (peer re enforcement and professor propaganda) being part of the club is no real accomplishment, it is group think, silence is construed as assent, the laziest of choices.

You have seen the lists before, all the things you need an ID for, yet “those people” somehow can’t get an ID and to question it is racist.

Something else to consider, Berkeley is a top notch world renowned school, look at any list of best colleges in the world, these kids are not dumb, yet they parrot the party line reflexively, like it is gospel.Do they really think black folks in lower income neighborhoods are less civilized, less able to partake of the political process? Only they can answer that honestly. Book smart life stupid, more parent cellar dwellers after graduation?

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  1. RonK

    instead of asking for ID have the voters use their index finger print as a primary tool, giving the tech today you should be able to check and see if they vote multiple times.

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  2. stogy

    I was going to make a brief comment about Trump’s suggested tax plan, which proposes having lower tax rates for goods produced domestically and exported, and higher tax rates for goods imported for sale. Companies that export are obviously very much in favor of it, while big retailers like Walmart hate it. Based on what I have read about it so far, it seems like an interesting idea, and I can see that it at least might work in the short term to bolster domestic sales and promote export industries – at least until other countries introduce similar tax codes. I would like to know more about it and see some modeling. I am not sure what it means in terms of WTO rules or other trade agreement regulations.

    However as Rich has said that I am not allowed to comment about any aspects of Trump’s policies until he actually takes office, I won’t make any such comment. That would be premature. Plus Trump has done six other stupid things since I last didn’t comment. So I won’t comment on those either.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    Allow me to quote you ,”I must have misunderstood”, something you say quite often. Please comment on anything you like. Its the left that are enemies of free speech, remember? Comments are welcome, so are criticisms of those comments.

    What I bristle at is your all sweeping prognostications of certain doom  at  these not yet implemented polices (which aren’t really policies at all since he has no power, just ideas), see the difference? It is your cause/effect leaping, Trump wants to do A, so B will obviously be the outcome.

    That, and the “backtracking on his promises” nonsense, tiresome and tedious. I know, any suggestions to wait and see what happens first, outlandish and oh so unreasonable.

    I get that you are disappointed at the outcome and can’t wait to criticize, no problem, let him have it now if it makes you feel better. And if once in office, those criticisms are valid, I will gladly jump on your band wagon, but I’m not jumping on anything now until we see some concrete data on the outcomes of those polices, and not what you think will happen.


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  4. richtaylor365 *

     Plus Trump has done six other stupid things since I last didn’t comment.

    Just six? My list of “Stupid Trump things” is higher than that. I bet we have some common ground here.

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  5. AlexInCT

    My list of “Stupid Trump things” is higher than that. I bet we have some common ground here.

    I wouldn’t make that bet with him Rich. The things the left finds stupid an evil about Trump, well the things that are real and not the made up bullshit about how he is a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, clone of Hitler that has been doing the round simply so the left can pretend their criminal candidate was less vile, are bound to be the exact things we like about him. For me one of the biggest things about Trump is his disdain for the PC, multicultural bullshit culture and the fact that he treats the media like the DNC operatives with bylines that they are. The left hates him for doing this – playing by their rules – and it shows. It’s not a coincidence that they claim he is the second coming of Hitler: they are worried he might do to them what they all were counting on Hillary doing to the rest of us “deploreables”.

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