Dopey Dopes Try To Dope Our Political Process

This is just too precious for words;

Interestingly these “patriots” never had a problem with a 2 year Senator (one of those years spent running for president) whose only call to fame was voting present on anything that actually required reading the bill, a guy whose qualifications were so diaphanous, a guy so ill equipped to lead the nation, where was their concern then? Where was this call to subvert the process in the face of a wholly unqualified candidate?

Good thing they mentioned that hip hop rapper of a founder Hamilton, with a shout out to The Constitution, that will lend them some validation.

These crybabies, they never quit. I know, not their president, I get it. Me, if I was a democrat elector, I would be so embarrassed that I would think about changing my vote to Trump just to flip these folks off. After savoring the moment I would come back to reality, to do what I was supposed to do and vote according to the process.

They really miss Fidel.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Projection man. It is a bitch. This is what the “everybody gets a trophy” generation has left us with. A bunch of petulant crybabies that want to take someone else’s ball home because they don’t like the outcome of the game. Fucking idiots.

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  2. Hal_10000

    On the one hand, it would be very 2016 for the electors to rebel and cause a Constitutional crisis.  On the other hand, unless they plan on voting for Clinton, it would throw the vote to the House, who would elect … Trump.

    The gripping hand is that we’ve had a grand total of nine faithless electors in two centuries.  This is truly pathetic wish-casting.

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  3. Santino

    Hey, I have an idea.  Let’s get a bunch of celebrities together, talk down to the voters and try to change their minds. Worked so well for the election!

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  4. InsipiD

    Actors are the most trustworthy people.  After all, it’s not like they’re paid to show fake emotions or anything.  They’re also universally great at raising children, preserving relationships, respecting marriages, and responsible spending.  If I want to make a decision on something, I look to actors and follow them.  I’d much rather trust actors than 240 year old traditions.  What did a bunch of old white guys know then that a fickle actor doesn’t know now?


    Every unlikely success that Trump has had after the election just makes the efforts to foil him look dumber.  Here’s hoping that Trump knows how to lead and not rule.  The distinction never registered for Obama.

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