Big Brother In the UK

This is probably our future too:

On Tuesday, the UK is due to pass its controversial new surveillance law, the Investigatory Powers Act, according to the Home Office.

The Act, which has received overwhelming support in both the House of Commons and Lords, formally legalizes a number of mass surveillance programs revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013. It also introduces a new power which will force internet service providers to store browsing data on all customers for 12 months.

Civil liberties campaigners have described the Act as one of the most extreme surveillance laws in any democracy, while law enforcement agencies believe that the collection of browsing data is vital in an age of ubiquitous internet communications.

The UK is also introducing a new mass surveillance power, with the creation of so-called internet connection records (ICRs): records of the internet service a specific device has connected to, which will be created and stored by internet service providers. These records will include visited websites, messaging platforms like WhatsApp, or potentially even the connection your computer makes to a remote server when updating its software.

Many law enforcement agencies will be able to access this data, but so will lots of other, less obvious public bodies, including the Food Standards Agency, and some National Health Service Trusts.

The UK also, a couple of years ago, banned porn depicting anything the pearl-clutching nannies running their country regard as “deviant”. I’m sure more censorship is coming.

Don’t think this can’t happen here. Trump is putting in place people who support mass surveillance and oppose privacy protections. Congress has shown repeatedly that will instantly cave unless we the people rise up in protest. If we don’t want to follow the example of the UK, we have to object now, no matter who is in power.

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  1. richtaylor365

    Although I share your concern and the call for vigilance, the UK is light years apart from America. They have one CCTV camera for every 11 Brits. And their record on free speech, deplorable, hence their very oppressive libel laws and making anything at all offensive to anyone a hate crime. I mean, a crime against leafleting, are you kidding me? Criminalizing cartoons making fun of the thin skinned Muslims (they need their own draw Mohammed contest), posting racists comments while drunk and going to jail for it, crimes against rude tweeting, it is a joke over there.

    And I have a suggestion, instead of just throwing stuff out there like ,” Trump is putting in place people who support mass surveillance and oppose privacy protections” ,  how about providing some specific names as to who you mean and some specific actions showing how they oppose privacy protections. It makes for a cleaner post, thanks.





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