“Bubble” Heads

Tough times for college kids, that’s for sure. Where the campus provides sanctuary, like minded (rigidly so) folks commiserating and comforting each other, outside their bubbled life, real diversity exits, different political points of view, hide the children.

I’m sympathetic, really. Only having one president for most of their lives, a rock star at that with amazing sea wave rolling abilities, to have their entire universe change like that, very frightening. And no one around to lend perspective, certainly not their teachers, who are more vexed than they are, more panicked, and equally discombobulated.

But, help is on the way;

Colleges across the country are preparing students for encounters with relatives who might hold different opinions as they depart from their academic bubbles for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Case Western Reserve University even notes that “away from the university, our families and friends often talk about issues differently than what we experience in our on-campus discussions.”
Most schools simply suggest avoiding political discussions altogether, assuming that students traumatized by Trump’s election will be at odds with family members.

Good advice. Once a preconceived idea, no matter how hasty it was arrived at, is formulated, allowing for alternate views only scrambles the brain. And the anxiety, if cherished, lovingly held opinions are challenged, doubts arise. And if this is questioned, what about all the others things your professors taught you? The balance is shifted, the earth tilts, and chaos ensues. No, we need order, better to just hold tight to the prevailing nonsense believed and wear your music headphones to the dinner table.

Or, just accept the fact that your family members are racist bigoted homophobes who hates Muslims, no muss no fuss.

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  1. AlexInCT

    This is the result of the “everybody gets a trophy” generation. I see way too many of these snowflakes in the real world. They are all liberals and always involved in the SJW movement. Every single one of them thinks their shit don’t stink, but they are about the laziest, dumbest, and saddest things I have ever seen. I worry for our future with so many people like these losers now actually having to be in the grown up world.

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