What, You Mean I Won?

Serendipitous, that’s for sure.

Since the election several events have transpired which indicate a lack of planning or forethought, even bordering on ,”I’m The Man, wait, now I got to do what?”

First, Trump’s finances. Even on the 10% chance (generous odds, to be sure) that he would win, you would think that Trump lawyers would have had a contingency plan for a separation, something lawful that Trump could do to avoid any conflicts of interest, an appearance of muddled loyalties or a concerted effort for pecuniary enrichment. But no, it is like he started thinking about this like yesterday. Some slack is given because his position is without precedent, does not fit nicely into a box, and will require some “creative” solutions. Blind trusts mean just that, you (or your kids) can’t manipulate or manage it. This, obviously, will not work with Trump. The other day I heard some money guy on foxnews recommend that he liquidate all his holding, nonsense. Aside from the tax consequences staring at him, why should anyone become poorer or suffer in any way financially while being President? If he wants his kids to mange his business affairs, that is his choice, and since none of them will hold any official position in the administration, no conflict there. But he still will have an ancillary effect, will be in communication with his kids and they in turn have his ear. Quite a quagmire.

Then we find out that Melania wants to stay in NY, to keep Barron in his school there, and to not live in the WH, didn’t they talk about this prior to him running? Personally, I would rather live in Trump Tower as well, have you seen that place? but what a logistical nightmare for the Secret Service, and for the local police. Yesterday I read now that Trump is President, the NYPD has to keep an additional 1000 officers on duty for protection, security, and traffic control around Trump Tower, when he is in NY. What a mess. And the travel back and forth between the 2 locals. You think multi million dollar Obama vacations looked bad, wait till the taxpayers see his travel bills. Although he does have his own plane, maybe he will fit the bill.

I have said it before here, running for President (and winning) is pretty cool, a definite feather in your cap, but Trump has no idea how disappointing, frustrating and unfulfilling the actual doing of the job will be.

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  1. CM

    Given his lack of bothering to prepare for anything related to any of this why would you have expected any different? There are already reports that in a meeting with a foreign leader he has enquired about using his position to benefit himself. He has only ever dealt with situations where he could potentially benefit financially, so again nobody should be surprised at all. This is literally all he knows.

    If I discovered my partner was very likely a sexual predator, and certainly someone who boasts about sexual assault, I wouldn’t be upset at an opportunity to live apart. Of course I think most of us would probably have left by now. And yes that applies to HRC too, before you start to make that point

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  2. stogy

    But he still will have an ancillary effect, will be in communication with his kids and they in turn have his ear. Quite a quagmire.

    By some accounts, Vladimir Putin has amassed between 60 and 200 billion US dollars after 20 or so years in power. It just goes what you can do if you squirrel away your annual salary of 7.6 million rubles (US$150,000).

    Actually, I just saw his salary was just half that the previous year – which reinforces my point even more. He have himself a pay rise of %264 in response to Russia’s economic crisis.

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  3. InsipiD

    Sadly, his “shit got real” moment came months after mine.  I’m pleased with this election only in that it didn’t result in HRC being president.

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