Has This Ever Happened To You?

So, I take mom to a Warriors game.Bad enough that she has to wear that god awful sweater (if she could adopt Steph Curry, she would) but I tell her ,”mom it’s a long season, not the playoffs, so chill, OK?”. First she yells at the ref, calls him a honkin’ gonad, then, when I go get her a beer, this is whats playing on the jumbo tron;

I was wondering why, when I got back with her beer, everyone wanted to high five me.

Disclaimer; for you sourpusses, no, that was not my mom. We were actually 2 rows back :)

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  1. CM

    Hahaha, that’s awesome. I love fans┬ádancing at sporting events. Just something about it.

    So is that you in the glasses and blue shirt?

    We had this guy a few rows from us at a cricket game here last year. Then at another game a week later in a different part of the ground he was also only a couple of rows away. This is the only video I found of him and he’s not even doing a particularly good one here.

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