The NFL (No Fun League) Keeps Getting Sacked

America’s game has got a bad head cold.

Ratings Fumble for NFL Surprises Networks, Advertisers
So far this season, viewership on major networks is down about 10% from last season

The NFL usually blows the doors off of other sports ratings when it comes to ad dollars and viewership, a number factors this year brought them done a peg. Being an election year, and having perennial also rans (The Cavaliers in the NBA, and the Cubs in MLB) steal the NFL’s thunder.

But I think other factors have not helped;

1)The officiating is still bad. A push to “get it right”, the gold standard for all officiating in all sports, prompted the NFL to adopt it’s review rule. The problem is the process still takes too damn long (even with multiple camera angles) and inconsistencies on what it review-able and what isn’t. If you want to get it right, make everything review-able with the existing challenge penalties for guessing wrong, loss of a time out.

2) Too many games suck. Tonight’s game, The Bengals vs. The Giants, is a prime example. Yeah, it’s tough to predict a year ahead of time what teams will be competitive, Sunday night/Monday night games should be limited to division rivals; Bears/Packers, Giants/Redskins, Raiders/Broncos, 49ers/Seahawks, something like that.

3) Do away with the Thursday night game altogether, nobody watches it anyway and it is too hard on the players, not enough turn around time to heal.

Other thoughts, do away with the foreign venue games, don’t dwell on the SJW’s kneeling for the national anthem, and officials, your flags are very content remaining in your pocket for most of the game, excessive celebrations and mutual pushing/shoving for a thrown pass, let it alone and let the players play.

Stephen A Smith had a nice rant over that dope Kaepernick;

I think the league does better when the more storied franchise teams do well, 49ers, Green Bay,the Giants, the Panthers, they all suck this year.

Do we just phone it in now and give the MVP to Tom Brady?
When is Detroit going to get serious and even try to help their MVP level QB, Matthew Stafford?
It is nice to see Matt Ryan having an MVP year.
We knew the Vikings were all smoke and mirrors, it finally caught up to them.
Being an Eagles fan my whole like (born in Philly) I suffered from Wentzmania in the early season. If they can beat Seattle this week, that will be a good indicator of where they are.
I think we are seeing our last of Mike McCarthy, too bad, circumstances beyond his control have made the Packers less then average.
Lastly, how ’bout them Cowboys? The best team in the NFL? I think so. I usually root against the Cowboys but what a remarkable season so far. Looking at the rest of their schedule, I can easily see them running the table, their toughest game might just be the last at Philly.

So, how is your team doing?

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  1. richtaylor365 *

    Eagles vs Cowboys for the Super Bowl?

    Since both of those teams are in the NFC, an impossibility, how about this;

    Dallas/Seattle in NFC championship game, Dallas the winner

    New England/Oakland in AFC championship game, N.E. the winner.


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  2. FPrefect89

    Dallas/Seattle in NFC championship game, Dallas the winner

    If the calls were as bad for NE as they were last night, Seattle will win.

    Unfortunately, my team is 1-7 and have to suffer with your Eagles rejected coach.  I would like to see a Dallas/NE Super Bowl.  That would be a good one to watch if Dallas is smart enough to keep Romo out from under center.


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  3. louctiel

    The officiating isn’t bad.   Considering the size of the rule book and the size of interpretations, plus the speed of the game, the officiating is remarkable good.

    The problem with officiating is that people can’t make up their mind.  They want penalties to be called in favor of their team, and think that penalties called against them are horrendous.   Then you have the camp that screams “let them play!” when something is called.  Those are the same people who want officials to “eat their whistles” in the last part of the game because a touchdown in the first quarter doesn’t count for the same amount of points as a touchdown in the last quarter (or something like that.)

    Do officials get calls wrong?  Yep.  Do players miss blocks, drop passes, wiff on tackles, etc?  Yep.  It is all part of the game.

    Officiating is a profession where you have to make every call correctly, and then get better.

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  4. Hal_10000

    I’ve been watching and it really seems like the league has gotten too conservative. Short passes, long drives, lots of punts.  I think the league made a GREAT decision on moving the extra-point back. That Denver thing was unreal.  But they’re going to make some more changes to inject some excitement.

    Dallas looks REALLY good this year.  I hate the Cowboys, but I’m very impressed by Prescott and Elliot.  Not just their talent, but their poise. Granted, they have a great O-line there. But we could be looking at the next great Dallas dynasty.

    My pick for the Super Bowl is Cowboys-Patriots.  But I’m hoping my Falcons can surprise everyone.

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