It’s ending.

I will be turning the server off before Dec. 8th. That is when the next bill comes due, and no, I don’t want to fund-raise anymore. I’m done. This site serves very few people and no purpose anymore except to let the same half dozen people yell at each other. This is only getting worse with President Trump. If the writers to start a site somewhere else and you want to use this domain, get at me. I can redirect it, etc.

Sorry, but it’s over. I’m shutting down almost every site I own, actually, because people are a never-ending disappointment. Between the onerous regulations of my state and the complete lack of support from anyone I know, my business is on hold as well. I’m out. My server is going dark.

I’d say it’s been fun but it really, really hasn’t.

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  1. evanshrugged

    Thanks for keeping it up this long Jim. I’ve enjoyed it since the days of Lee and will try and keep up with the authors as they go their own way.

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  2. stogy

    Thanks Jim, I appreciate that you’ve managed to keep this going for so long. I hope  you find something more worthwhile to do than look after a bunch of rejects and ranters like us on a blog. Stay healthy and happy.

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  3. Iconoclast

    Originally, this site was a gym established and controlled by Team Valor. Team Mystic would often attack, but Valor maintained its dominance. But Mystic has recently taken over the gym after much of Team Valor wandered off, so yeah, it’s pretty much time to shut it down.

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  4. Christopher

    It’s a shame.  I really hope I’ll be able to see you guys blogging elsewhere soon.  Hopefully it’ll be easier on you all at that point.

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  5. InsipiD

    Thank you for the work you’ve done here, Jim, and keeping it going as long as you have.  I’ve certainly enjoyed my time here, and I think that it’s been a memorial to Lee that’s missed him as have the readers and contributors.  If it doesn’t continue in some way, I have to say that I will miss it and the people here.

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  6. Hal_10000

    Jim, thanks for giving me this platform for so long.  I have tried to live up to Lee’s legacy and hope I may have even succeeded once or twice. If we ever manage to meet in real life, I basically owe you a brewery.

    Regardless of we create a new RTLFC or a new blog altogether, I will continue to blog at my own site (probably mostly on non-political stuff) and will remain active on Twitter. Several of you follow me there so hope to keep seeing you around.

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  7. JimK *

    First off, know that I am keeping the archives forever. SO if there comes a chance for like, I dunno, a free server or something, I’ll get it all back online.

    Secondly, Hal, if the site goes the way of the dodo, I’d be happy to redirect the domain to your site. Might get some good google-fu since this domain has been in constant use for like 15 years!


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  8. yabkpjo

    Thanks Jim for all of your work in keeping the site alive for so long – saddened to hear that it was mostly thankless.  I’ve been a regular reader of the blog since probably 2002 (and listener of the Starkcast back in the day), and have always found sanity and wisdom in first Lee’s posts, and then his successors like Hal.

    I very much hope to see this small but vibrant community live on in another form like WordPress – if it folds completely there’ll definitely be a hole in my Internet life.

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  9. pekka

    Thanks for keeping the lights on for this long, Jim, and to all the contributors as well. Although I agree, perhaps a fiery death is the best thing that can happen to the site, so that something new and worthwhile can come out of the ashes.

    Independently from that, it would be really great to see the place’s history archived and accessible somewhere, though. Maybe as a static archive with all the dynamic bits (ie. comments) frozen.

    Jim, any way you could give an estimate of the approximate traffic RTFLC has been generating each month? Just so we can gauge whether maybe there’s enough support to rent some non-fancy web space somewhere with cheap traffic. I’m sure there’s a couple of us who might be willing to chip in a couple of bucks monthly on an ongoing basis.

    I’d be happy to help set things up and turn the WordPress (or whatever it is) into a bunch of static pages, if there’s no hurry – probably some time next year.

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