Sweat salty tears.

Member of the "everyone gets a trophy" generation doesn't know how to lose

Member of the “everyone gets a trophy” generation doesn’t know how to lose

Best thing is the bitchslap given to the media. they destroyed any credibility and semblance of objectivity to drag the criminal across the finish line and failed. May they all suffer in perpetuity for their brazen partisanship bullshit.

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  1. CM

    The massive hypocrisy roadshow now underway is going to be fun to watch.

    Best thing is the bitchslap given to the media. they destroyed any credibility and semblance of objectivity to drag the criminal across the finish line and failed. May they all suffer in perpetuity for their brazen partisanship bullshit.

    From all the ongoing complaining I thought they were all-powerful and would give the election to Hillary – that’s what I was told, over and over and over again.

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  2. richtaylor365

    Hey Alex, isn’t it highlarious that some dopes can’t tell the difference between disappointment and ,”I’m literally about to fucking kill myself, you better fucking fix this shit right now, I’m literally going to die, somebody call me an ambulance”. The comedy here keeps on coming.

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  3. stogy

    Well here’s some good news – Trump has reversed his previous position on South Korea and it looks like he will defend it after all. The stock market there crashed right after he won and South Korean politicians were talking about the need to develop home-grown nuclear weapons if US forces were withdrawn.

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  4. stogy

    BTW RIP Leonard Cohen. This year can just go fuck right off.

    Yeah, just saw that too. And I share the sentiments. 2017 can’t come soon enough.

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  5. AlexInCT *

    Rich, with every post their despair is more obvious. I look at the shit and just laugh. I know it is only going to get worse and dumber, and it already is at a level of stupid that is staggering.

    The greatest thing I have heard so far is one of these progtard “Imwithher” types blaming the media for being in the tank for Trump and the Russians stealing the election for him. Then she told me Hillary should have not conceded, ever. I laughed reminded her that just a few weeks back she had gotten batshit crazy on someone else that had just tried to explain to her why Trump had refused to let the democrats corner him and try to force him to agree to not contesting an election where things were not above board. She had called him all sorts of names for that. I pointed out Hillary got creamed pretty good, and without some real evidence to back that nonsense up, something other than the shit they are saying to each other now even though there is nothing to indicate any of that really happened, and also despite the attempts by the left to commit voter fraud, couldn’t make it close. She screamed “But Trump!”, as if that was all you needed to say for anyone to know we were talking about an agent of Beelzebub, balled her fists, and walked away cursing and began to cry… Seriously.. sad.

    The best thing is that not a single one of them has reflected and admitted they made a huge mistake not paying attention to the damage the left, and especially the media in the tank for them, caused with people that realized these twits had no clue what they were doing and would resort to impugning the character of anyone that dared to try to have a dialog because the left just wanted to keep doing more of the same. My bet is they double down on the very things that cost them this election, and it will only be worse for them.

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  6. CM

    Says the guy who was adamant it was rigged. Are you sure you weren’t having this discussion in a mirror – she sounds like your exact equivalent, just on the left.

    BTW I’m not in any sort of despair, I’m on a different part of the planet so the negative consequences will be far less severe. I also think this will end up being absolutely terrible for the right. Also, as I keep saying, I look forward to the predictable happening with you. It already is.

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  7. CM

    I have one more thing to add: I am sorry.
    In my capacity as a media figure, I too often treated Trump as a joke, a bumbling incompetent, someone who obviously could not be treated seriously as a legitimate candidate for the presidency. Now I can only think that I was too hidebound by conventional wisdom, too comfortably out of touch to see what was in front of me. I succumbed to the sideshow element of this awful race more times than I can be comfortable with. I own this failure, too.


    Took me all of 90 seconds to find someone in the media reflecting and admitting a mistake.

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  8. stogy

    I have a question about this story from last week:

    A Democratic elector in Washington state said Friday that he would not cast his Electoral College vote for Hillary Clinton if, as is likely, she wins the state in Tuesday’s election.
    Robert Satiacum, a member of the Puyallup Tribe, supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, which the Vermont senator won by approximately a 3-to-1 margin. He said he believes Clinton is a “criminal” who doesn’t care enough about American Indians and “she’s done nothing but flip back and forth.”
    He said he has wrestled with what to do, but feels that neither Clinton nor Republican Donald Trump can lead the country.

    If Hillary had won, would you have supported this stance? And how would you justify this?

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  9. richtaylor365

    Stogy, the first time I read about this was here, a last gasp desperate ploy to give the election to Hillary. Our system, as imperfect as it is, should not be manipulated by sore losers.

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  10. stogy

    Stogy, the first time I read about this was here, a last gasp desperate ploy to give the election to Hillary. 

    Hi Rich, the story I linked to was from before the election and was the other way around – one or more of the electors from Washington State  argued that they couldn’t in good conscience vote for Hillary. So this was when Hillary was expected to win. In fact, the guy quoted said he hoped his vote would be the one that toppled her out of the White House. He didn’t even care about the likely 1000 fine he’d get.

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  11. AlexInCT *

    I would love to order a few so I can hand them out to the more rabid libs I know and watch them act out like the morons they are, Rich…

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