Election Open Post

Use this post to discuss the returns as they come in. My prediction for the Presidential race:

Clinton 49
Trump 46
Johnson 4
Others 1

With Clinton winning about 300 votes in the electoral college. But as I noted last week, no results — from a Trump win to a Clinton landslide — would surprise me.

I expect the Republicans to hold the House and barely lose the Senate. I expect marijuana legalization to make some keys wins and for Colorado’s socialized medicine to go down in flames.

Results as they come in.

I’m just … well, right now … I’m just so fucking glad it’s almost over.

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  1. evanshrugged

    NYT giving 60% odds of a Trump win as of right now. Nate Silver looking like a genius for fighting the 99% Clinton probability folks.

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  2. ilovecress

    Well shit – I wasn’t in the 99% camp, but I didn’t really see this coming.

    Heads up – this is exactly how Brexit went down….

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    We may be seeing a fundamental realignment of American politics to a populist party and a socialist party.  No room for conservatism anymore.  It’s dead.

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  4. Hal_10000 *

    I’ll have a post up tomorrow.  I’m going to need to a break for a while, at least.  Conservatism is dead.  We now have two populist parties.

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  5. Santino

    I got your back, Santino. :)

    Appreciated!!!  The Russians hacked my account.

    How are you guys feeling? Celebratory? Relieved?

    I’m still stunned.  I was watching coverage on CBC, and one of the panelists (an American) kept referring to the similarities of this result to Hitler’s ascension.  David Frum (also a panelist) brought up a good point.  He compared Trump to Berlusconi.  I think that’s pretty apt.

    Got to go to bed now.  Who know’s WTF the next four years will bring.

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  6. West Virginia Rebel

    Wow. So we now have the billionaire and reality TV host as President-elect. I have to say, his speech was humble and grateful. And where was Hillary? Performing rituals with Bill’s camatose body? Passed out back stage?

    Say what you will, this was historic. Congratulations Mr. Trump. Now the hard work begins.


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  7. RonK

    the election is over but the fun has only started there are several states that will go to recounts, don’t underestimate the ability of the democrats to find votes.

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  8. InsipiD

    I watched it happen, and I’m still not sure what I saw other than the Clinton magic dying.  I guess the goodwill for him finally quit carrying her.

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