Now, If Her First Name Was Hillary……….

One of the top candidates for social media villain of the year was a Playboy model who did a really really stupid thing;

Los Angeles prosecutors have charged a Playboy model who took a photo of a naked woman in a gym locker room and posted it to social media with insulting comments about the woman’s body.

The city attorney’s office said Friday that Dani Mathers faces a misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy. She is scheduled to be arraigned Nov. 28. It wasn’t immediately known if Mathers has an attorney.

It is in my nature that when everyone zigs, I zag. Yes, I was hoping charges would be brought against her, mostly for the harm she did to one particular woman. But ever since this broke, the only question these twitter/facebook vultures had was whether Mathers should be boiled in oil or buried up to her neck in a red ant hole. None of these folks ever made a mistake in their lives, even a really atrocious one like this.

Hopefully, she will make a deal, no jail time and a $10,000 fine, with that money going straight to the woman in the photo.

Somehow methinks that if this was an average looking woman, the hate and vitriol would be much less. But when a nice looking (but so immature) women does this, feed her to wild dogs.

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