Is There A Floor On American Stupidity?

Another day, another Hillary scandal, lately rapid fire but as predictable as another truly vapid comment from…….oh hell, you know who you are. Like the sun rising and setting, and far beyond the point of ,”Water is wet and fire is hot, anything else?”. Almost identical in this category is the level/number/intensity of morons walking our streets. Not only do these morons vote, but it seems that they all use twitter.

I saw this yesterday, why is it that the dumbest always have the thinnest skin?

Some Twitterers Thought There Was a KKK Sign at the World Series

Notice how the writer had to explain to his audience that K in baseball stands for a strikeout. Some could dismiss this by attributing these dopey comments as written by women, with the neanderthal follow up of ,”What do they know about baseball”, but many were men. Never miss an opportunity to feel aggrieved even if you haven’t a clue as to what you are looking at.

Products of the public school system, so many folks got short changed in their critical thinking education.

Whole segments of entertainment are designed around asking average folks questions, having them embarrass themselves, then having the audience laugh at them. Waters World on The Factor, Jay-walking with Jay Leno, youtube is filled with them.

One regular youtuber, having his own channel for his videos, is Mark Dice. Here is one of his latest;

Yes, it is allowed for all you other Americans to realize these videos are always made on the sandy beaches of California, thus proving that even in the land of dopes, we rule supreme.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Did you miss the part where this moron was pissed when others pointed out she was the idiot in the story for opening her trap without knowing what was happening to immediately attack sport fans, obviously dudes, which she seems to have an issue with?

    Something about a sarcastic reply thanking the people that pointed out she had no clue what she was talking about by claiming they mansplained it. Because you know, being an idiot that yelled fire when there was none, makes the people that pointed out you are an idiot the bad guys…

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